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Energy conservation ppt

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Energy conservation ppt

  3. 3. TYPES OF ENERGY RENEWABLE ENERGY:Renewable energy can be generated continuously practicallywithout decay of source.Some examples are :• Solar energy , Wind energy , Geothermal energy , Hydroenergy.NON-RENEWABLE ENERGY:Non-renewable energy is energy that comes from the groundand is not replaced in a relatively short amount of time.e.g. energy generated from combustion of fossil fuels , coal ,gas etc.
  4. 4. WHAT IS ENERGY ? Energy lights our cities, powers our vehicles, andruns machinery in factories. It warms and cools ourhomes, cooks our food, plays our music, and givesus pictures on television. Energy is defined as the ability or the capacity todo work.
  5. 5. WHY TO CONSERVE IT ?We have limited resources available on earth. Our demands are continuously increasing dayby day. It is possible that someday most of the non-renewable resources will be exhausted and wewill have to switch over to alternate energy
  6. 6. We save our money whenwe save energy.We reduce pollution whenwe save energy.We save our energy whenwe save energy.
  7. 7. WHAT WE CAN DO ? RECYCLE - compositing waste materials into newproducts to prevent waste of potentially usefulmaterials. Turn off all electronic devices that are not in use. Notonly turn them off but try to remember to unplugthem. You will be surprised how much you will savewith this simple step! Replace old light bulbs with energy saving fluorescentbulbs. They may cost more, but will save you muchmore in the long run.
  8. 8. •We should not keep lightsAt Home unnecessarily switched on. • Reduce the energy your appliances consume by analyzing star ratings. • Improve your water heating efficiency to reduce energy costs. • Switch of the fans and lights inAt Public the places like bus terminal and railway stations when notPlaces necessary. • Switch off the street lights. • Big Hoardings, lightened up for the whole evening and nights are other wastage of power which can be and should be avoided
  9. 9. HOW WILL IT HELP ? Let’s Take an simple example :• let us assume electricity is available for Rs.4.00 per unit , a100 watt bulb is used for 8 hrs a day then:•If we replace a 100 watt bulb with 22 watt CFL ,• The annual saving would be…• Power saved : 100W– W = 78W
  10. 10. ENERGY CONSERVATION IN INDIA About 70% of Indias energy generation capacity is from fossilfuels, with coal accounting for 40% of Indias total energyconsumption followed by crude oil and natural gas at 24% and6% respectively. India is largely dependent on fossil fuelimports to meet its energy demands. By 2030, Indias dependence on energy imports is expectedto exceed 53% of the countrys total energy consumption. In2009-10, the country imported 159.26 million tonnes of crudeoil which amount to 80% of its domestic crude oil consumptionand 31% of the countrys total imports are oil imports. Thegrowth of electricity generation in India has been hindered bydomestic coal shortages[ and as a consequence, Indias coalimports for electricity generation increased by 18% in 2010
  11. 11. THANK YOU!