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BD | Richter - Times Square Case Study

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This case study illustrates how Richter worked with BD to create an advertisement worthy of a prominent display in Times Square.

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BD | Richter - Times Square Case Study

  1. 1. CHALLENGE The management of medication, from manufacturer, to physician, to patient, is a process that can be rife with error. BD has created a solution that allows for the optimization of this process, which will result in cost savings for healthcare providers, and better patient care. BD sought out Richter to create video content that would clearly and concisely explain the benefits of their solution to healthcare providers, with the intention of eliciting reach from ideal prospects. RESULT To date, Richter has created more than a dozen videos for BD. These videos clearly explain the benefits of BD's solution, and have become an invaluable resource to the marketing and business development teams at BD. The team at BD is thrilled with Richter's work and have begun using their new videos in marketing and sales campaigns, including a large advertisement playing in Times Square. "Just wanted to say that this video turned out very nice! Great work everyone! Big thank you to Toby and team for a true collaboration in partnering with us to make the video on brand and a success!" -BD Case Study 727.447.3600 | info@richter10point2.com