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Common Myths Regarding Govt Jobs and Private Jobs

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State Government Jobs. Private Jobs. Private Sector Jobs. Government Jobs. What is more advantageous - Government Jobs or Private Sector jobs? Apply for Upcoming Government Jobs. https://www.recruitment.guru/state-government-jobs/. Check the benefits of Government Jobs and Private Jobs. Latest Govt Jobs 2018. Govt Jobs 2017-18. Get latest Private jobs for Fresher’s 2018. Check Eligibility for Government Sector Jobs.

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Common Myths Regarding Govt Jobs and Private Jobs

  1. 1. www.recruitment.guru Government Jobs vs Private Jobs Common Myths regarding Govt and Private Jobs that need a break!!!
  2. 2. www.recruitment.guru INTRODUCTION Nowadays, most of the examination takes place online. Also, with the rapid growth of digitization in the Government sector paired with longevity or stability, people usually get confused to choose between Private Jobs and Government Jobs. Many people found Government Jobs better than Private Jobs, and on the side, few people are fond of Private Sector Jobs because of the advantages. In this scenario, you have to take few things into consideration while choosing any one. Since your final decision determines your career, you need to find a reliable and accurate comparison to decide.
  3. 3. www.recruitment.guru 1. Number of Vacancies ASSUMPTION: There are no limit to private organizations, and with many industries being set up rapidly, the private sector has more openings available. Whereas Government offers limited job vacancies and hence it is more competitive than private jobs. REALITY: As compare to private sector, government organizations readily discloses number of vacancies under a board or state while recruiting. Hence, number of job seekers apply for the available vacancies. To keep the selection fair, government involves exams.
  4. 4. www.recruitment.guru 2. Working Hours ASSUMPTION: Government Sector Organizations have a fixed timing and their shift is of seven hours only. Whereas Private sector have eight to nine hours of working period. And if you’re not done with your today’s work, you need to seat for extra hours to accomplish your targets. REALITY: One is for sure that fixed work hours allow you to plan your work accordingly. In Government Sector, if you’re finishing your work on time or early, you can leave early and spend your more time with family and friends. Whereas in Private companies you have to work for longer hours so that you can finish your targets on time.
  5. 5. www.recruitment.guru 3. Salary Offered ASSUMPTION: People often thinks that government jobs don’t pay according to the requirement and private jobs offer increments constantly. REALITY: Ok, let’s talk about it. Unlike Private jobs, government jobs offers less salary but they usually offers other perks, such as residence, medical, transportations cost, etc. No matter at what post you’re, you will get this perks offer but private sector does not provide for equivalent level of posts. Also, government jobs offers consequent appraisals and fixed promotions.
  6. 6. www.recruitment.guru 4. Nature of the Jobs ASSUMPTION: People often think that government jobs involve only circulating files from lower authority to higher authority and vice versa. This leaves with very little scope to show your creativity. REALITY: But the fact is that government jobs have a fix set of work and duties which is carried out and provides different opportunities to their employees.
  7. 7. www.recruitment.guru 5. Scope for Creativity ASSUMPTION: Private jobs often gives you a several opportunity to show your creativity as they offer autonomy. But government jobs doesn’t care about your innovations and ideas. REALITY: The fact is that, in government jobs you work under a big hierarchy of decision makers and therefore the chances are less that your creativity will shine. Whereas, in private jobs, they challenge you to perform accordingly and show more creativity in your works.
  8. 8. www.recruitment.guru 6. Security of Jobs ASSUMPTION: No Doubt!!! Government Jobs are more stable and secure. REALITY: It is true that private jobs downsize the workforce at times. Whereas, government jobs, once secured offers more security of job till the time of retirement.
  9. 9. www.recruitment.guru You can apply for the Upcoming Government Jobs @ https://www.recruitment.g uru/state-government-jobs/