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IPM case study

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IPM case study

  1. 1. Case Study: Establish an Effective and Efficient IT Department Richard Machanoff Machanoff CIO Services 865.384.2137 rmachanoff@comcast.net
  2. 2. Machanoff CIO Services I am an independent consultant who provides “Rent a CIO” services small to mid-sized companies 25 years’ experience as a CIO, CTO, and IT Director Federal, private and nonprofit sectors, internationally wide range of business verticals I can assist you in maximizing your investment in IT
  3. 3. Building an efficient IT Department A startup biotech company was faced with an ineffective IT staff and poorly configured IT Infrastructure. The task was to build an effective and efficient IT resource and to comply with FDA regulations for managing electronic data and provide consistent high quality IT services. Estimates were that the task would take 5 years but was completed in 3 years.
  4. 4. Case Study- Biotech Company Description Startup in 2002 User Base 250 staff and contractors 4 offices on 3 continents 2 in US, 1 each in Europe and Africa 30 –home-based telecommuters US, Europe, Africa International travelers Business Units Operations Product Development R&D Small-scale Manufacturing Clinical Trials Regulatory Affairs and QA Communications/Marketing
  5. 5. Corporate Locations HQ Manufacturing European Regulatory Affairs Clinical Investigations
  6. 6. Baseline-startIT Infrastructure 7 years post startup No IT Governance Vendor designed and operated enterprise Microsoft standard 23 EOL servers at HQ/9 EOL servers in Africa Backup to tape Additional 18 servers planned for Enterprise Systems Cisco network backbone and VoIP DFS used for collaboration Exchange - HQ and Africa ERP that did not meet corporate needs Skyrocketing Telecommunications costs
  7. 7. EndStateIT Infrastructure IT Governance Virtualized Data centers Backup to disc Co-Location for DR WAN accelerator for HQ to Africa VPN pipe SharePoint replaces DFS NextDocs/ CoSign Compliance framework Qualified Data Centers Validated electronic records and electronic signatures systems for  Document Management  SOP/Training System  Regulatory Submission System  Clinical Trial Master File In addition to obtaining compliance with FDA standards • Cut telecommunications cost by 80% • Established strategies, policies and procedures to optimize infrastructure and security, and deployed data center and virtual server assets to significantly reduce annual costs by 30%. • Improved collaboration and business processes and streamlined operations by implementing SharePoint, a knowledge management program and a new integrated ERP system.
  8. 8. Contact Machanoff CIO Services for an assessment of how I can assist you in maximizing your investment in IT Richard Machanoff Machanoff CIO Services 865.384.2137 rmachanoff@comcast.net