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richa report final

This is to certify that Summer Internship Report entitled “ Sales Trarining Program” carried
at Aircel ,Delh...
Every project whether it is big or small can only be successful because of or with the effort
of a numbe...
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richa report final

  2. 2. 2 Declaration This is to certify that Summer Internship Report entitled “ Sales Trarining Program” carried at Aircel ,Delhi Circle Office which is being submitted by me towards partial fulfillment for the award of degree Master of Business Administration from Institute of Business Management, GLA University, Mathura comprises only my original piece of work and due acknowledgement has been made in the text to all other material used. No part of this project has been submitted elsewhere for whatever purpose concerned. Richa Verma MBA 2015-17 Place: New Delhi
  3. 3. 3 Acknowledgement Every project whether it is big or small can only be successful because of or with the effort of a number of wonderful people who have always given their valuable and precious advice . I sincerely appreciate the inspiration, support and guidance, help of all those people who put their efforts and contributions in making this project a success. I, Richa Verma, student of GLA University (Mathura), am extremely grateful as well as thanks full to “Aircel Ltd” for the confidence bestowed in me and entrusting my project entitled “Sales Training Program ” with special reference to Aircel Ltd. At this time I feel deeply honoured in expressing my sincere thanks to Mrs Barkha Kalra , Mr. Deepak Kumar, Mr Yogesh kushwaha and all the employees of Aircel Limited - Delhi Circle, for making their sources available at right time and providing valuable and helpfull insights leading to the successful completion of my project. I also extend my gratitude to my Project Guide Faculty Mentor Mr. Avnish Sharma, who assisted and helped me in compiling the project. Last but not the least I place a deep sense of gratitude to my family and my friends who have been constant source of inspiration during this project work. Richa Verma MBA 2nd year 2015-17 Place: New Delhi
  4. 4. 4 Table of Contents Chapter Description Page No. Inductory page  Preface.  Acknowledge  Student declaration.  Table of contents. 1. 2. 3. 4. Chapter 1. Introduction to topic.  Introduction.  Need and relevance of study.  Related concepts. 4 to 6 pages Chapter 2. Introduction to organisation.  Brief profile of company.  Brief history of organization.  Key highlights of organization. 6 to 8 pages Chapter 3. Objectives & methodology.  Objectives of summer internship.  Sample size.  Sample selection.  Data Collection & data sources.  Tools used for data collection. Methodology is subject to nature of summer internship. Chapter 4. Data analysis and interpretation.  Objective 1.  Figure,, interpretation.  Objective 2.  Objective 3. Chapters can be designed as per the requirement of the study. Chapter 5. Conclusion  Conclusion remarks.  Limitations of the study. 2 t0 4 pages  References.  Appendix.  In alphabetical order.  Interview questions.
  5. 5. 5 PREFACE In partial fulfilment of the requirement of MBA 2015-17 at GLA University, Mathura, the student is supposed to undertake a Summer Internship Programme work. As a part of that requirement a study with the name "Sales Training Program " is done. The study or project belongs to the HR Business function. It is an undeniable fact that productivity and sales of an organization depends upon the satisfaction and motivation level of its all employees and even more, on the sales training of employees . As a result there has been a great interest in the assessment of sales training factors and variables of employee as they impacts on increased sales, satisfaction & motivation. The concept of sales training has attracted considerable attention by changing market situation and technology up gradation . HRM policies are now being designed to maximize organizational integration, employee commitment, flexibility and quality of work & also observed that employee’s development and employee satisfaction drive productivity and increased sales, indirectly creating profit for an organization. Sales Training variables improve employee satisfaction, reduce the cost of staff turnover, build brand loyalty with staff as well as with its customers and position the company as an employer of choice that attracts talented people to the organization. It is common knowledge
  6. 6. 6 that most employees demands for better conditions of service, while employers complain of low sales and productivity. Employees are always on the lookout for advertisements on what they describe as better jobs. These employees are ready to leave their jobs for other jobs. Others use their present jobs to develop the necessary skills and experience, a requirement for a good sales person Introduction Brief about project Sales Training is one of the primary reasons for increased employees satisfaction. They are rewarded for their services and efforts that they exert for their organizations. They can be train in many ways
  7. 7. 7 Sales training is sales essential being prepared and important for the sales success,when a sales person stands in front of a potential customer being prepared with product knowledge ,pricing and presentation can make all the difference in world. CONCEPT OF SALES TRAINING: Selling may be ultimate goal of every business but not every business people good at sales, despite all the marketing courses they may have attended. A good sales person have possess so many features as attitude, smart appearance, confidence, insights of business, and skills of negotiations. These all things comes in a sales person with the effect of a good Sales Training provided by the organization to their employees for making them competitive enough to achieve their targeted goals and sales. Every industry has training programs .Some programs are held in a college lecture classes, some are held in conference halls and some are held in offices. When it comes to sales, there are unlimited types of sales trainings and to select from those. You need to develop entirely new set of tips, tricks and skills. While there is no single sales training program that is best or suitable for every organization and sales professionals, there are various things that need to be considered while selecting a sales training program. Types of Sales Training program: 1. On the job training: In this type of training program the new sales professionals being trained in the organization at the work place by the trained senior trainers and by some higher level of sales executives .In on the job training programs sales peoples comes to know about the basic skills and type of attributes being carried out by them at the workplace or at the marketing time. 2. Organized sales training: In this type of training program all the sequences and steps are properly structured and organized. The top level management conducts the sales training programs for sales force for imparting the knowledge and skills for their development and making them competitive enough for exploring new market apportunities for the organisations.
  8. 8. 8 3. Books , CD’s and vedios: The type of skills and knowledge and the attitude to be carried out by an sales professional can be gained by showing them different types of motivational vedios and showing them ground reality of the todays marketing scenario .the theoretical knowledge can be gained with the help of books and the information and data available in the books. Importance of Sales Training for an organization: 1. For increasing sales output per person. 2. For sharpening the skills of sales force. 3. For reducing market adjustment time for a new employee. 4. For better territory zoning. 5. For building a better brand. 6. For making sales force more responsible for company’s goal. 7. For making better work life balance. 8. For generating good revenue Methods of Sales Training: 1. Use E-Learning to educate. 2. Keep training short and consistent with micro learning. 3. Reward specific achievement 4. Field train and provide detailed feedback. 5. Provide success stories. Sales Training Process at Aircel:
  9. 9. 9 1. Asses sales training needs. 2. Set training objectives. 3. Evaluate training objectives. 4. Design sales training program. 5. Perform sales training. 6. Follow up and evaluation. Hoffeld group sales training process. Phase 1. Sales Readiness Phase 2. Training. Phase3. Continued Development. The vital skills for success: Sales: This section includes skills like: 1. sales methodology 2. Psychology of sales 3. Objection handling 4. Pre-call planning 5. Meeting and Demo best practices 6. Target customer profile Product: This section includes specifics about the product your team is selling, including: 1. The origin story of the product 2. Functionality, including features and benefits 3. The target market 4. The product value for customers 5. The key business cases 6. Competitor landscape System & Process:
  10. 10. 10 1. Sales process through the funnel 2. CRM data entry 3. Use of the technology stack 4. Executing a proof of concept 5. Onboarding a new customer 6. A central repository for sales enablement Benefits of sales training program for employees at Aircel: 1. Individual development of the employees. 2. Helps in attaining organizational as well as personal goals. 3. Inner job satisfaction of the employees. 4. Self-motivation gained by the sales employees. 5. It helps in building self confidence in competitive market. 6. It helps in building the positive attitude in the minds of the sales force. 7. In helps in their current job performances. 8. It makes good coordination among other employees and management. Steps for building sales training effective: 1. Motivating your team for training success. 2. Leveraging the benefits of virtual sales training. 3. Reinforce sales training for making new skills lasting habbits. 4. Hold reps accountable for applying new skills. Ways for measuring sales training success: There are many ways for measuring the success of sales training program at every type of organization. Here we have some basic grounds for measuring the success of sales training. Let us a look upon those basic grounds: 1. Good sales training raises sales professionals morale. 2. Good sales training builds basic knowledge. 3. Good sales training helps in changing employees behavior. 4. A good sales training helps in sharpening their attitude and confidence.
  11. 11. 11 Qualities of a good sales trainer: 1. He should be a good communicator . 2. He should possess the managerial skills. 3. A good motivator . 4. Leadership skiils. 5. Not so much of aggressive in nature. 6. Cooperative. 7. Time management skills. 8. Technical skills if needed. 9. Up to dated. 10. Versatile personality. Nature of a good sales training program for every organization: 1. Organized. 2. Well structured. 3. Well communicated. 4. Proper sequences should be followed. 5. Planned. 6. Cost effective. 7. Effective in nature. 8. Goal oriented. 9. Aligned with company’s objectives. 10. Approved by top management.
  12. 12. 12 Details about Aircel Company Details Aircel is an Indian mobile network operator, headquartered in Gurgoan, which offers voice and 2G, 3G and 4G data services. Aircel was founded by C Sivasankaran and commenced operations in Tamil Nadu in 1999. It is the 6th mobile service provider in India with a subscriber base of 83.05 million subscribers as of June 2015. Aircel is a market leader in Tmil Nadu and has considerable presence in Odisha, Asam and North East circles. Aircel Type Subsidiary Industry Telecommunications Founded In 1999 Headquarters Gurgoan, Haryana India Key people Kaizad Heerjee,CEO Products Mobile telephony,wireless broadband services Revenue US$ 1.159 billion (2012 Members 83.05 million (June 2015) Parent Maxis communication (74%) Sindya Securities and Investments (26%)
  13. 13. 13 The Aircel Group is a result of alliance between Maxis Communications Berhad of Malaysia (74% equity) and Sindya Securities & Investments Private Limited (26% equity). It is India’s fifth largest GSM mobile service provider. Aircel Group, formed in 1994, offers affordable and outstanding mobile services to a vast subscriber base in India. Aircel has a vision of delighting its customers by giving them the respect they deserve. Our goal is to provide our customers with exemplary service and persistently look for new ways to surpass their expectations. Aircel commenced operations in 1999. In our first decade of operations, we concentrated on building our foundations in the southern part of the country, and soon emerged as the regional market leaders. We worked hard and achieved that success by remaining focused on growth opportunities. Soon after our company began with its expansion in 2005 and has now set its sight on becoming a pan India operator. Our project pipeline is robust, allowing for sustainable long-term growth. The company is present in all 23 telecom circles including Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Assam, North East, Orissa, Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Kolkata, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Delhi, UP(West), UP(East), Maharashtra & Goa , Mumbai, Haryana , Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Gujarat and Rajasthan. . Slogan The joy of a little extra Website Aircel.com
  14. 14. 14 Development Of Company The journey of Aircel has been depicted here below where it is clearly mentioned that in line with the business s priority to become a National Player, hiring was to be done exponentially while not compromising on quality. The pillars of transformation in this phase were: Figure 1:Pillars of transformation Nature, Structure And Characteristics Of Aircel - Delhi Circle Nature And Characteristics
  15. 15. 15 Vision and Mission of Aircel: Vision:  Become the Service Provider of Choice for the Enterprise Segment Mission:  Entry into top 1,000 corporate as the most agile service provider  Create well differentiated value offerings for ready adoption by large, medium and small enterprises  Own service offerings, platform and delivery mechanism that keep us ahead of competition now and during technology shifts Group Company wise % market share (Subscribers) - February 2014 Sl. No. Name of Company Total Sub Figures Additions in February 2014 % Market Share % Growth over previous
  16. 16. 16 month 1 Bharti Airtel 2008,39,755 0 28.25% 0.00% 2 Vodafone 1643,44,169 21,55,873 23.11% 1.33% 3 IDEA 1335,50,428 33,32,724 18.78% 2.56% 4 BSNL 971,72,146 0 13.67% 0.0% 5 Aircel 691,47,005 7,02,934 9.73% 1.03% 6 Telewings 348,87,258 9,70,894 4.91% 2.86% 7 Videocon 46,66,892 4,33,738 0.66% 10.25% 8 MTNL 33,79,699 12,358 0.48% 0.37% 9 Loop Mobile 30,28,539 0 0.43% 0.00% All India 7110,15,891 76,08,521 100.00% Table 1:Group wise market Share Awards & Recognitions World HRD Congress - Employer Branding Award 2009-10 for "BEST EMPLOYER". Since its inception, Aircel has continuously strived to provide the best products and services to its valuable customers. It is this passion and enthusiasm that has helped us grow leaps and bounds from what started as a one state operation in Tamil Nadu in 1999, to a pan-India presence across 22 circles today. Aircel has been recognized for its consistent and innovative approach, , receiving the highest rating for overall customer satisfaction and network quality by Voice and Data in 2006, an accolade given only to a select few. Aircel was recognized for the same award by IDC in 2007 for being successful in fulfilling our promises to our customers.  CSR, In the year 2012 Aircel won the Award of Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship Awards (AREA) 2012 at Enterprise Asia Award.  In 2011 Best Green Company( Private Sector) – For ‘Save Our Tigers’ at NDTV Greenies Eco Award .
  17. 17. 17  Again in the Year 2011 Gold Award at CSR Event/ property of the year.  2011, 7 Olive Crown awards for Aircel ‘Save Our Tigers’  HR, 2013 Award for Innovation in learning - Code of conduct theatre and Award for Best Training Venue at World HRD Congress Award  2012 - Award for Innovation in learning - E-comic on iphone4s - Award for Excellence in content developed - Web based training (WBT) program on Code of Conduct  Technology, 2014 ‘2014 Best Practices Awards’ by TDWI (The Data Warehouse Institute) in ‘Emerging Technologies and Methods’ category.  2013 ‘Best Practices Awards’ by TDWI (The Data Warehouse Institute) in ‘Enterprise BI’ category.  2012 ‘Excellence Award for Security in Telecom 2012’ by Data Security Council of India (DSCI) an institution setup by NASSCOM® Telecom 2013 IT’s Recommendation Engine platform won in the category of “Fastest Growing Telecom Company of the Year” at ‘Worldwide Achievers Business Leadership Awards 2013’ by Time Research Group.
  18. 18. 18  Brand/Marketing, 2013 Silver Award in ‘Best Creative – Telecom Product & Services Category’ at the OOH Advertising Awards 2013 Aircel’s Achievements Over the Year Aircel has achieved the following milestones over the years:  2009: Aircel became a national operator; launched industry first Pocket Internet, Yahoo Search and Facebook on Mobile  2010: Tied up with INQ, introduced Facebook voice updates and launched pocketapps stores and hotspot wifi.  2011: Launched 3G services and products like- Pocket Internet 3G, Pocket learning and Pocket Finder; handset tie-ups- Android powered Ideos, iPhone 4 and Olive (low cost tablet  2012: Made 3G affordable to the masses by launching Pocket Internet Smart; other products/services/initiatives launched were PocketBuddies Srf n Txt, Celebrity Chat, Pocket Internet Games, Aircel’s tie-up with Yebhi.com, Power of Inspiration, College brand ambassador - Harvard Certification Program, Association with Aircel Chennai Open 2013  2013: Introduced ‘Joy of Little Extra’ and products like Extra Talk Time, Extra TalkTime with CSK and Extra Talk Time with Full Talk Time  2014: Launched 4G services in four circles, launched first of its kind international calling plans; ‘Facebook for All’, Free FB and Whatsapp with the launch of new TVC campaign ‘Dilon ko laye extra paas’, Aircel High Flyer Contest; became the Principal Sponsor of Kolkata team of Indian Super League - Atletico de Kolkata (ATK), tie up with Saavn for Aircel Music Mornings, partnership with Micromax for Canvas Beat, ‘Design Your Own Plan’ facility for prepaid and postpaid customers, Astro Buddy service, Aircel-NDTV ‘Save Our Tigers’ 3rd season
  19. 19. 19 Products, Market And Industry Global Telecom Scenario World telecom industry is an uprising industry, proceeding towards a goal of achieving two third of the world's telecom connections. Over the past few years information and communications technology has changed in a dramatic manner and as a result of that world telecom industry is going to be a booming industry. Substantial economic growth and mounting population enable the rapid growth of this industry. World telecom industry is taking a crucial part of world economy. Over the last couple of years, world telecommunication industry has been consolidating by allowing private organizations the opportunities to run their businesses with this industry. The Government monopolies are now being privatized and consequently competition is developing. Among all, the domestic and small business markets are the hardest. Telecom Industry in India The telecom industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. India has the third largest network in the world after China and USA. With a growth rate of 45%, Indian telecom industry has the highest growth rate in the world. History of Indian Telecommunications started in 1851 when the first operational land lines were laid by the government near Calcutta (seat of British power). Telephone services were introduced in India in 1881. In 1883 telephone services were merged with the postal system. Indian Radio Telegraph Company (IRT) was formed in 1923. After independence in 1947, all the foreign telecommunication companies were nationalized to form the Posts, Telephone and Telegraph (PTT), a monopoly run by the government's Ministry of Communications. Telecom sector was considered as a strategic service and the government considered it best to bring under state’s control.
  20. 20. 20 In 1997, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) was created. TRAI was formed to act as a regulator to facilitate the growth of the telecom sector. New National Telecom Policy was adopted in 1999 and cellular services were also launched in the same year. Telecommunication sector in India can be divided into two segments: Fixed Service Provider (FSPs), and Cellular Services. Fixed line services consist of basic services, national or domestic long distance and international long distance services. The state operators (BSNL and MTNL), account for almost 90 per cent of revenues from basic services. Private sector services are boosting up as consumers preferences are changing rapidly. However, private services majorly focus on the business/corporate sector, and offer reliable, high- end services, such as leased lines, ISDN, closed user group and videoconferencing. Cellular services can be further divided into two categories: Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). The GSM sector is dominated by Airtel, Vodafone-Hutch, and Idea Cellular, while the CDMA sector is dominated by Reliance and Tata Indicom. Opening up of international and domestic long distance telephony services are the major growth drivers for cellular industry. Cellular operators get substantial revenue from these services, and compensate them for reduction in tariffs on airtime, which along with rental was the main source of revenue. The reduction in tariffs for airtime, national long distance, international long distance, and handset prices has driven demand. Now Aircel has a huge customer base which can be analysed by having a look at the below given charts.
  21. 21. 21 Review Of Document & Literature Aircel People Practices in Aircel Aircel fosters a young and dynamic culture marked by passion, challenge, innovation and performance excellence; guided by values such as being Simple, Creative and Trustworthy. We ensure that these values are imbibed and reinforced through all our processes, communication and are reflected in the way we work. We are driven by Speed, Innovation, cutting edge technology and above all Our Customers & People. We know that people are our single most competitive advantage, whether they are our customers or employees; and there is no compromise on that. Performance Management: Aircel’s Performance Management System (PMS) is anchored on the principles of meritocracy. Appraisal Process is an integrated and comprehensive framework, focused on Airtel, 28.25 Vodafone, 23.11 IDEA, 18.78 BSNL, 13.67 Aircel, 9.73 Uninor, 4.91 Videocon, 0.66 MTNL, 0.48 Loop, 0.43
  22. 22. 22 measurable KPIs. Our compensation philosophy clearly emphasis on the feature “Pay for Performance”. The compensation philosophy advocates Pay for Person, Pay for Position, Pay Parity and Transparency in Pay Delivery. Leadership Development: The ultimate competitive advantage of any organization comes down to a single imperative, our ability to grow leaders faster than our competition. Therefore we assess capability and potential so that we can strategize talent for future & identify our potential “NexGen Leaders”. Our intent is to identify our potential leaders and invest in their development. Leaves  Privilege Leave  Casual Leave  Sick Leave  Maternity Leave  Celebration Leave  Compensatory Off  Special Leave Meal Coupons All the On - Role employees above Grade 2 are eligible for the Sodexho Meal Coupons.
  23. 23. 23 Review Of Articles Sales training programs includes topics related with client relationship management, better understanding customer needs, enhancing communication with clients, providing effective feedback to clients and improving clients interaction. A good sales training program helps you to be successful without a lot of hard work. When you learn how to help people buy, and understand them and their needs your success ratio takes a tremendous jump without having increase the number of people your meeting. Sales personnel are the revenue generators of any organization. If the sales force is not equipped with adequate tools to showcase the company’s products or services, it would drastically affect the revenue-generating capacity of an organization. Each organization has specific requirements and they need to train their sales people adequately with respect to their specific needs. So, what is the type of training an organization needs to plan for its sales personnel. A typical sales training program for an organization needs to cover the following: 1. Product Knowledge: 2. Sales Process 3. Sales Strategies: 4. Follow-up Process
  24. 24. 24 Here are a few reasons that demonstrate the importance of sales training.  Tackle shortcomings  Improvement in performance  Employee satisfaction  Increased productivity  Self driven  Area: Selling.  Training options: Sales Training The majority of sales training programs focuses on sales strategy and tactics. In Many cases, training focuses on critical areas . Sales Process Training Training that introduces an end-to-end sales process and techniques for each step. This typically includes building image, discovering and exploring opportunities, solving customer problems, resolving objections, demonstrating and gaining commitment, and negotiations. Sales Coaching & Development Training that's emphasis on theory and heavy on activities and role playing. It can be interesting for the management to sit in on this training to see their sales team performing in a variety of situations. Sales Presentation Training Needed presentation skills for prospecting, demonstrations, proposals, negotiating , closing and customer service. Lead Generation and Prospecting Training This Focused training mainly for sales teams looking to penetrate their regions and major accounts to drive leads.
  25. 25. 25 Upselling and Cross-Selling Training programs For gaining more revenue from each deal and each account with upselling and cross- selling techniques and ideas. Account Management Sales Training Building long lasting relationships with your all new as well as old customers to influence multiple decision makers.
  26. 26. 26 Objectives & Methodology of Project Objectives of summer internship: 1. To study the sales training objectives of company. 2. To study the satisfaction level & opinion of sales management trainee’s about training program. 3. To know about the problems and grievances being faced by the employees. Methodology: After studying about sales training program at Aircel, Delhi Circel . It is being assumed that there is a relationship among sales, employee satisfaction and their motivation . In this project, employee satisfaction and employee motivation has been analysed. A questionnaire was designed to collect the required data for motivation and satisfaction. Data collection & Data Sources : The information is based on primary data like questionnaire, interviews and secondary research such as reviewing available literature and/or data.  Primary data was gathered in the form of telephonic interview feedback from employees of Aircel through the questionnaire.  Secondary Data was gathered with the help of internate. Sample Size : The sample size of the research was 115 employees of Aircel Limited. And out of them only 82 employees gave their feedback about sales training program organised by Aircel, Delhi Circel Office.
  27. 27. 27 Tools used for Data collection: Telephonic Interveiw: The data has been gathered with the help of a telephonic interveiw. A kind of feedback form being designed which contained 10 questions, some of the questions were related with Sales Training process and sales force’s satisfaction and rest of the questions were related with trainer .
  28. 28. 28 Data Analysis & Interpretation: It is being assumed that total 100% of the employees said that they have received sales training on the regular basis from aircel. Q.1 Are you satisfied with the sales training facilities provided to you by the Aircel. Data Interpretation: 85% of the Aircel employee said they are satisfy with the sales training facilities being provided to them and rest 15% were wants some improvements Yes 85% No 15% Chart Title
  29. 29. 29 Q.2 The other developmental programs also affect your individual personality or not? Data Interpretation: 65% employees said that the other developmental programs also effect their personality and 35% did not feel any changes in their over all personality. Q.3 Have you faced any kind of grievances during training program? Data Interpretation: 20% of employees said that they faced the some kind of grievances while training and rest did not face any kind of grievances Yes 65% No 35% Chart Title Yes 20% No 80% Chart Title
  30. 30. 30 Q.4 Are you satisfied with the company’s environment ? Data Interpretation: 85% employees said that they are satisfied with the organisation’s training environment and rest of 15% wants some improvements Q.5 Did you feel changes in the sales after having training sessions? Yes 85% No 15% Chart Title Yes 100% No 0% Chart Title
  31. 31. 31 Data Interpretation: Total 100% employees said that they feel changes in sales after having training sessions Q.6 Did you feel changes in your selling skills after having training programs? Data Interpretation: 85% employees said that the sales training help them in increasing their selling skills and rest 15% did not feel any new changes
  32. 32. 32 Q.7 Do you want any kind of changes in your trainers ? Data Interpretation: Total 90 % of the employees said that the trainer was up to date with the changes and rest 10% said that the trainer need up gradation in their knowledge. Yes 90% No 10% Chart Title
  33. 33. 33 Q.8 The trainer was up to date with the market changes? Data Interpretation: 85% of employees the said that they want training by some other senior experts and rest 15% said that the available trainers were enough. Yes 85% No 15% Chart Title
  34. 34. 34 Q.9 Do you want more training sessions within the given time period? Data Interpretation: 25% employees said that they wants timing changes in their sales training program and rest of 75% were okay with timings Q.10 Do you want any changes with training schedule and timings? Yes 75% No 25% Chart Title Yes 20% No 80% Chart Title
  35. 35. 35 Data Interpretation: 80% of total sales employees are satisfied with the timing and schedule of the training sessions and rest of 20% wants some changes in the timings according to their respective destinations. The result shows that there is a significant relationship between sales training and employee motivation and their satisfaction .Employees feel somewhat motivated with the effective sales training they get but there are certain other reasons also which contributes to the employee satisfaction and motivation level like the engagement level, feeling of belongingness, culture of organisation, growth perspective in the organisation, decision making etc .
  36. 36. 36 Suggestions & Recommendations With the help of information which has been gathered by telephonic interveiw of Aircel employees, it is being analysed that the employee motivation level on an average is good and they are proud of their association with Aircel .But some of the view points from the employees working in Aircel leads to various suggestions such as:  The organization must provide additional and new sales training programs for upgrading their knowledge and skills  Organization should arrange the training programs with senior experts and from outsiders who are excellent in this particular area. i. Further career development Opportunities to employees who have completed 3 or more years with Aircel limited (with a proper bond for working with Aircel for further 2 years or more). ii. Certificate courses for IT (MS Access or any other language course), certificate course in salesmanship, professional certificate in marketing etc.  Off role employees should be treated ,somewhat equally as they feel that they are being exploited by their employers as in terms of less pay, more working hours, work overload etc.
  37. 37. 37  Appropriate reward and recognition must also be given to Off role employees (Setting certain target & then measuring performance of the employees with respect to targets assigned) so that they also feel motivated, satisfied and the sense of belongingness . 1. Give them the free holiday coupons. 2. Invite them for occasional parties. 3. Throw a pizza party or cake party in their honor. 4. Create a simple “ABCD” card that are given when someone goes 5. Give them free canteen coupons .  Manager should take the opinions and views of employees during taking important decisions regarding the well being and productivity of the organization. Conclusion & Limitations of the Study Limitation of study  Sales training is a personal element for the organization as well as for an individual so it becomes difficult to retrieve all the information and details about the training of the employees.  Time constraint , as the project study is vast in nature, requires lots of information and there is less time to implement, execute and analyze.  The survey could only be conducted in Delhi circle.  Due to busy schedules or visits outside Delhi, the valuable feedback from all the employees on survey was not achieved.  In Aircel, sales training was taken care by the Aircel's head office, so the Delhi circle HRD was also having limited access on the data about sales training which serves as the major limitation in this project.
  38. 38. 38 Conclusion 1. It is being observed and concluded that Aircel treats its employees as an asset and provides all kinds of needed developmental and training programs for increasing productivity and employees knowledge and skills. 2. The main and reason behind the sales training provided by Aircel is making the sales force competitive enough and making them capable enough that they can open the more ways for selling opportunities and to impart the knowledge and skills related with customers retention. 3. The 85% of sales force quit satisfy with the training provided by the organisation and rest of 15% wants some improvements like timing changes, training on latest technological development , more than 1 session of training during a month . 4. And almost total 100% of employees felt changes in their current as well as future performance and sales which they imparted with the help of sales training. 5. Trainers also being evaluated that they are providing and contributing their best in training the employees, Aircel providing the experts and experienced trainers while training programs. 6. Training programs being conducted within the month for new updates and imparting new knowledge and skills to the sales force. 7. The well-structured procedure being followed in sales training program with the help of various sales techniques and tools for making them better understandable. 8. And the training environment also was very satisfactory and familiar for the employees. 9. Some employees faced some problems like timing issue, not having proper
  39. 39. 39 References Books :  Marketing Management Philip Kotler  ResearchMethododlogy C.R. Kothari Website :  www.aircel.com  www.rainsalestraining.com  www.dalecarnegie.com
  40. 40. 40 Annexure Interview Questions 1. Are you satisfied with the sales training facilities provided to you by the Aircel. 2. The other developmental programs also affect your individual personality or not? 3. Have you faced any kind of grievances during training program? 4. Are you satisfied with the company’s environment ? 5. Did you feel changes in the sales after having training sessions? 6. Did you feel changes in your selling skills after having training programs? 7. Do you want any kind of changes in your trainers ? 8. The trainer was up to date with the market changes? 9. Do you want more training sessions within the given time period? 10. Do you want any changes with training schedule and timings?