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Practical experience-based solutions provider • Extensive knowledge Professional in Food Industry and Ingredients à FOOD MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS
6 Dec 2015

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Company presentation

  1. Professional management • Consultancy • Companies representation Practical experience, transferred into applied solutions 1
  2. • More than classical consultancy services; • A pragmatic approach of the projects we involve in; • Specialists with extensive practical experience, gathered in the years of activity in different companies and effective exposure to a multitude of real situations; • Solutions based on balanced blending of the theoretical concepts with substantial input from the practical experience; 2
  3. • Our vision is completely defining us: We Seek KnowledGe. We Share KnowledGe. • 2-ways process, enriching at the same time our experience and capability to transfer it further and share it to our business partners; • Our business card: – highest degree of professionalism, in all that we do; – good reputation in the inland food industry; – powerful relations in the Romanian professional business environment. 3
  4. • Established in 2012; • Founder mr. Răzvan Calotă: – over 13 years of field work in the food industry, done mostly in the segment of milling, bakery, fine pastry and confectionery; – the complex and complete experience gathered cover the whole flow, from raw materials and ingredients up to the sales of finished products to the final consumers; – top managerial positions within important national groups (Vel Pitar) as well as the representative companies in Romania from some worldwide-known multinationals (Puratos, CSM/BakeMark, Wilmar International); – deep knowledge of the specific markets from other European countries, given by the international exposure on which he capitalized. Profile mr. Răzvan Calotă: 4
  5. • Solutions based on significant practical experience • „Hands-on" approach, shoulder by shoulder with our clients, until the successful implementation of the proposed solutions; • Adaptability and flexibility of our approach according to the project => optimum results + shortest possible time + minimum of costs 5
  6. General Business Management 6
  7. Industry Specific 7
  8. • Professional Management – Interim or long term • Business Strategy • Management Consultancy • Investments Management and Consultancy • Food Management Solutions Mobile Lab for Business Performance Increase • Representation of foreign companies on the Romanian market 8
  9. Why is Professional Management needed? The market is getting more and more competitive, leaving no more time enough to learn from mistakes 9
  10. 10 • the correct understanding of the concept is essential; • unfortunate tendency to associate "interim" with "unwanted situation", which is "provisional", glad to see closed asap and "get back to normality"; • interim management solution is the most appropriate, in situations as: – unforeseen need of urgent replacement or to cover a key- function vacancy in your company's top management + unavailable human resource internally, that fits; – need to secure the management of certain structure/project for a defined period of time + recruitment and employment of a top manager, for an undetermined period, is not justified.
  11. 11 • An interim manager is a high-performance professional, qualified to deliver results with maximum of efficiency within limited time; • An interim manager will "function" at its maximum capacity from the first day, without needing the classical period for training, accommodation and integration in the organization's culture; • You will have at your disposal the competent human resource for your project's management and successful finalization, within your allocated budget and without exaggerated or unscheduled costs; • At the same time, you will capitalize on the available time needed for a correct recruitment process without pressure, in case you will desire to hire a permanent employee on this position after the finalization of this contract.
  12. • Where do you want to get, in a long term perspective and which is the road you need to choose in order to get there; • The way how you cover the road from idea to success will make the long-term difference and may bring you the competitive and sustainable advantages towards the other players in the market; 12
  13. • How do we know exactly which is the "right way" to act in one or the other situation? • Management consultancy: a professional advisory service, that supports managers by helping them to learn from other managers' and organizations' experiences, with the ultimate scope of being able to identify and analyze their own practical problems they're being up against; • The most important added value: making use of a rich "arsenal" of specialized knowledge and verified methods of solving practical situations; • Professional management consultants – a connecting bridge between the theory and practice of the management process 13
  14. • We are able to approach projects of any complexity, covering the entire road from the idea up to start-up; • Based on our expertise and specialized resources we place at your disposal, we help you to reach the inauguration moment with higher efficiency = faster, cheaper etc; • In conclusion, we help you to save – thus to earn – money ! 14
  15. The Food Management Solutions Mobile Lab for Business Performance Increase • Your operation's complexity increases => the appearance of certain areas for possible improvement, regardless of the company's profitability trend; • Most likely, your business is able to do more, but you are not certain about this and might lose opportunities! • The discussion is not if the profitability has a growing trend, but how much and how fast is this growing! 15
  16. The Food Management Solutions Mobile Lab for Business Performance Increase • Our multidisciplinary teams of specialists operate in a similar way with the function of the “fine tuning” button, meaning that they help you to identify the opportunities to "squeeze" some additional profitability; • Usually, these opportunities are not obvious or apparent to the naked eye and they are likely to be found in almost any sector of the business. • You call us, then we: – will bring the Food Management Solutions Mobile Lab for Business Performance Increase to your place; – will make a 360° analysis followed by a quick diagnosis and proposal of solutions that guarantee a money measurable profitability growth. 16
  17. Why is this a RISK FREE solution for you • Our services from this preliminary phase do not cost you, as in case we will limit our input to this stage you will only have to cover strictly the cost incurred by our team's displacement; • Following your potential decision of choosing to go for the implementation of one of our proposed solutions: – we will establish the objective criteria for reference; – we will make you a price offer in a “success-fee” type, as percentage from the growth resulted from implementing our solution. • Thus, you receive from our side a total guarantee for success, without costs incurred, as you do not pay from what you already have, but only from what you obtain additional, with our help ! 17 + +
  18. Representation of foreign companies on the Romanian market • Our arguments: – an excellent knowledge of the local market and agro-food industry; – an important portfolio of powerful network in the Romanian professional business environment; – the array of competency that we have. • What do we offer? – professional services of exclusive representation on the Romanian market, at the highest quality level. • To whom do we address our offer? – all foreign companies, that are interested in the Romanian market; – main focus on companies active in the agro food field – especially due to our rich experience and important exposure we have in this segment. 18
  19. • Email: • Internet: en.html • Phone: +40 744 500005 19