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Richter10.2 Video Online_Video_Data

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Richter10.2 Video Online_Video_Data

  1. 1. Richter10.2 Video - Online Video Data White Paper_____________________________________________________________________ WHITE PAPER ONLINE VIDEO DATA PROVIDED BY RICHTER10.2 VIDEO
  2. 2. Richter10.2 Video - Online Video Data White Paper_____________________________________________________________________ Online video is a booming subsection of social media marketing whichshould be part of every business. The numbers dont lie, online video is alreadymaking up a huge percentage of Internet traffic and it is only projected to continuegrowing in the coming years. However, its important to define clear expectation fora successful online video marketing campaign. This will help you determine thesuccess or failure of your online videos without confusing the effects of othersegments of your sales funnel.Social Media Social media is a broad classification of Internet based tools which you canput to work for your business. This includes text communications which can befound in Twitter and Facebook status updates, photos which can be shared withthe online community through Facebook, Flickr, and Pinterest, or video that can beshared through Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. However, online video is aparticularly booming social media marketing medium which can have a majorimpact on your business. Online video has been shown to increase website trafficand social media conversions by 30%. This is just one reason that you cant waitany longer to make video marketing a part of your social media marketingcampaign.Facebook Facebook is one of the top social media platforms on the web today and itshould be a component of any online video marketing campaign. In 2010,Facebook had 46,661 unique viewers, each averaging 18.5 minutes. It is very easyto tie Facebook traffic into your online video marketing campaign by simply postinglinks to any videos you publish on YouTube. These can be published as statusupdates including a link to the video. The video can then be viewed either onYouTube or Facebook. Also, these posts can drive traffic from your Facebook pageto your YouTube account.
  3. 3. Richter10.2 Video - Online Video Data White Paper_____________________________________________________________________YouTube YouTube video advertising is a booming market which is undervalued in manyways when compared with traditional television advertising. The vast majority ofAdAges Top 100 advertisers have used YouTube and Google Display Networkadvertising. Perhaps this is because theyve seen that 144.1 million YouTubeviewers watched 14.6 billion videos in May of 2010. This means that you can useonline video for two very different types of marketing. First, you can publish videosto be viewed online and to market your company and your product. Second, youcan create ads to be shown with other online videos in the same way as traditionalcommercials are shown on television. This means that even if you do not createyour own videos, you can take advantage of online video marketing by paying toshow your ad during other videos. However, creating your own videos can be seenas free advertising in many ways. Already, there are lots of people looking for videosto watch online, and that market is only expected to continue growing over the nextseveral years.Online Video Growth (General Statistics) In 2010, Cisco Systems predicted that Internet traffic will quadruple from2009 to 2014. The majority of this growth is expected to come from online videowhich will include web videos found on YouTube in addition to video on demandservices from traditional television broadcast companies. Only a year later, in 2011,comScore announced in February that 82.5% of the US Internet audience hadviewed an online video.
  4. 4. Richter10.2 Video - Online Video Data White Paper_____________________________________________________________________Internet Video Marketing (Goals) When you decide to jump into online video marketing, its a good idea to setclear goals to define your success. For most, this will simply be increased sales.However, you can also use online videos to drive newsletter subscriptions, socialmedia connections (Facebook Friends, Twitter Followers, etc). It is very important toconsider the overall marketing plan for your company and how online videos can fitinto the existing sales funnel. Perhaps measuring the success of your online videocampaign can best be done by tracking some variable other than direct sales.Reasons to Use Online Video Marketing A report from comScore in August 2010 announced that shoppers whowatch online videos spend about two more minutes on a website and are 64%more likely to buy, on average. Another interesting statistic was released by ReckittBenckiser, they found that in-store sales increased by 6% after they provided onlinevideos for their products. As with any marketing campaign, it is very important toaccurately quantify the aspect of your business you expect to be impacted by youronline video campaign. This will allow you to directly measure your results anddetermine if your reasons for beginning the campaign have been met, or if theyshould be changed.
  5. 5. Richter10.2 Video - Online Video Data White Paper_____________________________________________________________________Works CitedAxon, Samuel. "Featured in Social Media." Mashable. 2 June 2010. Web. 13 May2012. <http://mashable.com/2010/06/02/online-video-traffic-2014/>.Hanelly, Andrew. "101 Online Video Stats to Make Your Eyes Glaze Over." EngageThe Blog - @TMGmedia. 6 Apr. 2011. Web. 13 May 2012. <http://engage.tmgcustommedia.com/2011/04/101-online-video-stats-to-make-your-eyes-glaze-over/>."YouTube: Statistics." YouTube. YouTube. Web. 13 May 2012. <http://www.youtube.com/t/press_statistics>.Provided By:Richter10.2 Videohttp://r102video.com727-447-3600info@richter10point2.com