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  1. 1. MARKET PLACE ¡Encuentra tus socios! Envíanos las referencias que te interesen y te ponemos en contacto: seimed@redit.es La Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) es una red apoyada por la Comisión Europea y a la que pertenecen cerca de 600 entidades agrupadas en regiones. Está presente en más de 50 países y proporciona servicios gratuitos a las pymes para mejorar su competitividad mediante la innovación, internacionalización y cooperación tecnológica y empresarial. SEIMED es la sub-red de la EEN que proporciona estos servicios a las empresas de la Comunidad Valenciana y Región de Murcia. Si quieres que publiquemos tu perfil tecnológico en nuestra base de datos, para que sea accesible a todas las entidades de la EEN y así sus empresas clientes puedan interesarse en colaborar contigo, dínoslo y te indicaremos el procedimiento. Más información en: een.ec.europa.eu / www.seimed.eu
  2. 2. SEEKING UNOBTRUSIVE VITAL SIGNS MONITORING TECHNOLOGY TRSG20150902001 A Singapore-based client that provides technology solutions is seeking unobtrusive (non-contact) monitoring technologies that can measure vital signs of users while sleeping, not limited to respiratory rate, heart rate and movement for use in areas such as healthcare and wellness. The client is open to various types of partnerships, such as: Joint Venture, Technology licensing, R&D cooperation, Technical cooperation. LOOKING FOR DISPOSABLE ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY (EEG) ELECTRODE PATCH EXPERTISE TRNL20150626002 A Dutch SME developing a novel Electroencephalography (EEG) based medical device is looking for outstanding expertise on disposable "peel-stick" type EEG Electrode design patch. A specialised healthcare company active in disposable EEG electrode design patch with technical knowledge on design and hydrogels is sought, for technical cooperation. SURGICAL GUIDING TEMPLATES FOR PRECISE SURGICAL DRILLING AND SAWING TOSI20150316003 A Slovenian SME developed a computer assisted surgical guiding template for precise pre-planned surgical drilling and sawing. The design of the surgical guiding template is based on the individual patient anatomy with 3D printing technology from biocompatible plastic material. The offered system enables surgeons to perform surgery procedures easily and more accurately. The Slovenian SME is looking for partners interested in a licensing or a financial agreement. CRYOGENIC CHAMBER FOR CRYOTHERAPY SOUGHT TRPL20130729001 The south-eastern Polish micro-enterprise acting as a limited company and providing medical services is looking for cryogenic chamber for treatment and medical diagnosis. The company seeks commercial and technical cooperation. SEEKING WATER-BASED SOLUTION TO BE APPLIED TO THE SKIN THAT BECOMES A PEELABLE LAYER FOR NOVEL APPLICATIONS TRUK20150624001 A UK multinational with global presence is looking for expertise/solutions that enable formulations applied to the skin to rapidly form a peelable layer that can be removed from the skin easily. Compositions of the final formulation should be capable of incorporating active ingredients. They seek companies/researchers in drug delivery, cosmetics or materials that may have existing technology adaptable for personal care applications, for technical cooperation or research cooperation agreements. SOFTWARE ALGORITHMS AND EXPERTISE TO SUPPORT EARLY DETECTION OF HUMAN JOINT DISEASES OF OSTEOARTHRITIS AND OSTEOPOROSIS BASED ON BONE MICROSTRUCTURE ANALYSIS TRAT20150629001 An Austrian SME seeks new algorithms to be integrated into their software solution. Algorithms shall analyse 2D x-ray images aiming at a higher significance of the output data and a high robustness to x-ray image variations. They are open for commercial/licence agreements or research/technical cooperation agreements.
  3. 3. CLINICAL EXPERTS SOUGHT FOR COMMON DEVELOPMENT OF NEW FORMULATIONS FOR TRANS-DERMAL APPLICATION TRDE20150617002 German SME is searching for partners with expertise in drug development for treatment of skin-diseases, hair- complaints or other disease patterns that can be medicated best by bringing active substances to subcutaneous tissues. Clinical experts are sought for common development of new formulations for trans-dermal application in research cooperation or joint venture agreements. DEVELOPMENT OF A BACTERIOPHAGE (PHAGE)-BASED METHOD FOR BIOCONTROL OF SPECIFIC BACTERIA TRUK20150305001 A UK research centre is working on the development of a novel bacteriophage (phage)-based method for biocontrol of specific bacteria. The centre is looking for a biotech SME specialising in phage solutions to investigate the therapeutic potential offered by these viruses and start a technology collaboration for the joint development of a novel and commercially viable biocontrol method. RESEARCH TEAM SPECIALIZED IN CANCERS BIOTARGETING WITH NANOPARTICLES AND PHOTOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT TRFR20131203001 A French biotech SME is looking for a joint venture with a biotech company or a research team. The company develops new glyco and nanovectors for the therapeutic targeting of lysosomal rare disorders and cancers. The team wants to produce a nanoparticules prototype in order to treat small size cancers for which radiotherapy or chemotherapy are not applicable. Joint venture and/or manufacturing agreement are sought. NON-CENTRIFUGATION BASED PLASMA SAMPLE PREPARATION TECHNOLOGY TRUK20150604001 A UK-based SME is looking for companies that have technology, products and expertise that would allow for plasma separation of blood samples within 15 minutes without using centrifugation and that can be used in resource limited settings. Ideally these companies will also have fluid volume control and delivery capabilities. The SME is seeking commercial agreements to manufacture or license such technology to them with technical assistance. Joint venture agreements will also be considered. LOOKING FOR PARTNERS WITH TECHNICAL KNOWHOW IN CELL THERAPY TO ESTABLISH OPERATIONS IN JAPAN AND/OR SOUTH KOREA TRBE20150416001 A Belgian company operating a validated cGMP facility and listed as contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) dedicated to cell therapy is looking for a partner to enter the Asiatic market, and more specifically Japan and/or South Korea. Partners with technical know how in cell therapy are requested to allow them to have a first footprint in these countries or elsewhere in Asia. A joint venture agreement or a manufacturing agreement are requested. HEALTHCARE INFORMATION APPLICATION FOR MOBILE DEVICES SEEKS TECHNICAL COOPERATION AND LICENSE AGREEMENTS TOUK20150701003 A UK SME has developed a health application for mobile devices which enables the user to find global healthcare services, access an A-Z of health conditions and use emergency features to get assistance. The company is looking for partners for technical cooperation or license agreements with organisations who wish to develop this application to suit their needs.
  4. 4. EFFICIENT, LOW COST AND EASY-TO-DEPLOY HOME HEALTH INFORMATION SYSTEM FOR AMBIENT ASSISTED LIVING AND MEDICAL TELEMETRY TOPT20150114001 A Portuguese technology-based start-up has developed a wireless sensors’ based e-health platform for monitoring of health status and location of elderly or chronically ill people. It enables the integration of the user’s medical information where it can be accessed by health care providers, and facilitates the rapid assistance in emergencies by sending automatic alerts for the caregiver and/or centralised emergency system. SENSITIVE HEALTH DATA MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, BACK-END SOLUTION FOR CONNECTED-HEALTH SMES WANTING TO REDUCE TIME TO MARKET AND IT EXPENSES TOCH20150209001 A Swiss company provides software tools to enable connectivity between health apps, wearable and devices, to privately exchange data and store it at highest security level. The technology empowers any business logic to comply multiple health-care legislations and policies. Technical/Services cooperation/Joint venture are sought. MONITORING, PROGNOSTIC HEALTH MANAGEMENT (PHM) FOR INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS OFFERED TOFR20150429001 A French SME has developed monitoring, Prognostic Health Management (PHM) technologies for industrial and remote systems. The company is looking for OEM (original equipment manufacturers) integrator for license or commercial agreement with technical assistance.The company is also offering its expertise in PHM engineering to potential industrial users, from user needs analysis to implementation of a turnkey intelligent solution that processes his/her plant or system information. MODULAR, PRE-PLUMBED, HYGIENIC INTEGRATED PLUMBING SYSTEM FOR SANITARY APPLICATIONS IN HEALTHCARE FACILITIES TOUK20150120001 UK based SME has designed an innovative integrated plumbing system for sanitary ware that is hygienic, easy to use and meets the specification standards of the National Health Service. The company is looking for construction specifiers of buildings in the healthcare, sports, hotels, supermarkets, fast food, cinemas, leisure and office sectors for joint venture agreements. AUTOLOGOUS TISSUE GLUE USED IN TRANSPLANTOLOGY TOPL20130802001 Researchers from Poland developed a carrier for cells (gel) used in transplantology, regenerative medicine and orthopaedics. The product is based on patient’s own blood and removes the risk of transmitting an infection and accelerates the wound healing process. Scientists are looking for partners from the health sectors such that are ready to implement or jointly develop the solution within license, manufacturing, joint venture as well as research and technical cooperation agreement. PATENT APPLIED DISINFECTANT SOLUTION THAT GIVES SURFACES PERMANENT BACTERIOLOGIC PROPERTIES WITHOUT CHANGING THE MATERIAL TOSE20131128001 A Swedish company offers a disinfectant solution that is effective against micro-organisms and viruses, providing an environment with decreased risk of disease spreading. The non-toxic solution gives surfaces permanent bacteriostatic properties without changing the original characteristics of the material. The company is looking for established partners of disinfectant products that wish to integrate the solution and/or custom made new applications for the technology.
  5. 5. NON-INVASIVE REAL-TIME CONTROL OF INNER BODY TEMPERATURE VARIABLES DURING THERAPEUTIC COOLING OR HEATING TOSI20140207001 A Slovenian research institute has developed a method and a device for non-invasive real-time control of inner (hidden) body temperature variables during therapeutic cooling or heating which is not possible with today’s classical cryotherapeutic devices. Medical equipment manufacturers are sought for license agreements to use the technology in their existing or newly developed therapeutic devices. MEDICAL IMAGE PROCESSING SOFTWARE TOTR20150319001 A Turkish SME, expertised in image processing and video analysis technologies has developed a software that allows users to access medical images from their own computers. In addition to image access, users can also edit and make any changes on medical images through the tools of the software. The SME is interested in finding companies interested in licensing the software. COMPOUNDS AND EXTRACTS FROM PLANT PARTS WITH POTENT BIOACTIVITY TONL20150227001 A Dutch company is specialized in bioactive compounds from plant parts as flower, leaf, root and bulb for the use in medicine, biocides and cosmetics. These compounds are available in the dried form as well as in extracts. An extensive library was developed in which all the compounds are uniquely registered and identified. The company is seeking partners in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agrofood industries, for cooperation within the framework of commercial agreements with technical assistance. LOW COST 3D SCANNING TECHNOLOGY FOR BREAST RECONSTRUCTION AND OTHER BODY SCANNING APPLICATIONS TOUK20150702001 A UK based university has developed a low cost 3D scanning technology for breast reconstruction professionals and other body scanning applications. The system assists the surgeon in planning the operation and choosing the most suitable implant in order to improve patient outcomes and reduces the necessity for repeat surgery. The university is looking for design partners for technical cooperation agreements in order to advance the product to commercial readiness. A NEW BIOMARKER FOR THE DIAGNOSIS OF MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS INFECTION TOGR20150415001 A Greek SME has developed a flow cytometry method for the fast and accurate diagnosis of mycobacterium tuberculosis (Μtb) infection in humans or animals. The test can be performed on fixed samples that can be stored at 4ο C for an extensive period of time, a feature that makes international shipping feasible. The company is seeking for technical cooperation agreement with laboratories, health clinics and/or hospitals for the conduction of clinical trials on humans and animals. INNOVATIVE SYRINGE VALVE TO DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE INJECTION SAFETY AND REDUCE CARE DELIVERY COSTS TOUK20150720001 A UK company has developed a patent-protected flow-control valve that separates different fluids into multiple chambers in medical syringes. The valve minimizes service delivery risk in preparation by providing: 1.Prefilled products containing two incompatible formulations / 2.Prefilled powder and diluent for intra-syringe aseptic reconstitution at point-of-care / 3.Prefilled drug and catheter flush solutions. Manufacturers of medical devices are sought for license agreements.