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Emerging Technology Trends: 2017 Intern Presentation

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Emerging Technology Trends: 2017 Intern Presentation

  1. 1. EMERGING TECHNOLOGY TRENDS Summer 2017 Final Internship Presentation by Alyce Ge, Jimmy Xue, Kristen Tilley
  2. 2. The technology market intelligence platform. CB Insights software lets you predict, discuss, and communicate emerging technology trends using data in ways that are beyond human cognition. www.cbinsights.com 2
  3. 3. www.cbinsights.com 3See what other customers have to say at http://www.cbinsights.com/customer-love The most publicly reference-able customers of anyone in the industry A FEW OF OUR HAPPY CUSTOMERS Kate Barrett Director, New Enterprise Associates “With CB Insights we can quickly and reliably aggregate data across the investing landscape, from sector trends to financing activity. The intuitive user interface and robust set of features have made it a go-to resource for our team, and the customer support is second to none...”
  4. 4. 5 18 31 45 60 72 Emerging trends in real estate tech New tech tools for retailers Emerging use cases for drones Emerging trends in blockchain Emerging use cases for AI Early-stage healthcare technologies www.cbinsights.com 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS
  5. 5. www.cbinsights.com 5 1/ Real Estate Tech
  6. 6. www.cbinsights.com 6 Real Estate Trend #1: Blockchain revolutionizing real estate transactions
  7. 7. NEW PLATFORMS WILL FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS David Walker CEO & Co-founder, Triplemint www.cbinsights.com 7Source: Bloomberg “I think we’ll see more of the actual real estate transaction become more platform-based, as email is still the default technology today, and that creates significant inefficiencies for the consumer.”
  8. 8. BLOCKCHAIN: ENABLING THE FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS www.cbinsights.com 8 Expediting the process: By utilizing a blockchain distributed database to prove authenticity, ownership can be transferred immediately without time spent on third- party verification. Reducing Fraud: “Digital ownership certificates” in blockchain could effectively eliminate forged ownership documents and false listings. Increasing transparency: Houses could be assigned digital identities with a chain of ownership and a list of repair and renovation projects.
  9. 9. Factom is a blockchain-as-a- service tech company that secures data including real estate data and property titles. REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION PLATFORMS UTILIZING BLOCKCHAIN www.cbinsights.com 9 Disclosed Funding: $4.5M Select Investors: Undisclosed Investors Disclosed Funding: N/A Select Investors: N/A Disclosed Funding: $1.7M Select Investors: Cherubic Ventures, Digital Currency Group Disclosed Funding: $10.9M Select Investors: Harvest Partners, Peeli Ventures Antshares Blockchain allows users to digitize assets and is aiming to service real estate titles. FundPlaces is a real estate investment platform that utilizes blockchain to digitize investments. Bitmark is a blockchain startup enabling issuance of property titles for digital assets.
  10. 10. FINTECH UNICORN LOOKING TO REVOLUTIONIZE TITLE INSURANCE PROCESS While the current mortgage process involves hiring a third party to search through documents for liens on the property, SoFi proposes that paper records be moved to the blockchain, where a transaction log is securely stored on a distributed ledger. www.cbinsights.com 10
  11. 11. www.cbinsights.com 11 Real Estate Trend #2: UK to be the next real estate tech hotspot
  12. 12. ROOM FOR GROWTH IN UK REAL ESTATE TECH MARKET Alex Gosling CEO, HouseSimple www.cbinsights.com 12Source: Bloomberg “As more people feel comfortable with the online model, we expect online agents to grab a bigger slice of the UK estate agency market. Currently, online estate agents have around 5% market share. We believe this will increase to 15%–20% by 2020.”
  13. 13. LONDON SEES HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF EARLY-STAGE REAL ESTATE TECH DEALS Among the top 5 major cities with the highest number of early-stage real estate tech deals, London holds the top spot for highest percentage of early-stage deal share. In overall deals, London is currently situated in third behind San Francisco and New York. www.cbinsights.com 13
  14. 14. CONSISTENT WITH ITS CAPITAL, THE UK LEADS WITH HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF EARLY-STAGE DEALS Among the top 5 countries with the most real estate tech deals over the period, the UK leads with 63% early- stage deal share. The UK is currently second to the US in total number of real etate tech deals, followed by India, China, and Germany in that order. www.cbinsights.com 14
  15. 15. www.cbinsights.com 15 Trend #3: Innovative new ways to determine real estate value
  16. 16. DATA-DRIVEN STARTUPS ARE DEVELOPING NEW WAYS TO MEASURE THE QUALITY OF REAL ESTATE Ori Allon Executive Chairman & Co-founder, Compass www.cbinsights.com 16Source: Bloomberg “Right now, when you want to buy a place, it’s very hard to really understand the value. Our systems…are able to help us build a more holistic picture of any given property to inform the real estate transaction.”
  17. 17. NEW WAYS TO EVALUATE REAL ESTATE www.cbinsights.com 17 Solen has developed an application that can measure and certify the brightness of a property for sale. Disclosed Funding: 870K Select Investors: 500 Startups, BDC Venture Capital Disclosed Funding: $540K Select Investors: AngelSquare, BPI France, Paris&Co Disclosed Funding: N/A Select Investors: Paris&Co Local Logic uses a combination of geospatial and user generates usage data to quantify the quality of location. Bon de Visite offers a scoring algorithm for properties according to environmental criteria, proximity, and quality of life.
  18. 18. www.cbinsights.com 18 2/ Retail Tech
  19. 19. www.cbinsights.com 19 Retail Tech Trend #1: Indoor navigation
  20. 20. SPIKE IN MEDIA MENTIONS OF INDOOR NAVIGATION SIGNALS INTEREST A recent NYT article advised against using navigation apps in stores or malls since “most mapping apps are not yet designed for indoor spaces and are thus inaccurate for location sharing.” Clearly, indoor navigation is not the norm, but some startups have set out to change that. www.cbinsights.com 20Sources: FoodDive, Telegraph, Fortune, FoodIngredientsFirst, Forbes MEDIA DISCUSSION OF INDOOR NAVIGATION OVER TIME
  21. 21. STRONG FUNDING TO INDOOR NAVIGATION STARTUPS SO FAR THIS YEAR The segment remains small, but startups are aiming to provide in-store navigation solutions to retailers in the near future. The startups shown at left have all raised either Seed/Angel or Series A funding in 2017. www.cbinsights.com 21 SELECT EARLY-STAGE INDOOR NAVIGATION STARTUPS Focus: Offering indoor GPS service Disclosed Funding: $130K Select Investors: Metro Accelerator Focus: Developing indoor location and navigation solutions Disclosed Funding: $1.18M Select Investors: Fast Forward, Radomír Čech Focus: Shopping cart solutions/navigation capability Disclosed Funding: $1.45M Select Investors: Jarkko Veijalainen, Marko Sjoman Focus: Navigation, visitor flows, and Wi-Fi for shopping & retail centers Disclosed Funding: $1.39M Select Investors: Camp Jarl Focus: Indoor location mapping and services platform Disclosed Funding: $500K Select Investors: XRC Labs
  22. 22. www.cbinsights.com 22 Retail Tech Trend #2: Using advanced sensing and AI to profile and track customers
  23. 23. STARTUPS WILL HELP RETAILERS LEVERAGE CUSTOMER DATA TO STAY COMPETITIVE Allan Haims CEO, StepsAway www.cbinsights.com 23Source: Bloomberg “Brick-and-mortar retailers have the opportunity to learn about their consumers in much the same way [as online retailers] by leveraging technology and providing an even greater shopping experience for their customers than online retailers such as Amazon.”
  24. 24. PROVIDING INSIGHT INTO CUSTOMER (AND NON- CUSTOMER) DEMOGRAPHICS FOR ADS Cosmose is able to capture each customers’ anonymous phone ID by taking advaapplications ntage of with location permissions when they enter and pass by certain areas of the store. Retailers can later target specific demographics based on the accumulated data for their marketing campaigns. www.cbinsights.com 24
  25. 25. PROFILING CUSTOMERS BASED ON FOOTWEAR Startups like Hoxton provide another source of valuable data for retailers. Hoxton’s foot traffic surveillance system can count and profile visitors without collecting personal data or causing the kind of privacy concerns that arise with facial recognition cameras. www.cbinsights.com 25
  26. 26. RESPONDING TO CUSTOMERS IN REAL TIME The Advertima Engine is able to detect people’s age, gender, mood, behavior, and even fashion sense. The company brands itself as an “experience management system” that combines both big data and machine learning to create tailor experiences for customers. www.cbinsights.com 26
  27. 27. www.cbinsights.com 27 Retail Tech Trend #3: Fully Automated Stores
  29. 29. BINGOBOX USES MUCH OF THE SAME TECH AS AMAZON, BUT FOR DIFFERENT PURPOSES While customers must scan items and pay at a counter, cameras and sensor check to make sure all items leaving the store have been paid for, and cameras throughout the store use facial recognition to verify that users are registered with BingoBox and authorized to be in the store. www.cbinsights.com 29
  30. 30. UNMANNED STORE PLANS TO EXPAND AFTER MOST RECENT FUNDING ROUND F5 Future stores provide customers with hot food and beverages, along with everyday essentials, without the need for any human interaction. The company raised $4.4M in Series A in June 2017 in a round led by Sinovation Ventures and is aiming to open 30-60 new stores within the next 6 months. www.cbinsights.com 30
  31. 31. www.cbinsights.com 31 3/ DRONES
  32. 32. www.cbinsights.com 32 Drones Trend #1: Underwater Monitoring
  33. 33. www.cbinsights.com 33 UNDERWATER DRONES DEFINED UNDERWATER DRONES  Includes: autonomously or remotely operated vehicles that collect and analyze data about the environment underwater. Drones could operate at the surface or underwater.  Excludes: autonomously or remotely operated flying vehicles that monitor water surfaces or land
  34. 34. Sources: Inc, Navy Times, Hellenic Shipping News, Wired, Los Angeles Times UNDERWATER DRONES TAKING OFF www.cbinsights.com 34
  35. 35. www.cbinsights.com 35Source: Wikimedia Commons Data collected from underwater drones can be used by academia, logistics industry, governmental entities, and defense organizations. Drones themselves can be used by consumers, defense organizations, private industry, and the public sector. UNDERWATER DRONES HAVE MANY APPLICATIONS Defense applications Environmental assessment Oil and gas inspection Infrastructure monitoring Recreational use Law enforcement Research data gathering Aquaculture surveillance
  36. 36. SHIPPING GIANTS LOOK TO DRONES AS SOLUTIONS Markus Kuhn Supply Chain Management, Maersk www.cbinsights.com 36Source: Maersk “Drones can make savings in both costs and time. There are high costs for on-board delivery of small parcels, filled with urgent spare parts or mail, because of the need for a barge.”
  37. 37. UNDERWATER DRONE COMPANIES www.cbinsights.com 37Source: Abyss Solutions, Seadrone, Wired Company Total Disclosed Funding Last Round Description $1.04M $1M (May 9, 2017 // Unattributed) Abyss Solutions uses remotely operated, semi-autonomous underwater vehicles with sensors to monitor and inspect underwater assets and build 3D models. The company has worked with Australian municipal governments and the Sydney Water Corporation. $130K $130K (Nov 6, 2015 // Seed) Seadrone (fka Orobotix) builds programmable, modular underwater vehicles with a full suite of sensors for underwater inspection. Drones cost several thousand dollars. $16.5M $14M (Sep 5, 2016 // Series A) Saildrone builds fleets of sailing drones with sensors for ocean data gathering, fish stock analysis, and environmental monitoring. According to the company, Saildrone earns $2,500 a day for providing ocean data.
  38. 38. RECENT UNDERWATER DRONE EXITS www.cbinsights.com 38Source: Aquabotix, Liquid Robotics Aquabotix makes small underwater and hybrid drones as well as underwater cameras for defense applications, environmental assessment, oil and gas inspection, infrastructure monitoring, aquaculture monitoring, law enforcement, gathering data for research, and recreational uses. Headquarters: Sydney, Australia Total disclosed funding: $2.09M Exit: $5.5M IPO on Apr 20, 2017 Liquid Robotics builds a surface vehicle with an underwater adjustable, modular architecture for defense applications, maritime surveillance, environmental assessment, and oil and gas inspection. Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California Total disclosed funding: $82.1M Exit: Acquired by Boeing on Dec 7, 2016 Startups have passed the proof-of-concept stage building underwater drones for various industries.
  39. 39. www.cbinsights.com 39 Drones Trend #2: Medical Delivery
  40. 40. www.cbinsights.com 40 MEDICAL DELIVERY DEFINED MEDICAL DELIVERY  Definition: delivery of medical specimen, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals  Includes: delivery of biohazardous waste, cell samples, tissue samples, blood samples, transplant organs, drugs, defibrillators, intravenous fluid bags, etc.
  41. 41. Sources: Mayo Clinic, JAMA, MIT Technology Review, Gizmodo, JEMS MEDICAL DRONES POISED TO TAKE OFF June 10, 2017 INFLUENTIAL SOURCES ADVOCATING MEDICAL DRONES www.cbinsights.com 41
  42. 42. MEDICAL DELIVERY IS COMPLICATED www.cbinsights.com 42Source: Mayo Clinic, University of Pennsylvania, JAMA Many regulations: Transporting medical goods in the US are subject to regulations from one or more of the following the agencies: ICAA, IATA, DOT, CDC, TSA, FDA, OSHA, FAA Temperature sensitivity: Specimens being transported for medical testing or transplants need to be kept cool to ensure tissue survival. Strict procedures: Biohazard disposal requires thoroughly following procedures to sort and process different types of waste. Time sensitivity: The Journal of American Medical Association recently published an article stating that time to defibrillation is the most important factor for increasing survival in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest Regulatory, logistical, and administrative needs of medical specimen and equipment make transporting difficult.
  43. 43. MEDICAL TREATMENT IN ISOLATED REGIONS IS DIFFICULT TO ACCESS Keller Rinaudo Founder, CEO, Zipline www.cbinsights.com 43Source: The Verge "When you look at rural or isolated communities, particularly Native American populations, populations that live on islands, you have serious health outcome inequalities. There’s a linear relationship between how far away you live from a city and your expected lifespan. So our hope is that this type of technology can solve those kinds of inequalities."
  44. 44. Startups developing aerial drones are partnering with corporations, governments, and universities to help deliver small medical devices, emergency medical supplies, drugs, and biohazard materials. MEDICAL DELIVERY DRONE PARTNERSHIPS www.cbinsights.com 44Sources: TechCrunch, Business Insider, EHang Company Total Disclosed Funding Last Round Medical Application $47.2M $25M (Nov 10, 2016 // Series B) Zipline builds a small unmanned aerial vehicle to deliver blood and medical supplies from distribution centers to 21 hospitals in Rwanda. $11.5M $9.48M (Aug 5, 2016 // Series A) Matternet partnered with Swiss Post to transport biohazard materials in Lugano, Switzerland. $19.9M $16.6M (Jan 18, 2017 // Series A) Flirtey partnered with Johns Hopkins University to test delivery of medical supplies in New Jersey. These drones are being tested for delivering medical supplies to victims of natural disaster. $52.9M $42M (Aug 24, 2016 // Series B) Ehang partnered with Lung Biotechnology in May 2016 to automate organ transplant delivery.
  45. 45. www.cbinsights.com 45 4/ BLOCKCHAIN
  46. 46. www.cbinsights.com 46 BLOCKCHAIN DEFINED BLOCKCHAIN  Definition: cryptographically secured distributed digital ledgers, where transactions are recorded chronologically and publicly.  Includes: companies funded by centralized organizations. Companies may have an associated token sale, but are not solely funded by tokens.  Excludes: companies issuing initial coin offerings (ICOs) for funding or funded by decentralized entities
  47. 47. www.cbinsights.com 47 Blockchain Trend #1: Distributed Data Storage
  48. 48. INCREASING DATA COMPLEXITY NEEDS A NEW SOLUTION The boom in unstructured data means previous storage methods may not be sufficient. Data needs to be processed in real-time, so centralized processing creates latency. Verifiability and immutability of the blockchain can help satisfy increasing need for data security www.cbinsights.com 48Source: 3Pillar Global, a16z
  49. 49. Startups that use any blockchain to verify data transactions, store data, or provide a marketplace for data storage. DISTRIBUTED DATA STORAGE COMPANIES www.cbinsights.com 49 Company Mosaic Score (max 1000) Total Disclosed Funding Last Round Description 590 $5.05M $3M (Feb 23, 2017 // Seed) Storj provides an encrypted and distributed data storage solution. The STORJ token is used for providing a marketplace for distributed storage. 350 $30K $30K (Jul 8, 2016 // Seed) Minebox stores users’ data in a box that connects to a cloud network powered and secured by a blockchain. 750 $3.73M $3.73M (May 23, 2016 // Undisclosed) Protocol Labs provides decentralized protocols for several applications. Among its projects includes Filecoin, a token to create a marketplace-based distributed storage system.
  50. 50. HOW DOES IT WORK? Files are encrypted and transformed into 8-32MB shards and stored onto miners’ hard drives. Data shards form into individual hash challenges, creating Merkle Trees. Merkle roots are recorded on the blockchain (Proof-of- Storage). Merkle trees are then stored on miners’ hard drives without leaves. Retrieving data requires the right combination of information across all hashes. www.cbinsights.com 50Source: Storj
  51. 51. HOW DOES MINEBOX WORK? Partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to build 8 or 16 TB physical boxes. Boxes run on Linux. All data is backed up on the blockchain. Earn Bitcoin or Siacoin for renting out excess space on Mineboxes. www.cbinsights.com 51Source: Minebox
  52. 52. HOW DOES FILECOIN WORK? Miners maintain a public blockchain for verifying transactions. Filecoin storage marketplace allows users who give up storage space to receive tokens. Token sale beginning Aug 7, 2017. www.cbinsights.com 52Source: Filecoin
  53. 53. www.cbinsights.com 53 Blockchain Trend #2: Supply Chain
  54. 54. TRANSPARENCY OF THE BLOCKCHAIN USEFUL FOR SUPPLY CHAIN CONTEXT Michael Casey Senior Advisor, Blockchain Research at MIT Media Lab www.cbinsights.com 54Source: Harvard Business Review “A fundamental advantage of this distributed system… is that it resolves problems of disclosure and accountability between individuals and institutions whose interests aren’t necessarily aligned. Mutually important data can be updated in real time, removing the need for laborious, error-prone reconciliation with each other’s internal records. It gives each member of the network far greater and timelier visibility of the total activity.”
  55. 55. Startups that track physical goods throughout the supply chain and store data on the blockchain, allowing purchasers, sellers, and transporters greater visibility into products. SUPPLY CHAIN TRANSPARENCY COMPANIES www.cbinsights.com 55 Company Mosaic Score (max 1000) Total Disclosed Funding Last Round Description 730 $2.5M $2.5M (Feb 3, 2017 // Angel) Arc-Net tracks, authenticates, and validates perishable foods from production to consumption, minimizing the risk of fraudulent or tainted food. 620 $4.83M Undisclosed (Mar 22, 2017 // Incubator) Chronicled uses sensors that track a product’s origin and full history securely via blockchain. The product is being used for perishable foods, leather goods, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, license plates, secure servers, among others. 810 $800K $800K (Jul 11, 2017 // Seed) Provenance allows companies to track the origins of products, bringing transparency to products for eco-friendly consumers. 360 $30K $30K (Jul 8, 2016 // Incubator) Modum uses sensors and blockchain to track real-time movement of ingredients for drugs to ensure safety.
  56. 56. ARC-NET CREATES A STANDARDIZED SYSTEM FOR FOOD TRACKING Arc-Net currently tracks animal DNA and animal products using the blockchain. Food information is provided to consumer using a QR code. www.cbinsights.com 56Source: Arc-Net
  57. 57. CHRONICLED PROVIDES REAL-TIME VISIBILITY Chronicled uses NFC- and iBeacon-enabled temperature loggers, crypto seals, and identity chips to monitor products. Information is stored on blockchains and is accessible via the Chronicled app. The Chronicled API allows integration with existing IT systems. www.cbinsights.com 57Source: Chronicled
  58. 58. PROVENANCE PROVIDES TRANSPARENCY FOR CONSUMERS Provenance allows consumers to track the nature, quality, quantity, and ownership of goods. Key attributes can be read and linked from pre- existing datasets. The company has completed projects for tracking produce, coffee, cotton, fashion, and various food types. www.cbinsights.com 58Source: Provenance
  59. 59. MODUM SIMPLIFIES GOOD DISTRIBUTION PRACTICE COMPLIANCE Modum uses sensors collect raw data for ingredients in the pharma supply chain. This raw data is stored on the blockchain, as are smart contracts. Modum provides a dashboard and analytics for the raw data. The company uses a per shipment service model. www.cbinsights.com 59Source: Chronicled
  60. 60. www.cbinsights.com 60 5/ ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
  61. 61. www.cbinsights.com 61 AI Trend #1: Predictive Maintenance
  62. 62. PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE BRINGS IOT BENEFITS Predictive maintenance combines IoT sensor data and maintenance logs to better predict and avoid machine failure. For example, analysis of sound can detect an anomaly in device operation, while vibrations can be measured and used to detect errors. Benefits include increased asset productivity and reduced overall maintenance costs. www.cbinsights.com 62Source: McKinsey
  63. 63. Dr. Roland Busch CTO, Siemens www.cbinsights.com 63 “By analyzing the data, our artificial intelligence systems can draw conclusions regarding a machine’s condition and detect irregularities in order to make predictive maintenance possible.” CORPORATIONS USE PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE
  64. 64. Smart money VCs backed 2 predictive maintenance startups in Q2’17: KONUX and Petasense SMART MONEY BACKS PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE www.cbinsights.com 64 Disclosed funding: $16.6M Select Investors: New Enterprise Associates, Andy Bechtolsheim, Warren Weiss, Unternehmertum Venture Capital Disclosed funding: $3.63M Select Investors: True Ventures, Felicis Ventures
  65. 65. www.cbinsights.com 65 AI Trend #2: Em(ai)l
  66. 66. Sources: Wired, The Verge, VentureBeat, Forbes, outwardmedia.com AI IS HERE TO HELP YOU WRITE EMAILS PEOPLE WILL ACTUALLY READ August 23, 2016 AI INTRODUCES NEXT GENERATION OF EMAIL www.cbinsights.com 66
  67. 67. AI PREVENTS MANMADE EMAIL SECURITY ERRORS www.cbinsights.com 67 CheckRecipient is a software platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to prevent highly-sensitive information being sent to the wrong people over email. Disclosed funding: $3M Select Investors: Accel Partners, Winton Ventures, Amadeus Capital Partners, LocalGlobe
  68. 68. Smart money VCs backed two startups improving email with AI since Oct ‘16: Trove and Astro SMART MONEY BACKS EM(AI)L www.cbinsights.com 68 Disclosed funding: $9.5M Select Investors: Accel Partners, Silicon Valley Bank, Hyde Park Angels, Drive Capital Disclosed funding: $3.63M Select Investors: Redpoint Ventures, Aspect Ventures, Harrison Metal, Upside Partnership
  69. 69. www.cbinsights.com 69 AI Trend #3: Customer Feedback Analysis
  70. 70. STARTUPS AUGMENT CUSTOMER FEEDBACK ANALYSIS WITH AI Discussion around using AI to analyze customer feedback picked up in late 2016. These startups analyze customer sentiment toward brands by crawling product review sites, identifying potential root causes of both positive and negative feelings. www.cbinsights.com 70Sources: VentureBeat, The Telegraph, Forbes MEDIA DISCUSSION OF AI + CUSTOMER FEEDBACK RISES 2012 – 7/20/2017
  71. 71. AI STARTUPS ANALYZING CUSTOMER FEEDBACK www.cbinsights.com 71 Company Mosaic Score (max 1000) Total Disclosed Funding (M) Last Round Description 910 $33M $25M (February 13, 2017 // Series B) BirdEye is a platform that allows businesses to see customer reviews across all channels - review sites, social media, even NPS surveys. It structures feedback so businesses can benchmark performance across all their locations and compare against their competitors’. 650 $2.56M $50K (June 8, 2017 // Biz Plan Competition) Wyzerr is a platform that allows customers to communicate feedback directly to businesses at point-of-sale. The company uses AI to take all feedback and drive customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. 600 $150K $150K (February 8, 2017 // Seed) SentiSum analyzes processes internal chat, support tickets, collaboration content, reviews, and feedback from blogs, forums, and user communications. It improves operational effectiveness and performance by analyzing emails for trends and sentiment about the products.
  72. 72. www.cbinsights.com 72 6/ HEALTHCARE
  73. 73. www.cbinsights.com 73 Health Trend #1: Virtual Reality for Mental Health
  74. 74. VR HAS ADVANCED MENTAL HEALTH SINCE 2016 www.cbinsights.com 74 2016 Feb ‘17 Mar ‘17 May ‘17 Stanford opens Virtual Reality- Immersive Technology Clinic APA posts blog piece about VR used in mental health treatment Cambridge publishes review of 285 studies on VR in mental health Harvard Review of Psychiatry publishes literature review of VR in psychiatric disorder treatments
  75. 75. STARTUPS TREATING MENTAL HEALTH WITH VR www.cbinsights.com 75 Company Mosaic Score (max 1000) Total Disclosed Funding (M) Last Round Description 670 $1.54M $40K (June 14, 2017 // Biz Plan Competition) Rendever improves the quality of life of older adults with its research-based virtual reality platform, enabling them to travel back to their childhood homes in virtual reality, travel to Paris and other parts of the world, or cross of bucket list items like skydiving. 630 $1.15M N/A (February 14, 2017 // Incubator/Accelerator) Psious offers treatment for behavioral and mental health issues through virtual reality immersion therapy. 630 $100K Undisclosed (Apr 4, 2017 // Seed VC) AppliedVR provides a virtual reality platform designed to engage the patient during all stages of procedures in hospitals and surgical centers, offering patients drug-free alternatives to manage pain and anxiety associated with medical procedures.
  76. 76. SEQUOIA BACKS MENTAL HEALTH VR STARTUP www.cbinsights.com 76 Limbix is a Palo Alto-based startup working to supply modern treatment tools to therapists. It has created immersive VR environments for exposure therapy, a treatment dashboard for therapists, and a mobile app for patients, among other tools. Disclosed funding: N/A Select Investors: Sequoia Capital, Maverick Ventures, SVAngel, NextGen Venture Partners
  77. 77. www.cbinsights.com 77 Health Trend #2: Microneedles for Drug Delivery
  78. 78. MICRONEEDLES OFFER MULTIPLE MEDICAL BENEFITS Microneedles deliver drugs to the upper dermis instead of muscular or fatty tissue. They avoid painful nerve endings, does not cause bleeding, and removes needle phobia, discomfort and injury. More importantly, microneedles allow for the possibility of delivery of smaller drugs. www.cbinsights.com 78Sources: e-pharmatimes.blogspot.in
  79. 79. MICRONEEDLES IMPROVE DRUG PERFORMANCE www.cbinsights.com 79 Microdermics is a Vancouver-based startup that has developed a microneedle injection system to improve patient experience, increase the efficiency of current drugs, and enable new methods of treatment. They have partnered with Vetter, a producer of aseptically prefilled syringe systems, cartridges and vials. Disclosed funding: $870K Select Investors: K5 Ventures, Shoreline Venture Management
  80. 80. MICRONEEDLES MODERATES INSULIN LEVELS www.cbinsights.com 80 Zenomics is developing a microneedle transdermal patch technology for diabetes. The patch will be able to sense blood glucose levels and respond with appropriate concentrations of insulin. Disclosed funding: $2.8M Select Investors: N/A
  81. 81. www.cbinsights.com 81 Health Trend #3: Pelvic Floor Treatment
  82. 82. 1 in 3 women will experience a pelvic floor disorder 1 in 10 women will undergo surgery www.cbinsights.com 82Sources: UCLA Health
  83. 83. Tania Boler CEO and Co-founder, Elvie www.cbinsights.com 83 "For us Elvie isn't just a product, it's about changing the conversation, because a lot of people see it as a yucky problem. But it isn't, it's a health problem." FOUNDERS DESTIGMATIZE PELVIC FLOOR ISSUES
  84. 84. STARTUPS TARGETING PELVIC FLOOR HEALTH www.cbinsights.com 84 Company Mosaic Score (max 1000) Total Disclosed Funding (M) Last Round Description N/A $15.8M $15.8M (March 1, 2017 // Series A) Atlantic Therapeutics develops medical devices, software, apps and connected health technologies to treat incontinence, sexual health dysfunctions, and other associated disorders by strengthening muscles and modulating nerves of the pelvic floor. 740 $6.02M N/A (March 31, 2017 // Series A) Elvie is an electronic device that women can use to train their pelvic floor using kegel exercises. The device syncs with mobile devices via Bluetooth, allowing users to track progress and view fitness insights. N/A $2M $2M (Apr 13, 2017 // Seed VC) Consortia Health is a personalized pelvic wellness health care company that provides clinically-relevant individualized diagnosis, therapy and education to help physicians treat their patients with incontinence, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction and other pelvic disorders.
  85. 85. CBINSIGHTS.COM @cbinsights info@cbinsights.com