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3 hiring hacks to up your 2016 hiring game

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Key Takeaways:
How to analyze plan vs. actual, leverage data wisely and build the case for more recruiting dollars in 2016.

How to “think like a marketer” to better define ideal candidate demographics, plan networking hiring events and research new hiring tools.

How to refine your hiring strategy by optimizing your interview process and setting realistic, upfront expectations with candidates.

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3 hiring hacks to up your 2016 hiring game

  1. 1. #GDChat 3 Hiring Hacks to Up Your 2016 Recruiting Game
  2. 2. #GDChat Webinar Tips for Attendees • You can connect to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers. • Or, you may select “Use Telephone” after joining the Webinar. • All lines will be muted to avoid background noise. • You can ask questions at any time by typing them into the Questions Pane.
  3. 3. #GDChat #GDChat
  4. 4. #GDChat Featured Speaker Mallory Brown Associate Marketing Manager Glassdoor Twitter: @MalloryPorterB
  5. 5. #GDChat Agenda • Analyze data and establish benchmarks • Adopt a marketer first- mentality • Optimize candidate experience
  6. 6. #GDChat 1. Analyze Data and Establish Benchmarks
  7. 7. #GDChat 1. Analyze: Compare Your Plan Vs. Actual • Did you hit major hiring goals? Quarterly and annually? • What story does the data tell? • What proof points will show whether changes are working as we move into 2016?
  8. 8. #GDChat • Tap into trends in traffic and ratings • What devices are your candidates using? • How long do they stay? • Where are they dropping off? • What is your competition doing? 1. Analyze: Leverage Data
  9. 9. #GDChat 1. Establish 2016 Benchmarks “Measure what matters based on your company culture and processes.” - Jennifer Jones Newbill, Dell • Career site traffic and engagement • Brand awareness • Time to hire • Quality of candidates (app to hire ratio can be useful here) • Source of hire • Cost per hire • # of interview touches • candidate experience feedback • Referrals
  10. 10. #GDChat 2. Adopt a Marketer-First Mentality
  11. 11. #GDChat 2. Adopt a Marketer-First Mentality: SEO • Use words people search for • Be specific about skills • Use and carefully title images
  12. 12. #GDChat 2. Adopt a Marketer-First Mentality: Define Your Audience • Define your diversity efforts • Target candidate demographics • Tap into the mindset of current employees • Tailor to your audience
  13. 13. #GDChat • Encourage employees to wear company gear and interact on social • Involve employees in the hiring process 2. Adopt a Marketer-First Mentality: Employee Brand Ambassadors
  14. 14. #GDChat Referral candidates are 5X more likely to get hired than other candidates Employee referrals are the #1 SOURCE for quality new hires Source: Staffing.org Source: ERE 2. Adopt a Marketer-First Mentality
  15. 15. #GDChat Encourage Communicate the Importance Incentive Train Make It Easy 1 2 3 4 5 2. Adopt a Marketer-First Mentality: Employee Brand Ambassadors
  16. 16. #GDChat 2. Adopt a Marketer-First Mentality: Employee Brand Ambassadors
  17. 17. #GDChat • Encourage viral photos and videos in all departments • Show the real “you” on a career blog or through social posts • Let employees be who they are 2. Adopt a Marketer-First Mentality: Employee Brand Ambassadors
  18. 18. #GDChat 3. Optimize Candidate Experience
  19. 19. #GDChat 3. Optimize Candidate Experience • Career page • Application process • Interview process • Follow up process • Social presence
  20. 20. #GDChat 3. Optimize Candidate Experience: Treat Candidates Like Customers • Get the inside scoop from new hires • Learn from and respond to feedback • Provide a human touch
  21. 21. #GDChat 3. Optimize Candidate Experience Transparency 96% of job seekers say that it’s important to work for a company that embraces transparency Glassdoor Survey (October, 2014)
  22. 22. #GDChat Questions?