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Wall Mount Sinks | How to Buy | Renovator's Supply

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Wall Mount Sinks and How to Buy Them:

Deciding on a wall mount sink for your home or commercial bathroom? Renovating can be hard. But this RenSup.com video tutorial will ease your anxieties, helping you make a happy decision. The Renovator’s Supply will teach you about the components of a wall mount sink and how to purchase the best product for your bathroom renovation.

Our designer wall mount sinks are a huge space saver. Whether your bathroom nook needs filling or you want an elegant openness, our wide variety of pedestal, wall mount, and provincial corner sinks will satisfy that itch for style while saving you toe room.

Although these sinks are versatile, RenSup still wants to educate shoppers and help them find the perfect-fit product. A perfect product makes both customer and home happy. A bad product hitches a ride on the backs of poor planning and poor information. We want you to be well informed and migraine free.

Here at The Renovators Supply we’ll make your measurements, and your life, easy. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to discern the highest quality bathroom sinks, proper space measurement, and what you’ll need to make the most informed decision for your sink purchase. For example, we’ll make sure the faucet of your dreams fits the sink bowl of your choice. We’ll also show you how to measure your bathroom space and what you’ll need for your ultimate sink installation checklist.

Can’t decide between traditional or contemporary corner sinks? We have lots of designs. Thinking about glass instead of porcelain? We can do that too. Need an ADA compliant, space-saving wall mount sink that can also fit in the corner? We’ve got you covered.

The Renovators Supply’s unique bathroom wall mount sinks have enough features to make any powder-room Paradise. Even if you don’t buy from us, we want to provide you with the best information so you make the happiest buying decision. This Renovators Supply tutorial video will help find the perfect-fit wall mount sink for you. Watch it all, because you might miss out if you don’t! Thanks for viewing!

About The Renovator’s Supply, Inc.:

The Renovator’s Supply, Inc. manufactures quality bathroom sinks, bathroom toilets, and space-saving corner sinks; pedestal sinks, bathroom child’s toilets, brass faucets, chrome faucets, waterfall faucets, specialty faucets, reproduction antique hardware, restoration hardware, renovator’s hardware, decorative home accessories, furniture, lighting, and other renovation supplies.

Since 1978, Renovator’s Supply has been the #1 trusted source of quality fixtures for renovation and new construction on both residential and commercial projects.

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Wall Mount Sinks | How to Buy | Renovator's Supply

  1. 1. Looking for the Ideal wall mount sink?
  2. 2. You’re in luck! We have over 80 models of wall mount sinks to choose from.
  3. 3. We also have vanity sinks All our sinks are built to ANSI standards and are ACME compliant.
  4. 4. Watch our YouTube video to learn about the perfect wall mount sink for your lavatory space
  5. 5. Find us online: Renovator’s Supply Or call us at 1-800-659-2211 If you like our video, please share!