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Danone Nutricia Reference

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Danone Nutricia Reference

  1. 1. To whom it may concern. Reference Richard Hallinan. Richard Hallinan Reference Richard joined Nutricia initially on an 8 week contract at the end of July 2015. Richard was tasked with assessing the effectiveness of an odour control system that had just been installed in the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Richard did checks on H2S, Ammonia, Amines, and Mercaptans on a daily basis. He logged these on spreadsheets and plotted trends. He also became responsible for tweaking the control system to improve its effectiveness. He subsequently developed reports and power point presentations which were presented to the EPA. Richard’s contract at Nutricia was extended until Dec 19th 2015. He was given an additional project which was related to health & safety risk assessments in the production facility. He tackled this project with the same enthusiasm as the WWTP testing program. Richard is an extremely hard working, conscientious and dedicated person. He is very adaptable and was always eager for new challenges. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard to any prospective employer. Kind Regards, Michael Herlihy EHS Manager Nutricia Infant Nutrition Ltd., Castleview, Macroom, Co. Cork. Tel: +353 26 20414 Mob: +353 86 851 0592 "Every Day a Safe Day, At Home & At Work"

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