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[Comparison] Choosing the Right eCommerce Platform

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In this presentation I lay out the factors that are important to consider when choosing a shopping cart for your business. This includes Cost, Technical Ability Required, Advanced Features, Specialized Use Cases like O2O and Omnichannel.

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[Comparison] Choosing the Right eCommerce Platform

  1. 1. www.greyloud.com Choosing the Right eCommerce Platform for Your Business Presented by Richard James McGirr Co-founder - GreyLoud Software Development
  2. 2. What is an eCommerce platform? It is a software technology solution that allows you to build storefronts (a storefront is any customer or business facing proposition relating to the selling of products and services) www.greyloud.com
  3. 3. eCommerce Platforms www.greyloud.com
  4. 4. eCommerce ● helps to deliver goods; ● provides information and helps to make EFT payment; ● uses different digital media; ● conducts commercial transactions; ● implements pre-sale and after-sale support. www.greyloud.com
  5. 5. What is important in choosing eCommerce platform? ● Development and license budget; ● Comprehensive technical support; ● Technical resources available for development and administration. ● Size of business, # of products. ● Specialized functionality; www.greyloud.com
  6. 6. Solutions for advanced technical skills ● Magento ● Brightpearl ● Hybris ● Yahoo Small Business Ecommerce ● X-Cart www.greyloud.com
  7. 7. Solutions for low technical skills ● WooCommerce ● BigCommerce ● Shopify ● 1ShoppingCart ● Wix ● 3DCart www.greyloud.com
  8. 8. Solutions for small-sized and mid-sized stores ● Etsy ● 3DCart ● Shopify ● Volusion ● Magento ● Bigcommerce ● X-Cart www.greyloud.com
  9. 9. Solutions for low budget ● WooCommerce (free) ● Magento (open source version- free) ● X-Cart (very basic version) ● 1ShoppingCart ($10/month) ● Volusion ($15/month) www.greyloud.com
  10. 10. www.greyloud.com
  11. 11. WooCommerce Features: ● Mobile friendly ● Vast Customization Options ● Easy Analytics ● Big amount of WooCommerce Extensions ● Open Source + Extendable www.greyloud.com
  12. 12. Benefits: ● Geo-location support ● Secure, audited code ● Easy Customization ● Huge Flexibility ● Free and paid extension marketplace ● Modern and clean interface Disadvantages: ● Updating the plugin can make changes to the front-end ● Adding many advanced WooCommerce extensions can get expensive ● Lack of Features ● WordPress is a relatively insecure platform www.greyloud.com
  13. 13. Shopify Features: ● Unlimited bandwidth with all plans ● Easily integrate with shipping carriers ● Mobile app for both accepting payments and managing your store ● Point-of-sale system ● Huge number of apps www.greyloud.com
  14. 14. Benefits: ● Easy to use ● Great value for money ● Focus on design (great looking stores) ● Huge collection of great resources for starting and running an online business ● Easy to edit templates Disadvantages: ● Transaction fees for Basic and Professional plans (2%) ● Need to enter in a credit card number to launch your trial store. www.greyloud.com
  15. 15. BigCommerce Features: ● Integration with Paypal and a wide range of payment gateways ● Full content management (CMS) functionality ● Good search engine optimisation (SEO) options ● Integration with Alibaba.com ● Mobile e-Commerce www.greyloud.com
  16. 16. Benefits: ● Provides a 10% discount if you pay upfront for a year's service ● A powerful toolkit to drive traffic and increase sales ● Industry Standard (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) Disadvantages: ● Offers only 3 pricing plans ● Availability of Add-ons ● No affiliate program is integrated into the shopping car www.greyloud.com
  17. 17. Volusion Features: ● Integrated live chat ● Ecommerce analytics ● Shopping feeds ● Design custom add-ons ● Professional services (store design, SEO, etc) www.greyloud.com
  18. 18. Benefits: ● Easy to use ● Cheap: Smallest plan starts at $15 a month ● Many built-in features and apps ● Provides additional marketing and business services from industry experts ● No transaction fees Disadvantages: ● Limited bandwidth ● API access and other features only available with Gold plan ($135.00/month) www.greyloud.com
  19. 19. PinnacleCart Features: ● Integration with Intuit QuickBooks out of the box ● Instant sales with QR Codes (omnichannel applications) ● Advanced Analytics ● Advanced Product Management ● Product Syndication (eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Google Product Search, PriceGrabber, NexTag, etc.) ● powerful SEO tools (sitemap, meta tags and keywords, etc.) www.greyloud.com
  20. 20. Benefits: ● Extend functionality with Facebook and mobile stores/Log in with Facebook ● Easy to use design features ● Extensive features and customization ● Off the shelf product syndication Disadvantages: ● Limited storage and bandwidth ● It doesn’t have a built-in point-of-sale system ● Many features = more complicated www.greyloud.com
  21. 21. Magento Community Features: ● SEO ● Mobile commerce ● Product management ● One account for 2 and more online stores ● Thousands of design themes www.greyloud.com
  22. 22. Benefits: ● Able to host on your own server ● The top open-source e- commerce software ● Large number of payment gateways ● International commerce and multiple languages ● Can scale to Magento Enterprise when ready with ease Disadvantages: ● Heavily layered and overly complicated coding style ● The technical documentation is very limited ● Runs fairly slow www.greyloud.com
  23. 23. 1ShoppingCart Features: ● Advanced website customization using HTML/CSS/Javascript ● SEO friendly product category and page URLs ● Email marketing ● Integration with Quick Books ● API Access to products, orders and clients ● Simple Analytics www.greyloud.com
  24. 24. Benefits: ● Support over 50 payment gateways ● Mobile store included ● No programming skills required Disadvantages: ● Expensive Customer Support ($34/month, $379/year) ● 1shoppingcart is slow www.greyloud.com
  25. 25. Wix Features: ● 100s of Designer-Made Templates ● Intuitive Website Builder ● Drag n’ Drop Website Editor ● Text and Image Editor & Free Fonts ● Email Marketing ● Tutorials and walkthroughs ● SEO www.greyloud.com
  26. 26. Benefits: ● Easy to customize ● No coding ● Very low coast to start compared to other platforms Disadvantages: ● Templates can’t be changed ● No access to the source code www.greyloud.com
  27. 27. X-Cart Cloud Features: ● SEO & Statistics ● Open source, OOP, PHP 5.3.x+ ● Integration with Drupal 7.x ● Multicurrency, multilingual ● Integration with eBay ● Includes a CMS editor and a WYSIWYG catalog www.greyloud.com
  28. 28. Benefits: ● Auction available ● All types of goods ● Product comparison ● Option to include customer reviews and ratings Disadvantages: ● Paid technical support ($149/month or $99/one single accident) ● Licensing fees for system ● Not for beginners www.greyloud.com
  29. 29. 3DCart Features: ● Mobile front-end and a mobile back-end offer ● SEO ($149.99/month) ● The option to sell re-branded stores ● CRM features like Mailing List Manager ● Inventory control, including batch editing and low stock alerts www.greyloud.com
  30. 30. Benefits: ● 3dcart is integrated over 100 external payment solutions ● No transaction fees ● Unlimited storage space ● Payment gateways ● 24x7 Phone, Email and Chat Support Disadvantages: ● The shopping cart does not have POS integration ● Limited bandwidth www.greyloud.com