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  1. Presenting By Zannatul Ferdaous ID: ES 1903027 Reg No: EMBA 00504 Session: Spring 2019 Major in (Finance and Banking) Faculty of Business Administration Patuakhali Science and Technology University WELCOME TO PRESENTATION Supervisor Dr. Md. Hasan Uddin Professor Internship Supervisor MBA (Evening) Internship Program Department of Finance and Banking Faculty of Business Administration Patuakhali Science and Technology University
  2. PROJECT TITLE CSR Activities of Private Commercial Bank: A Study on BRACBank Limited
  3. Therefore I have inspired to check the CSR contribution of Brac Bank Limited BRAC believes that they have a social commitment towards the general population that they manage. Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, KCMG, who initiated this dream of serving the general public of this nation, tries to ensure that all the associations of BRAC are focusing on fulfilling this dream. As a result of it, the foundation of BRAC Bank Limited‟s corporate social responsibility is the economic improvement of mass people. The bank has had an influential effect in working up the SME division of the country by making it less demanding to get a fund for SME business visionaries through collateral free SME lending and spreading their saving money visionaries to the remotest parts of the country. According to BRAC Bank website (BRAC Bank, 2018), corporate social responsibility is an effort to improve the condition of a society in some way and for BRAC Bank Limited, being focused on CSR indicates that the bank is morally devoted towards the people of this country. All the activities of BRAC Bank Limited take after the 3P Company Philosophy.
  4. PROJECT OBJECTIVES Overall Objective: • To know the theoretical background of CSR. • To present the CSR strategy about how BRAC Bank performing CSR activities in Bangladesh. • To know the trend of CSR contribution of BRAC Bank Ltd. • To focus on the impact of CSR activities by BRAC Bank in Bangladesh. • To know how BRAC Bank forming value in our society.
  5. METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDY Data source: In order to make the study more meaningful and presentable, following data source and information is used widely. The sources of data are: Secondary data:  Banks annual report of (2016-2020)  Information regarding the banking sector  Internet and website
  6. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY • CSR is a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis (Green Paper, 2001). • CSR has some internal dimensions such as: human resources management, health and safety at work, adaptation to change and management of environmental impact and natural resources. • The external dimensions include local communities, business, partners, suppliers and consumers, human rights and global environmental concerns.
  7. SECTOR WISE CSR EXPENDITURES BY BRAC BANK LIMITED Education Health Year NNI (In mill) Education gED % ED-NNI % 2014 1485.09781 15.40 58.05 1.08 2015 7265.45152 46.20 210.18 0.75 2016 8775.43187 98.80 112.35 1.23 2017 1482.43455 185.70 104.37 12.05 2018 8994.16877 227.67 18.11 1.81 Year NNI (Inmill) Health gH % H-NNI % 2014 1225.06777 67.68 58.92 4.95 2015 7365.48143 115.10 65.425 1.83 2016 8955.44872 248.70 123.15 3.44 2017 1665.43442 495.09 15.42 21.22 2018 8921.16848 315.9 8.71 4.45
  8. CONTD. Environment Art and Culture Year NNI (In mill) Environm ent gEN % EN-NNI % 2014 1385.0691 0 102.22 0 2015 6725.47757 0 0 0 2016 8665.44892 0 0 0 2017 148.43411 61.72 0 0.04 2018 8821.16747 136.05 133.82 0.025 Year NNI (In mill) Art and Culture gAC % AC-NNI % 2014 1238.06752 0.28 101.00 0 2015 6841.47785 7 0.85 0 0 2016 8664.44388 0.34 0 0 2017 1487.43227 0.37 0 0.07 2018 8992.16856 0.77 132.66 0.03
  9. Contd. Sports Year NNI (In mill) Sports gS % S-NNI % 2014 1228.05566 79.09 458.54 0.07 2015 6958.48123 154.90 105.44 0.03 2016 8667.44876 83.90 47.33 0.02 2017 1432.43481 199.73 126.76 0.1 2018 8876.15234 215.57 7.22 0.2
  10. Findings Educations: Brac Bank has long been practicing CSR in education sector through scholarship for poor and brilliant students, education promotion scheme, education for underprivileged children, donations to educational institution etc. Health: BBL has always been directly or indirectly involve in projects for improvement in health sector of Bangladesh. However, the study did not find any CSR data of BBL regarding health during COVID-19. Environment: The corporate were BBL financed – be it large or small – are becoming fully aware of environmental impacts and complying with the bank’s requirements. Besides, BBL also provided financial support for a number of environmental causes last year.
  11. Contd. Art and Culture: Over the years BBL has been contributing for the development of ‘Art & Culture’ sector in Bangladesh which includes donating to different cultural institutions, financial assistance to young and budding talents, promoting art & culture in grass-root etc. Sports: BBL is currently highlighting on youth development and sports. BBL takes initiatives mostly to grass level so that the talents and skills may come from rural and district level.
  12. COMPARING CSR PRACTICES OF BRAC BANK WITH DUTCH BANGLA BANK Year Health Education Art & Culture Sports Environment BBL DBBL BBL DBBL BBL DBBL BBL DBBL BBL DBBL 2018 305.8 524.45 221.57 613.45 0.74 0.55 213.42 303.91 136.07 155.80 2017 4884.05 692.07 192.90 402.69 0.35 0.92 197.63 193.75 61.88 79.48 2016 247.60 275.40 95.80 99.80 0.35 0.31 84.70 95.92 0 0 2015 113.20 148.32 47.30 35.69 0.85 0.79 156.70 159.30 0 0 2014 69.50 67.90 15.20 14.21 0.24 .06 77.19 15.20 0 0
  13. FINDINGS • At the health sector of Brac Bank, it is found that in the last five years it has lagged behind DBBL. But compared to private banks they are trying to survive in the competition. • At the education sector of Brac Bank is the same picture. In some years they are comparatively ahead of DBBL. • Art & culture, Brac bank is almost same position as of DBBL. • Recently the CSR Contribution of BBL to sports sector is not satisfactory compare to DBBL. • From 2014-2016 both BBL & DBBL did not invest in the environment sector. But reviewing the data of 2017-18 both banks had invested in this sector and in that case DBBL had more priority.
  14. RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSION Recommendations: • Internal corporate, government control & monitor activities and then take corrective action to accomplish organizational goals. • Create primary awareness among academics, managers, stakeholders and students at large. • Improve Increase the Numbers of Health Camp program. • Ensuring Strong corporate bonding. • Integrate CSR into core business operations such as public relations. • Write a CSR strategy and appoint internal CSR Task and Finish Force to execute it. • Complying with the standard of CSR following the competitive international firm and organizations. Attempt to follow Bangladesh Bank guideline regarding CSR.
  15. RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSION Conclusion: In conclusion, the downturn triggered by the coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented, as compared to past recessions – where the services sector has usually witnessed smaller growth declines than the manufacturing sector. However, in the current crisis, the public health response and behavioral changes needed to slow the transmission of the virus have translated into larger contractions in service sectors than the manufacturing sector, particularly those that are reliant on face-to- face or in-person interactions, such as wholesale and retail trade, hospitality, and arts and entertainment. Such sectors face a markedly difficult path to any semblance of pre- pandemic normalcy. . BRAC Bank responded with agility to protect lives and livelihood, while growing our business by serving customers through our wide bouquet of financial products and solutions.