RiceAdvice Dissemination Final Report

9 Mar 2017

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RiceAdvice Dissemination Final Report

  1. RiceAdvice Dissemination Final Report by: Obosi Philip
  2. Page 2 CARI and Africa Rice Partnership: • The Competitive African Rice Initiative (CARI) helps smallholder rice farmers to increase their production and improve their income. This is achieved via provision of technical support and advisory. • CARI partnered with Africa Rice for the dissemination of RiceAdvice technology to farmers under the CARI project. Rice Advice was validated in dry season 2016 in four states: • Kogi • Niger • Jigawa • Kebbi • In may 2016, the MOU was extended till early 2017 for the dissemination of the technology to smallholder farmers in four states. The dissemination commenced in June 2016 at the start of the wet season.
  3. Page 3 Trainings Trainings were held in four states between May and June, 2016. The following number of extension agents (service providers) were trained in each state and given a target of 100 farmers each: State Service Providers Target Number of Farmers Kogi 10 1000 Niger 24 2400 Jigawa 38 3800 Kebbi 25 2500 Total 97 9700
  4. Page 4 Class training of service providers
  5. Page 5 Field Demonstration to service providers
  6. Page 6 Farmers Interviewed Service Providers in each state were given targets of 100 farmers each. Below is the number of farmers interviewed by service providers in each state and data that has been synchronized. State Service Providers Target Farmers Interviewed Data Synchronized Kogi 10 1000 1000 969 Niger 24 2400 2400 2155 Jigawa 38 3800 3182 3182 Kebbi 25 2500 2454 2454 Total 97 9700 9036 8760
  7. Page 7 Gender Analysis of Farmers Interviewed State Male Female Total Kogi 515 485 1000 Niger 2125 275 2400 Jigawa 3002 180 3182 Kebbi 2376 78 2454 Total 8018 1018 9036 Farmers Female Male
  8. Page 8 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 kogi niger jigawa kebbi GENDER ANALYSIS OF FARMERS INTERVIEWED male female Gender Analysis of Farmers Interviewed Male = 88.7% Female = 11.3%
  9. Page 9 Farmers Interviewed
  10. Page 10 Monitoring RiceAdvice monitoring visit was conducted twice; at flowering and at harvest. Few farmers were randomly selected in each state for the monitoring visit and were asked several questions about the RiceAdvice dissemination and its effectiveness. The objectives of the exercise are as follows: To assess the effectiveness of the RiceAdvice in the field and the overall impact on yield and income. To know the views and perception of the farmers about RiceAdvice
  11. Page 11 Monitoring Observation: The effectiveness of RiceAdvice and the improvement in yield was very obvious on the fields. Majority of the farmers that used RiceAdvice were seen to be harvesting about double quantity compared to the yield in the previous season due to RiceAdvice. Similarly, they all recorded reasonable decrease in quantity of fertilizer used. All the farmers were very happy with the massive improvement in output and income that RiceAdvice has brought to them and they were all eager to receive the advice in next production season and also willing to increase their land size so as to be able to take full advantage of the Advice.
  12. Page 12 Monitoring Below is a picture of a field belonging to a farmer who accepted RiceAdvice to be tested on a part of his field and employed his own local method on the remaining part of his field. A B A: RiceAdvice Field B: Farmer controlled Field
  13. Page 13 Monitoring
  14. Page 14 Field Day A field day was organized on Wednesday 2nd of November, 2016 in Birnin-Kebbi; this was an event in which farmers that have used RiceAdvice innovation and service providers were brought to demonstrate and enlighten the public of the benefit of RiceAdvice. In attendance were Kebbi State Commissioner for Agriculture, Permanent Secretary Min. of Agric, P.M. KARDA, Chairman RIFAN, Chairman Birnin-Kebbi LGA, Emirate Council Birnin-Kebbi, Kebbi State T.V., Equity Radio, Leadership newspaper and NTA Kebbi.
  15. Page 15 Field Day
  16. Page 16 Field Day
  17. Page 17 Data Collection and Tablet Retrieval Almost all data has been collected and sent by ODK. All the tablet has been collected from the service providers.
  18. Page 18 Success Stories • Mr Murtala Aliyu (Male - Jega, Birnin Kebbi): Before I use to apply 4 bags of fertilizer and I get 6 bags yield. But now with RiceAdvice, I applied 2bags of fertilizer and I harvested 18 bags yield on the same 0.2ha farm. • Mr. Abdullahi Mahari (Jigawa): After seeing the increase in yield in my farm due to RiceAdvice, I am willing to pay 20,000 Naira for this service because it is profitable to me. • Mr. Aguda (Male - Hadejia, Jigawa): My neighbors have been asking me how come I am having more than double quantity of their yield when we both have the same size of land and planted the same time. • Mrs Saha Musa (Female - Hadejia, Jigawa): Before I use to have difficulty in buying fuel to irrigate in dry season but with the increase yield that RiceAdvice has brought to me, I can now afford fuel and will produce all year round.
  19. Page 19 Story by: Mr. Ahmed Muhammad Jega Local Governement Area, Kebbi State, Nigeria. Farm Size: 0.3 hectares At the beginning of the season in July, my extension agent provided advisory service to me using RiceAdvice. RiceAdvice provided fertilizer recommendations in quantity, time of application and type of fertilizer to apply. My extension agent has been trained on using this application; he collected information from me on fertilizer applications in previous seasons, farm size and yield. With this information, the application provided recommendation for this season. This recommendation reduced the quantity of fertilizer I use to apply and gave me a wide increase in yield. This is my testimony: Key Message: • Reduced fertilizer used by half of the normal quantity • Applied fertilizer timely to maximize use by the rice plant • Yield increase by 66% 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 Without RiceAdvice With RiceAdvice KG Rice Advice Quantity of fertilizer Yield Success Stories
  20. Page 20 Constraints • Flooding in some parts of some of the states which affected field level and destroyed crops • Theft: A service provider was attacked by thieves. They made away with the tablet and his personal belongings. Proof of this was provided by the service provider. • Two tablet developed a problem, one damaged screen and the other condemned battery. Both will be repaired so that the data can be sent and synchronized.
  21. Page 21 Way Forward • Training of CARI trainers in Kano State. • Collaboration with Jigawa State Government to train the state extension agents to disseminate RiceAdvice to rural farmers. • Convincing ADPs in the states to further implement on their own small scale without waiting for external supports. • Demo Plots for RiceAdvice incorporated with complete CARI Good Agronomic Practices • Reduce the amount of data collected, only minimum data required i.e. last form 1 and last form 4. • Need to reach out to more female farmers. • Need for more effective coordination. • Inclusion of RiceAdvice in GAP training material
  22. Page 22 Way Forward • Establish business model for RiceAdvice service delivery i.e. a business model developed with the knowledge of farmers willingness to pay for the service and the economic implicatiions. Such a model can be used by ADPs, private service providers like Agricultural Graduates Association of Nigeria AGAN, Tractor Owners Hiring facilities of Nigeria TOHFAN, Fertilizer development companies like OCP and Indorama, millers and government institutes like National Agricultural and Research Liaison Services NAERLS. Such a model can will help provide a fore- knowledge of the incentives in disseminating the Advice by these service providers. • Adaptation of RiceAdvice to more common and affordable devices like potable smart phones. • Integration of RiceAdvice with other ICT tools like weather forecast, Plantix (disease recognition capabilities)
  23. THANK YOU!!! Competitive African Rice Initiative in collaboration with AfricaRice is Increasing competitiveness of domestic rice production in sub-Saharan Africa using RiceAdvice.