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  1. SHOPEE CATALOGUE AUTOMATOR Proyek Python Calon Asisten Laboratorium Teknik Kendali 2022
  2. PROBLEM ● Many time based-deals are usually dominated by bots that are not accessible for free ● Existing bot interface are usually pretty hard to use
  3. “Fight fire with fire” SOLUTION A bot that is user friendly, free, and accessible for others (via github)
  6. Libraries Used - Selenium - Pause - Time - JSON - OS - Numpy - PyQT5 - Sys - webdriver_manager. chrome
  7. First we design the user interface using PYQT5 designer tools. UX Design
  8. NOTE THAT! We use images that’s imported from QRC files. These will then be converted into fixed python files extension. That is why we don’t have any picture extension files.
  9. Converting qrc files to python files In this project, we use command “pyrcc5 satir.qrc - o”. With this resources file, we can delete our picture files and use instead for images and icon resources.
  10. In this project, we use command “pyuic5 project_piton_rawr.ui -o”. From this command, we get unmodified front-end python files. Converting from Designer Tool UI into a unmodified python front-end
  11. Reading inputs and initializing methods for calling the back-end From the unmodified front-end files, we modify the files to take inputs from many QWidgets that we use like QTextEdit, QRadioButton, and many more. Also from here, we also add actions to button for calling back- end. BIGGEST CHALLENGE
  12. From front-end and resources python files, of course we need to make main files to run it all. That’s where comes in.
  13. USER POV
  14. Email Email of the user in shopee Password Password of shopee account Path features Product specification Link The product’s link Input taken from User Payment Methods Choose one of the payment methods in shopee Designated Time Time for shopee flash sale open
  15. How the Program Works Taking input User inputting all the information to GUI Start login and verification After the app starts, the user needs to do verification through phone Waiting Wait until designated time to start the back- end process Product Bought Taadaa! You get a TV with only 1 thousand rupiah (if your internet is fast enough lol) 01 02 03 04
  17. Penggunaan aplikasi ini dapat mengakibatkan pembatalan pesanan hingga penghapusan akun apabila tidak digunakan dengan baik. Mohon menggunakan aplikasi ini dengan bijak DISCLAIMER!
  18. OUR TEAM Ricky Papudi Frontend Backend Bryan Indarto Daffa Hilmy Frontend
  19. THANKS! Any Questions?