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RN Resume_Detailed_04132016

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RN Resume_Detailed_04132016

  1. 1. Rayna Nigro 972-655-4150 rayna.nigro@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/pub/rayna-nigro/10/3aa/952 Professional Summary: Seven years of progressiveprofessional experiencein coordinatingand managingmultiplesoftwareimplementation projects. I possess a proven ability to maintain confidential information in fast-paced environment, exceeding corporate goals through strategic planning,effective time management and problem solving. I havea can-do attitude and can quickly adaptto fluid business processes and unforeseen obstacles whilekeeping the finish linein scope. My skill sets span theareas of projectmanagement, business analysis,consulting,training,and as an entrepreneur of creative solutions. Professional Assets:  Self-starter with many transferrable skills and tangible qualities  Ability to manage multiple projects and milestones adhering to the guidelines for PMLC and SDLC  Agile scrum master familiar with common Agile practices, service-oriented environments, and development practices  Coordination of data center migrations for SaaS implementations  Highly effective time management skills and problem solving analytics  Strong internal customer service skills – ability to successfully manage diverse personalities, establish rapport with Executive Leadership Team, Subordinates, & Co-workers  Excellent written and oral communication skills  Ability to manage multiple projects, teams and resources to achieve deadlines  Manage projects, team collaborations and deadlines with MS Project, Daptiv,ProjectManger.com, MS SharePoint, Rally, VersionONE, and JIRA  Subject Matter Expert on basic to advanced user options with MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Visio, MS Outlook  Ability to Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate strengths and deficiencies and adjust deliverables to cater to the training needs and audience Professional Experience: Sr. Project Manager/Scrum Master FidelityInvestments January 2016 – Present In October of 2015 Fidelity acquired oneits vendors through a hostiletakeover. A direct resultof the acquisition several legacy employees were acquired. The existingemployees would need to be trained in agilesoftware development and the company’s existingdata center hosting300 clients would need to be migrated to a Fidelity data center. As a Sr. ProjectManager with agileexperience I was brought on board to train and implement agiledevelopment. I worked with the existingteam in Denver to train and mentor other junior projectmanagers. Fidelity also leveraged my ability takeon more responsibility and requested that I take on the clientmigration and Application Teampieces of the data center migration.  Lead and supportan inexperienced team to align the organizational standardsand bestpractices  Created and implemented best practiceprocesses ensuringconsistency acrossseveral scrumteams  Worked with senior management to implement development progress analysisand reporting  Business Requirements, user story writing, and refinement, and managed story prioritization based on business need  Create strategies for risk mitigation and contingency planningand efficiently identifies and solvesprojectissues  Coordinated iteration planningsessions,daily stand ups,and end of releaseretrospectives  Worked with several departments to coordinated infrastructuretasks and dependencies for the data center migration  Estimate resources and participants needed to achieve project goals,and secure buy-in from necessary participants.  Created project artifacts for consistency acrossmultiplelines of business:projectplan,RACI, RAID, and project charter
  2. 2. Sr. Project Manager/Scrum Master American Airlines September 2014 – January 2016 In the roll of ProjectManager/Scrum Master I managed multiplescrumteams to achieveopen communication,maintainingpositive relationships,convertingchallenges into success,facilitatingcommitment, ensuringaccountability,promotingprogress and feedback while workingwith culturally diverse teams.  Successfully lead a high-profileSoftware/Infrastructure projectto implement an ITIL solution savingthecompany over 15million in licensingover a 5 year period  Lead efforts to bringAA’s governance, risk,and compliancesoftwareon premise from SaaS; this projectrequired new infrastructure,data migration,and optimization of the application  Program Manager leadingthe enterprise software application teams: ServiceNow, SDE, SharePoint,IBM Lotus Notes, and Archer  Business Requirements, user story writing, and refinement, and managed story prioritization based on business need  Created and maintained project plans,resourceplanning,and delivery schedules for multipleprojects  Managed risks and issues,and timelines throughout the project with inputfrom the product owners, stakeholders,business partners,and projectteam usingthe SDM methodology  Organize,lead and supportcross-functional workingteam to facilitatethe collaboration and knowledgesharingacross enterprise to align on shortterm and longterm strategy needs  Identify, analyze,prioritize,mitigateand communicate project risks,issues and decisions to the Team  Strategized risk mitigation,contingency planning to efficiently identify and solveprojectissues  Coordinated and facilitated iteration planningsessions,daily stand ups,and retrospectives Project Manager Nationstar Mortgage January 2014 – September 2014 In the roll of ProjectManager I was brought in to work on a largemultiplephasesoftware implementations for the 5th largest mortgage serviceprovider in United States. In this roll I was a project liaison between the project team and the lineof business. I worked closely with the project SMEs and the software solution provider to gather business requirements and projectplanningin an agileenvironment.  Manage project plans,user stories,vendor shared development scheduling  Managed several small scaleinternal waterfall ITProjects,adheringto PMLC and SDLC processes  Data analysisof projectbudget, vendor invoicingand changerequests  Allocateresources to various projects based on skill set,project needs and requirements  Provideweekly status reports to management outliningcurrent projects statuses and report any roadblocks  Administration and content management for the departments SharePointsite  PMO governance administration,created job aides,PMO Checklists,and tools and templates for the organization  Drafted project charters and cost benefit analysisdocuments with information collected from the LOB  Collected and created data analysisfromdata entered in Daptiv and presented it weekly for executive review Project Manager NEC July 2013 – December 2013 Project Manager for NEC on a 4.5 million dollar projectimplementinga largeloyalty rewards programfor a high profileDFW customer. I am working with key stakeholders to build a strongcustomer relationship and adhereto all SOW guidelines. This implementation includes a mobileapplication, theintegration of the customer’s existing website and largedata migration. Some of the complexities for this project includea fixed pricecontractwith a T&M contractfor our outsourced resources,working with six hardwareand software integration partners and payment of the contractbased on project deliverables.  Manage project timelines and departmental goals and expectations  Develop and maintain multipleprojectplans with an emphasis on resourcingand budget  Coordinated schedulingand onboardingfor subcontractors for multiplevendors  Data analysisof projectbudget, vendor invoicingand changerequests  Allocateresources to various projects based on skill set,project needs and requirements  Provideweekly status reports to management outliningcurrent projects statuses and report any roadblocks  Administration and content management for the departments SharePointsite
  3. 3. Project Manager ECi Solutions November 2012 – July 2013 I joined ECI as partof a growing team that has quickly changed the landscapeon how ECI’s Advantage Software Division assists their customers and prepares them in the transition fromtheir legacy system to the ECI’s Advantage - NextGen Software. I was chosen to lead agileprojects based on my proven track record for managing multipleprojects,executing to implementation timelines, adheringto projectbudgets and departmental expectations.  Manage 20-25 agileprojects simultaneously adheringto project timelines and departmental expectations  Develop a project plan that is nowused as the template to deploy projectmilestones from projectkick-off to delivery  Continually develop documentation for internal and external use including;projectscopedocuments, business process questionnaires,and projecttransition documents  Continually evaluatebusinessprocesses and customer needs to improve the process to recognize revenue  Assistconversion specialists,implementation specialists,and trainers with configuration,specs and hardwareset up for software deployment prioritized projects in data conversion scrumto ensure conversions worked in order of importanceand project order  Allocateresources to various projects based on skill set,project needs and requirements  Financial data analysisand forecastingfor departmental targets, and project budgets  Provideweekly status reports to management outliningcurrent projects statuses and report any roadblocks  Administration and content management for the departments SharePointsite Project Coordinator Tyler Technologies March 2009 – October 2012 As a project coordinator I worked closely with executive level management to provide data analyses,administrativesupportand identify and address businessneeds. I worked directly with project managers to manage project priorities and succor with critical needs for software implementations. With my thorough understandingof projectdeliverables,timelines,and tasks for both small and largescaled softwareimplementations I leveraged that knowledge to assign theright resources and durations to effectively meet client’s expectations for go live. I was ableto utilizemy creativity to help to cultivateTyler Technologies cultureand create a position for myself that was both fulfillingand rewarding.  Administrativesupportto the VicePresident of Implementation and Conversion,the Vice President of ProjectManagement, 4 Implementation Managers, and 24 ProjectManagers in the states of Texas, Georgia, Oregon, and Maryland  Assisted in the coordination of a projectwith project managers adheringto project milestones and clientdeliverables throughout the projects lifecycleincludingtransition  Financial data analysisand forecastingfor departmental targets  Perform planning,tracking,and reportingfunctions for over 75 projects annually  Internal coordinator for the annual clientuser conferences; executed to timelines,pre-event logistics/postevent logistics, presentation review and transportation  Administration and content management of the Professional Services Departments SharePointsites  Maintained the departmental trainingcalendar for consultantand clienttrainingclasses  Drafted announcements, policies,agendas,presentations and general correspondence  Provided assistancewith travel reservations,expense report creation and reconciliation  Coordinated quarterly department events and a year-end staff in-service;responsiblefor budget, securingfacilities,agenda, securingspeakers,surveys and catering