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Meditech training phase ii

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Meditech training phase ii

  1. 1. MEDITECH TRAINING PHASE II Clinical Content & Patient Care Goal:  Provide knowledge, skill, information and development with Meditech systems Objective:  As a result of the Meditech training, nurses will be able to navigate , edit and enter information into the problem management , medication reconciliation/discharge, ordering and patient data retrieval/population management fields while using the Meditech system  The Meditech training will provide nurses the ability to identify and explain the 4 tracking clinical workflow features when using the Meditech system  As a result of the Meditech training , nurses will be able to predict which of the 4 tracking clinical workflow features to use while providing patient care Goal:  Ensure all Parallon Nurses are developed and well versed with Meditech systems to function in an HCA facility
  2. 2. Objective:  The Meditech training will prepare nurses with the necessary process to trouble shootthe system while in use  At the end of the Meditech training all nurses will conducta live demonstration using the Meditech system to measure the nurses’ ability to function in an HCA facility. Objective Learning Style: Project Based Learning The Clinical Content & Patient Care training will be based on teaching nurse’s knowledge and skill on a computer program system within the hospital (Meditech). The system has many functions, sections and fields, however, the nurses’ will only focus on four main functions/fields in the system, which are: Project Management, Medication Reconciliation/Discharge, Ordering and Patient Data, Retrieval/ Population Management. The nurse will gain the knowledge and skill of the system during a16hour time period instructional training. The training will be broken down into a 4hour 4 day time period covering the needed four topics. The nurses will respond to complex questions, problems and challenges throughout the training ending in a result of the ability to navigate and use the meditech system. Instructional Strategies: Demonstrations of how to edit, update, search, add, document, sort, discharge, and use quality boards within the Meditech system.  Audio/Visual - Video  Overhead projector Question and Answer periods on each section  Guided observations
  3. 3.  Lecture/reading on system  Discussion Hands on practice in the training area of the Meditech system  Role Play (scenarios)  Self-direction – practice while doing  Meditech Magic FastTrack program  Oncall Learning computer based meditech training End of courselive simulation to test nurse ability to use the system through various scenarios  Live hands on test while instructor watch  Simulations will be done in the On Call application program Instructional Technologies:  Videos of live use: Students will watch short videos of real life scenarios using the Meditech system  Overhead projector: The projector will be used to go over reading material and to watch the real life video scenarios  Computer: Computer Based Training system (OnCall Learning) will hold all the live interactions of the Meditech program. Students will practice the four main functions/fields in the system.  Meditech Magic FastTrack training application will be used for live scenarios  Meditech Program