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  1. American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life Marketing Plan Presented by: Nelson Scott Nick Pagano Rich Healey Jackson Mordant Zhihao Yun Justin Pollizi
  2. Overview • Give general explanation of how we planned our promotion • Explain our vision for promoting Relay for Life • Discuss the execution of our marketing strategy • Honestly assess the performance of our promotion.
  3. Creation of Concept • Odyssey Academy soccer team wore pink armbands to promote breast cancer awareness • After consulting athletic staff we arrived at purple socks as the ideal means of promotion
  4. Objectives/ Goals • Create awareness for both Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society • Inform our target market about the cause and event taking place. • Positively influence donations and/or attendance
  5. Positioning • MCC Lacrosse Game -At MCC sporting events, there will be students at the game that will become aware of Relay for Life, the players themselves, and parents that go to their children’s games. This allowed us to reach multiple target markets. • Money donated will go to helping cancer patients -When donating to Relay For Life, the money will go directly to the American Cancer society to help save lives.
  6. Marketing Strategy Target Market- spectators and players at lacrosse games Product- Relay for Life event Place- men’s and women’s lacrosse games • DiMarco Field Price- donations and fundraising • snacks and drinks at tent
  7. Marketing Strategy continued… Promotion- Getting the word out about the event • Table set up outside the event • Signs all around the field • Announcement before each game
  8. Implementation • Took place on April 12th over the course of both men's and women's lacrosse games • Both lacrosse teams wore purple socks • Tables were set up a half hour before the beginning of the first game and taken down after halftime during the second game • Announcements were made at the beginning and half time of each game explaining our promotion and giving the date of the Relay • Snacks were sold at the table & promotional materials were given out freely
  9. Financial Projections • Primary goal: Capture people’s awareness • Secondary goal: Raise $100
  10. Evaluation • Given the prominence of our promotion we can say we reached approximately 370 people including all lacrosse players. • During the lacrosse game, we raised more than $200 by selling snacks and drinks. • To reach our target goal of boosting attendance by at least ten people only 3% the people we reached need to respond to our marketing efforts.
  11. Summary • Our project stressed cooperation between our team and the MCC athletic department • Strong focus on increasing attendance and awareness of event rather than soliciting direct donations • Targeted both spectators and players • Reached about 370 people and raised over $200 through snacks and donations
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  13. Thank You: • MCC Athletic Program • Tim Parrinello: Athletic-director • Katie Cahill: Life Skills Coordinator • Student-Athlete Council • Luanne Schell: Pictures/ACS volunteer • Mike Schell: ACS volunteer