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Philsocords fundraising tour


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Philsocords fundraising tour

  1. 1. FUNDRAISING TOUR @ NATIONAL MOVIE CARAVAN Title: CEO President Director Philippines Social Community Organizers & Developing Society Inc. Proposed by: Ms. Reynalda Oporto Title:_____________________________________ : Ms. Mr. Mrs.______________________________ Intercorporated Org. Name: PHILSOCORDS Inc.& Address: San Isidro Angono Rizal Philippines City, State, Zip: 1900 Phone: +639276651260 Email:tourismrealtors@yahoo.com Program Dates: Amount of Request:__________ Per student or per head or packaged institutional congress. Public Gov. school. ___________, Private school _________ Program Description Movie Caravan Fundraising tour is a size for set up of inter-regional communities with quality of arts program, in-school arts education residencies and professional development for arts organizations and presenters. Through this program, the organization name PHILSOCORDS- Philippines Social
  2. 2. Community Organizers & Developing Society will provide the community (LGU_____________) of name of community (PHILSOCORDS Inc. Center) with the following services: 1. Children & Youth awareness program for ethical learning 2. Share assistant for victims of severe illness and diseases like drug addiction, mental stress ,cancer, hiv, malnutrition, by giving a medical mission, feedings, financial assistant and moral psychological treatment. 3. Put up organized team work of cooperative, livelihood skills, and miniature chambers for young socio activity. 4. Organized and be a part on league of sports for community friendships day and festivity. 5. Re progress the natural heritage on arts and culture by patronage costumes while adopting global innovation. A Public, Family Performance of the PHILSOCORDS Inc. Two days of in-school educational residencies per location: Descent (public-speaking) training for area schoolteachers and community members to help them prepare their students and the community for the family performance Professional development training for community members ( PHILSOCORDS INC. Club Center ) in the areas of marketing and advertising, fundraising, special events, public relations, box office management and outreach programs The goal of the Community Development through the Arts initiative is to provide our community with quality arts programming and to utilize the experience of the PHILSOCORDS INC.staff to ensure that the presentation of the events will be successful. Skills gained from the professional development are transferable and will allow the organization name to plan and implement a comprehensive series of future arts events in our community. Fundraising and Development Point of Views Tool kits of events is the educational film that help to give awareness and develop of our young audience and aged ones.
  3. 3. Program Implementation PHILSOCORDS and the organization name will complete a Community Profile, a series of assessments designed to determine the current strengths and challenges of the presenting organization. This profile will also allow PHILSOCORDS CLUB TEAM to design educational programs that are most relevant to our community. Upon completion of the profile, the organization name will receive a toolkit containing templates and guidelines for successful arts presentation in the areas of marketing and advertising, fundraising, special events, public relations, box office management, and outreach programs. The Toolkit will be tailored for use in our community and PHILSOCORDS Inc. staff will provide consultation for implementation. Organization name members and PHILSOCORDS Inc. staff will work together to establish benchmarks for success in the area of fundraising, ticket sales and community involvement and response. Four to six weeks prior to the public performance, PHILSOCORDS Inc. staff and dancers will visit our community and conduct two days of educational programming in area schools. Special workshops and programs will be provided for children in grades K-12. All the activities are highly interactive providing students with an opportunity to participate as well as observe. PHILSOCORDS Inc. staff will also meet with area teachers and community members, providing them with information about PHILSOCORDS CLUB and stage s performance and giving them training in public speaking relative to this event. These community members will then begin a public-speaking campaign designed to increase community awareness, interest and education about the upcoming performance. The initiative will culminate with a public performance of the PHILSOCORDS CLUB set on dates and times. This project will reach a total of people ranging from pre-K through adult. (Here give a broad but realistic estimate that includes all participants including patrons who attend the performance, community members who participate in docent training, and your organizational representatives who participate in professional development training and school children who will participate in educational residencies. Project for a best-case scenario.) Need Within the Community
  4. 4. The use of the indie film show marathon describe the specific need or reason that you want to bring PHILSOCORDS to your community to promote the campaign of Anti – Drug, HIV ,Bullying, Nutrition. Focus on past arts experiences what has worked, what hasn’t and why this initiative will be valuable to your PHILSOCORDS Regional chapter all over in the Philippines. Arts organization and the community as a whole. Be specific as possible. As this initiative has a strong education component and many funders will respond to this aspect, it is important to refer to the important role that the arts play in education. There is some excellent data now available that supports this and it would be helpful to include along this line. Fundraising and Development Toolkits for film movie 1. LARONG BATA 2. TULAK