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Richard Smith Resume .

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Richard Smith Resume .

  1. 1. World Tours Earth Wind & Fire 1988 Touch the World Tour Earth Wind & Fire 1990 Heritage World Tour Air Supply Vanishing Race World Tour Kenny Loggins 1993 Leap Of Faith Tour Donny Osmond 1991 “Eyes Dont Lie World Tour” Emmanuel 1992 Ese Soy Yo World tour Awards 3 Emmy's, National Addy Award, Four Telly awards Pinnacle Award Cindy Award by the Association of Visual Communications National Clio Award Silver Medal New York Cinema & Advertising Film Played the role of Til in the Academy Award winning film "RAY" the life story biopic of Ray Charles. Provided the guitar work for much of the films music sequences. Television Appearances / Media ABC special Dick Clark “What about Me I'm Only Three / Kenny Loggins ABC television series “Nashville” Earth Wind & Fire Coca Cola TV Ad Earth Wind & Fire “Live' In Japan” Toyko Dome DVD Emmanuel Vina Del Mars broadcast via TVN, Canal 13, to 21 countries Emmanuel “Live” Caracus Venezuela DVD Television Composer Coca Cola, CNN, Budweiser, Nissan, Pizza Hut, IBM, Superstation TBS Bellsouth Recordings Earth Wind & Fire Heritage Album CBS/ Sony (certified gold) Diana Ross 1995 Tribute to Berry Gordy / Motown Records Aretha Franklin 1996 Whats your Excuse Be Be Winans Both Day & Night Universal Music Lynyrd Skynrd 1988 Dale Rossington “Love Your Man” MCA records
  2. 2. Eddie Murphy “So Happy” guitar & vocals 98 Degrees 1998 “Rising” Motown/Universal (4x platinum) Lavine Hudson Virgin/A&M records Producer Phil Collins Andrew Strong Commitments “Strong” MCA Records Michele Polnareff “Live at the Roxy” Sony Richard Smith producer x1 platinum