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May 2008
Consulting Dietician
Regine Gray RD (SA)
May Events
Nicole has lost 22.6 kg and is
continuing to excel
“ Professi...
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9. May 2008 Nutrition Newsletter

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9. May 2008 Nutrition Newsletter

  1. 1. May 2008 Consulting Dietician Regine Gray RD (SA) May Events Nicole has lost 22.6 kg and is continuing to excel “ Professional, friendly, supportive and kind—thank you for always being there for us when we need you” - Susan M. “ You have the ability to bridge scientific knowl- edge to the client’s value of wanting to eat better, feel better and live a healthier life” - Sister C. “The best investment that I have ever made” - Tony S. “Stimulating” - Helene T. “User-friendly” - Gail F. “Very positive” - Lauren R. “A new way of life” - Cindy A “Inspiring—the plan has benefited everyone at home” - Mike B. “Easy, interesting and concise” - Kevin K. “Helpful and professional” -Jean K. “I finally understand nutritional concepts” - Alice P. “Dedicated—I am impressed—you reflect serious business” - Johannah S. “Passionate with a well considered approach” - Annelaine L. “You have a vision that is touching this world” - John D. “Regine is the best” - Leon T. “You understand people” - D.V. “Never before have I been able to combine my various medical conditions into a single diet” - Matthew W. “A personalized approach in terms of food selec- tions and script is highly recommended. I finally know what to eat, in which quantities and how many times during a day. I look at my blueprint daily and refine my nutrition regularly” - G.G. Virtual Nutrition Employee Wellbeing Nedbank Onsite Nutritional Screening was provided to Nedbank employees in the atrium. Common stress- related lifestyle habits and nutrition impact on salivary pH and body mass index (BMI) readings, and in turn, impact on the risk of developing lifestyle diseases, which, once progressed, require medical intervention, of which the cost implications can be significant. Prevention remains better than cure. New research claims that drinking green tea before a gym session can help burn more body fat. Green tea has been hailed for its ability to speed up oxidation, which is the rate at which fat is broken down. The study found that fat oxidation rates were 17% higher in the green tea consumers versus the group that took placebos in a capsule form. Your ideal waist circumfer- ence should be as follows: Take your height in cm and halve it. This measurement and lower translates to a healthy waist circumference in men and women. Please note: pregnant women and medical conditions involving kidneys and liver are excluded from this formula. Green tea New waist measure- ment guidelines TWP Nutrition Day Nutri- tional screening and free measuring tapes were provided to TWP staff as a sign of commit- ment to employee wellness. Max Maisela is pro healthy nutrition Dr. Tumi Seane, Regine and Max Maisela in support of good nutrition. NBC Wellness Workplace Wellness involves a range of pro-active health and wellness services designed to optimize the health and performance of employees. Regine@Regine.co.zaRegine@Regine.co.za 082 354 8850 The base practice is in Florida Park. Patient Feedback What’s in a kilojoule? Kilojoules and calories mean the same thing: they measure the energy content of food and give an indication of en- ergy requirements of an indi- vidual’s body. 1 calorie (cal.) = 4.2 kilojoules (kJ). South Africans predominantly use the term kilojoules. How to brew green tea Never use boiling water, as some of the effects of green tea will be lost. Brew green tea leaves at a tempera- ture of between 80—90 degrees. The psychological symptoms of stress include insomnia, depression, loss of interest, uncontrolled crying, anxiety and a feeling that “something is wrong”. The physical symptoms of stress include chronic headaches, backache, hypertension, heartburn and mental illnesses. Stress can be treated, using a combination of medi- cal, psychological and/or support-group approaches. From a dietary perspective, learn to control your blood sugar levels by means of eating low glycaemic load (GL) foods, eating regularly and avoiding overly- refined, sugary foods. Invest in a good vitamin-and- mineral supplement, in addition to using a good vitamin B-complex supplement. De- stress