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Make Marketing Campaigns Shine Throughout the Season…and Beyond 
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6 Essential Holiday Retail Strategies

Learn how retailers can better influence consumer shopping behavior to boost in-store sales during this highly competitive holiday season.

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6 Essential Holiday Retail Strategies

  1. 1. 6 ESSENTIAL HOLIDAY STRATEGIES Make Marketing Campaigns Shine Throughout the Season…and Beyond THE SEASON IS SHORT – JUST 28 DAYS BETWEEN THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS Capturing consumer attention is hard. Capturing consumer attention during the holidays is even harder. These six strategies will help you win the holiday season. PRICING STRATEGY CONSIDER A COMPETITIVE PRICING STRATEGY. THIS DOESN’T MEAN YOU SHOULD PROMOTE YOURSELF TO ZERO MARGIN. % of US online mobile phone users that have researched prices online for products they were considering buying in-store. Use Coupons to Increase AOV New consumers spend 3.1x more with a coupon. Existing consumers spend 2.6x more with a coupon. CHANNEL INTEGRATION % consumers would consider paying more in-store to have product immediately (rather than wait for shipping). CONSUMERS HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR CHANNEL INTEGRATION. of customers think the store associate is the best resource for information. increase in online conversion rates when retailers begin to ship from store. 89% expect to view in-store inventory of products online. 73% Expect to reserve online and pickup in-store. THE STORE EXPERIENCE 30% 19% 86% expect to return online orders in the store. THE IN-STORE RETAIL EXPERIENCE MATTERS. PEOPLE STILL WANT TO SEE, TOUCH AND FEEL PRODUCTS. 86% of sales are STILL happening in-store. 75% 33% of consumers are unlikely to visit a store if they can’t check inventory online. THINK MOBILE NOW MOBILE IS A BIGGER PART OF HOLIDAY SHOPPING. EXPECT MORE CONSUMERS TO USE MOBILE PHONES TO FIND THE BEST PRICES AND DEALS. 30% of top retailers’ monthly audiences are mobile-only. WIN ON KEY DAYS GROWTH ON KEY HOLIDAY SALES DAYS CONTINUES TO OUTPACE OVERALL HOLIDAY GROWTH. +6% 31 Thanksgiving Optimize your digital content on key sales days. LEVERAGE DATA Black Friday Cyber Monday Free Shipping Day Christmas +18% +27% Day after Christmas +1 +7% +11% 2010 2011 2012 START THINKING ABOUT DATA AS A FOREVER TOOL. Leverage programs that can track consumer behavior on all touch points to help with marketing attribution. Use holiday campaigns as a kick starter for bigger data learnings for the rest of the year. Use a promotional offer as a vehicle to capture data to test and learn more about consumer behavior. Thanksgiving 2012 21% Thanksgiving 2013 34% Cyber Monday 2012 23% Cyber Monday 2013 38% % of online buyers who shopped on a mobile device. OFFER A Integrate promotions across online, in-store and mobile. OFFER B Test offers to determine the best margin producing and new customer acquisition campaigns. Marketers work with RevTrax to discover and measure digital promotion performance data – to prove and improve digital marketing’s impact on in-store sales. To learn more trends and strategies to win this retail holiday season, visit www.revtrax.com. 1-5% 6-10% 11-15% 16-20% 21-25% 25%+ 52% 18% 6% 4% 4% 3% Pay more in-store Sources: 1. Forrester NA Technographics Life Cycle Survey, Q1 2013., 2. Commissioned Forrester study with Purolator, May 2014. , 3. Forrester NA Technographics Customer Lifecycle Buy Phase, Q1 2012., 4. comScore Media Metrix Multi-Platform, U.S., March 2014. , 5. Bizrate Insights/Forrester Holiday Flash Survey, 2013, 6. Experian Marketing Services, 2013, 7. Commissioned Forrester study with Rakuten LinkShare, June 2012. © RevTrax 2014. Confidential and proprietary property of RevTrax. All rights reserved. 57% aged 18-24 51% aged 25-34 of consumers are likely to visit a store if in-store inventory is marked. 5 6 4 3 1 2