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Market like a Multi-Million$ Company on a Dollar a Day! Reema Sarin Brand Management, Marketing and Corporate Communications Expert

  1. Market like a Multi-Million$ Company on a Dollar a Day! Reema Sarin Brand Management, Marketing and Corporate Communications Expert
  2. » Marketing Mix & Approach » Industry Partner Program » Analyst/Advisory Relations » Strategic Relationship Marketing » Web Marketing » Blogging » Public Relations » Events/Speaking Opportunities » Awards » CSR » Re-branding – A Successful Case Study What are we going to talk about!
  3. » A well crafted Marketing Plan focuses on effective ‘brand positioning’ which has the following three primary components – » It should define your: » Target Market – locally, regionally, globally » Business focus – industry segment (s) » Key value propositions or USP  Positioning is Key!
  4. » Marketing mix is a combination of marketing tools that are used to satisfy customers and company objectives, controlled by the 4 Ps - Product, Price, Place and Promise. » All elements of sales and marketing must work in perfect unison so that the prospective consumer is being sent that ‘One Unified message’. » 5 essential components of the marketing mix are: Fit,Value, Uniqueness, Sustainability, Credibility Marketing Mix
  5. Industry Partner Program ‘Build an Industry Partner program that generates long term profitable revenue globally. It should enable your company to enter into new markets with service offerings core to your business strategy’
  6. ‘Make Analyst and Advisory Relations a strategic tool in developing your brand globally. It is useful in creating new business opportunities, reaching out to prospects and supporting existing client relationships”
  7. ‘Develop and strengthen your relationship with clients globally, you must invest in client focused corporate events and targeted promotional activity – select Roundtable forums; Breakfast meets; Social meetings; host co-branded events.’
  8. Web (SMART) Marketing Web Marketing is Highly Targeted, Measurable, Cost Effective and ROI driven, which allows you to reach your global customer base fast! You can target by: City Country Gender Age Interests Company Industry Job Titles Search Websites Webpage context Control your cost on: CPC (cost per click) CPM (cost per thousand impressions) CPA (cost per action) Measure performance and ROI Total impressions & clicks Total email opens & visitors Total desired actions taken
  9.  Highly targeted:  Advertise on websites that your target audience frequently visits  Advertise using various formats:  Text ads, Graphic ads, Animated ads, Peel throughs  Pay as you like! Never need to exceed your monthly budget:  Pay per click, or pay per impression  Target with social media site if applicable to your business:  Target by Age, Gender, Country, Education, Company
  10. Popular Online Advertising Networks
  11. Excellent for creating consistent Brand Awareness and quality Lead Generation!
  12. Email Marketing is one of the most effective and powerful tools for Lead Generation, applicable to every business today! And why? • Free & Direct Medium – It is free medium that immediately connects you to your target market directly • It is Highly Targeted and Unique • Highly Measurable – You can measure how many people opened the email, clicked on links No-cost Email Marketing
  13. Affiliates promote your products and services and drive additional traffic to your website. You only pay a comission when there is a sale! Results based Affiliate Marketing
  14. For your service / product, let your users do viral marketing or the ‘hard-work’ through word of mouth, email and other brand promotion tools, e.g. Discount Coupons etc. Intelligent Viral Marketing
  15. ‘A Weblog is one of the latest and greatest tools for creating a ‘Marketing Buzz’. And How? • Blogs have content, distribution, and accelerated frequency – hence great education tool • Popular blogs have one thing in common; an individual voice. A voice will not only gain readers, but it keeps them, creating brand loyalty • Fantastic Credibility through third party promotion Are you Blogging yet?
  16. Show ‘Thought Leadership’ and educate your prospects by ‘Pre- selling’ to them with White Papers, Webinars, Case Studies White Papers, Case Studies: - For e.g. If you are an IT company you would promote your White Papers and Case Studies on: Webinars: - Host ONE Webinar a month - Promote it through: - Banner advertising on other related websites through Google (paid ads) - Email to prospects and customers ($0, No Costs!) Collateral Promotion
  17. Public Relations
  18. Events/Speaking Opportunities Be Seen and Heard Globally!
  19. Awards Make sure you get many every year!
  20. » Branding » Employee engagement » Float the idea » Strategic communications » Think strategically » Award-winning results » Targeted communications » Internal clients » Media landscape » Engaging our audiences » Interactive tools » Communications solutions » Reputation management » Join the conversation » Message-driven » Use Smart Marketing Jargon Blow your trumpet 24x7!
  21.  Implement an Internal Marketing perception survey with all your Sales and senior Management  Objective is to obtain feedback –  On what is working and what is not?  To prioritise the current marketing plans to ensure that sales and marketing are aligned in meeting the common business objectives To get better at your job!
  22. Re-Branding!
  23.  Developing a new brand is not just designing a new logo - you have to ‘Live and breathe the Brand’  Brand is another word for ‘reputation’  Reputation:  Doing what say you will do and doing it well  Meeting deadlines and promises across all markets and amongst current & prospective clients, industry partners and businesses  Make every ‘Employee a responsible Brand Ambassador’ through consistent internal marketing and corporate social responsibility
  24. Re-branding Audio-visual  Used effectively among media  Customers  Employees across the globe  Other stake-holders Media ( Mainline, Business,TV, Online)  Press Conferences and Press Releases on: Global expansion; Global Re- branding, as well as on all the key milestones and achievements of the company  Participation in editorial opportunities  One-on-one interviews with key journalists  Corporate profiling  Business specific media stories Re-Branding Tools
  25. Branding  Launch of a new companyWeb-site  Development of new branded Collateral – Company Brochures, Literature and materials (Banners, Booth Stands) Events  Participation in the speaking opportunities for senior management and subject matter experts from the company in key industry events globally Marketing  Direct / Email Marketing to the different target audiences, e.g. Customers, Prospects, Analyst Community, Media  Online orWeb Marketing  Special Customer, Partner and Analyst Meets Re-Branding Tools
  26.  Ensure a good ‘buy in’ from senior management by integrating PR and Marketing exercises with the company’s Business objectives.  This will ensure result in better Return on Investment (ROI) from a ‘measurement of success’ perspective  For optimum and wide visibility, roll out all Marketing and Media exercises at a Global / Regional level  Map out a quarterly but flexible Marketing & Communication plan to adapt to the company’s changing and evolving needs
  27.  It is no great achievement to get media mileage when you have news to give to the Press  You know you have a successful PR program when the Press calls you for a company quote ‘as a Thought Leader in your industry story’ A successful Marketing practitioner is one which keeps his/her company in the news consistently and reaches out effectively to all target markets to meet business objectives
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