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AOD Nurse Practitioner #vaada13

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Joint presentation by Victoria's two AOD Nurse Practitioners at the V

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AOD Nurse Practitioner #vaada13

  1. 1. Experiences asNurse Practitioners Rose McCrohan (ReGen and Western Health)
  2. 2. Presentation In this presentation the AOD NP’s will discuss the benefits of their practice, where they see their directions in the future especially as pharmacotherapy prescribers.
  3. 3. Background Two AOD NP’s in Victoria Both provide access to substitution pharmacotherapies in their roles. There are no funded roles for AOD Nurse Practitioners in Victoria. Organisations must fund these out of existing roles.
  4. 4. NP roles They provide timely treatment access for clients seeking support for all substance types. Endorsed in Primary Health Category Completed Methadone and Suboxone prescribers course
  5. 5. AOD NP at ReGen Primarily in the Nurse Unit manager role with added clinical role as one of 5 prescribers in the CRDWU Private outpatient clinic in 2012 Short term care
  6. 6. Experiences inResidential Major benefit of NP role incorporated into existing role Continuity of care Extension of the non prescribing aspects of the role acknowledged GP Shared Care Model Onsite prescribing Understanding the needs of the Physician, GP and the RN
  7. 7. Experiences inPrivate practice Establishment of a business Funded through Medicare items Support from ReGen Room, administration Once weekly clinic with 2 morning reviews of inpatients Limited Medicare items restrict full scope of practice as NP. Only face to face clinical sessions attract remuneration.
  8. 8. Experiences inPrivate Practice Only client attended activities attract remuneration Client non attendance impact After hours and non remunerable work
  9. 9. Opportunities Gaps in the substitution pharmacotherapy workforce Consultation liaison in public hospitals Outpatient / non residential withdrawal Adult and youth withdrawal units Chronic disease management General practice