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Activity 1 international promotion elements

International promotion elements

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Activity 1 international promotion elements

  1. 1. Activity 1 International promotion elements Regina Flores
  2. 2. Introducción Hoy en día, las empresas negocian en los mercados globales, creando así relaciones comerciales e intercambios con diferentes países. Este proceso ha llevado a los productores a transferir conceptos de marketing en la promoción internacional de sus productos y servicios. La promoción internacional ofrece una mezcla de actividades y estrategias dirigidas a obtener su producto o servicio a su consumidor final de una manera apropiada.
  3. 3. Introduction Nowadays, companies trade in global markets, thus creating commercial relationships and exchanges with different countries. This process has led producers to transfer marketing concepts into the international promotion of their products and services. International promotion features a mix of activities and strategies aimed to get your product or service to your final consumer in a proper way.
  4. 4. Introduction  Aujourd'hui, les entreprises négocient sur les marchés mondiaux, créant ainsi des relations commerciales et les échanges avec différents pays. Ce processus a conduit les producteurs à transférer des concepts de marketing dans la promotion internationale de leurs produits et services. La promotion internationale dispose d'un ensemble d'activités et de stratégies visant à obtenir votre produit ou service à votre consommateur final d'une manière appropriée.
  5. 5. International promotion  Is getting known a company or product across national borderlines using business strategies.  Some of the most important elements used in promotion are as follows: a. Advertising b. Sales promotion c. Personal selling d. Public relation
  6. 6. Objective  The promotion element of marketing mix is concerned with activities that are undertaken to communicate with customers and distribution channels to enhance the sales of the firm.  Other important objective is to be able to influence in the behavior of the consumer.
  7. 7. Mean of each one  Advertising Advertisement can be defined as the “paid form of non- personal presentation and promotion of idea, goods or services by an identified sponsor”. It is an impersonal presentation where a standard or common message regarding the merits, price and availability of product or service is given by the producer or marketer. The advertisement builds pull effect as advertising tries to pull the product by directly appealing to customer to buy it
  8. 8. Sales promotion Refers to short term use of incentives or other promotional activities that stimulate the customer to buy the product.
  9. 9. Personal selling Personal selling means selling personally. This involves face to face interaction between seller and buyer for the purpose of sale. The personal selling does not mean getting the prospects to desire what seller wants but the concept of personal selling is also based on customer satisfaction.
  10. 10. Public relations  Means maintaining public relations with public. By maintaining public relations, companies create goodwill.  Public relations evaluate public attitudes; identify the policies and procedures of an organization with the public interest to earn public(shareholders, suppliers, intermediaries, customers etc.)understanding and acceptance.
  11. 11. Law regulations  Countries differ in their regulations of advertising, and some products are banned from advertising on certain media (large supermarket chains are not allowed to advertise on TV in France, for example). Other forms of promotion may also be banned or regulated. In some European countries, for example, it is illegal to price discriminate between consumers, and thus coupons are banned and in some, it is illegal to offer products on sale outside a very narrow seasonal and percentage range.
  12. 12. Most common mistakes
  13. 13.  Advertising In advertising there is no direct communication between the customer and marketer. The marketer assumes that the message is communicated but the audience or customers do not pay any attention to impersonal messages conveyed through advertising. The response of customer cannot be known in advertising.
  14. 14.  Sales promotion  Reflect Crisis: If firm is offering sales promotion techniques again and again it indicates that there is no demand of product which can create crisis situation.  Spoil Product Image: Use of sales promotion tool may affect the image of product as buyer feel that product is of low quality that is why firm is offering incentives.
  15. 15.  Personal selling One disadvantage is that your customer reach is limited through personal sales. As a result, it will require extended time period to create product awareness. In the other hand it could be expensive because you have to take into consideration the sales representative´s salary, bonus, commission as well as travel time.
  16. 16.  Public relations Hard to measure success, Mark Nowlan, "Entrepreneur" Magazine's public relations columnist, notes that measuring and evaluating the impact of public relations efforts is often subjective. He suggests that it's hard to compare and contrast impact across publications. Inaccurate Message or Storytelling
  17. 17. Conclusion What we did in this activity was explaining the different types of international promotion elements so we can decide in the future which one is the best option for our product or company. Also we identify how the components of international promotion support the development of exporting an offer.
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