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8 communications issues to
watch out for this winter

3% 1 .  Alienated staff

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Infographic: Top 8 Communications Issues to Watch Out for This Winter

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People often assume the working life of a snowman is bliss; standing proudly in the field then taking off every so often for a wild party.

The truth is they experience many issues that you may not even be aware of. And the worrying thing is more and more humans are now reporting the same concerns.

Fortunately, RingCentral has prepared this guide so you can learn from these snowmen and avoid being left out in the cold this winter.

1) When face-to-face collaboration is lacking.

Thanks to technological advances, video meetings on personal devices are now a very viable way of collaborating remotely. Coupled with screensharing and instant messaging, no one should ever feel lonely this winter.

2) When you fear missing calls when away from your desk.

Instead of manually forwarding your calls to your mobile each time (if you remember), simply install an app on your smartphone that allows you to receive work calls directly to your personal device no matter where you are.

3) If you want to give a more professional image.

Expecting callers to hang up and redial your mobile is never a good idea when instead you can automatically forward calls. Slick call menu systems and customised greetings can also transform first impressions.

4) If your team gets snowed under.

One way of sharing the burden is to set up hunt groups, meaning that calls can be taken by any available team member. This makes for more satisfied customers and happier staff.

5) When you find your business scaling fast.

The last thing you want is customers waiting while you catch up. The smart answer is an auto attendant with call queues to ensure people don't just get a busy signal. A cloud communications tool means you can add new staff instantly without waiting for a technician.

6) When disaster strikes.

Unexpected disruptions can cause chaos. Having the ability to reroute calls on the fly and work from anywhere ensures you will never get caught out.

7) When colds and flu create gaps in the workforce.

Rather than absence causing hold ups and delays, calls to sick staff can easily be forwarded to other suitable colleagues or straight to voicemail so callers know exactly what to expect.

8) When it seems your feet don't touch the ground.

Frequent travellers and mobile staff are notoriously difficult to get hold of. But not if they use a cloud phone system that provides access to their office communications anywhere and lets their work calls follow them wherever they go.

Now it may come as no surprise to hear the RingCentral system provides an ideal solution to all of these issues. So why not see for yourself with our free 30 day trial or give us a call to find out more?

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Infographic: Top 8 Communications Issues to Watch Out for This Winter

  1. 1. Va? - ‘"'*'~“+$*t¢“s<; t8l$r*e8W'* 8 communications issues to watch out for this winter 3% 1 . Alienated staff With people increasingly working remotely and across locations, it's often difficult for some to feel fully Connected. A disjointed workforce will soon become a lot less merry, I / :82. Limited flexibility Q 5 I E The last thing people want is to be tied down totheir office desk, but ifcommunications tools are not designed to fit around working patterns, there may come a productivity , meltdown, ‘*3. Poor first impressions A Every business isvyingtorattention in their marketplace, capitalising on festive sales and : ‘. promotions. lfyour call handling is not polished and professional, you will risk losing out tothe competition. $4. Non-team players - It's not just oeingagooo Samaritan; if team members work together to handle calls, they will be far more responsive and able to cope better during busy periods. $5. Scaling demand It's great when business is booming with a larger volume of calls and additional staff, but unless your communications system can keep up, it could soon snowball out of control‘ *6. Unexpected disruptions Bad weather. illness and power failures are the mainculpritsofbusinessdlsruptlon . duringthe winter. You cant predict these ' events but you can take steps to be prepared. 3267. Sickness absence With plenty of bugs and germs going around, it only takes a few people to be out of action to cripple your communications and prevent the business running smoothly. $8. Frequent travel if people don't have the ability for their communicationsto travel with them, productivity can plummet and they are left with a lot of catching up to do when next in the office. Rln9¢ontraI' osoo ova one r, .“t'ilV'It. Vbnfiunlctflfl§lnfiiIlfl9Hl'dllléI&iiiit: ' mwmoet lntuucnlnt-1'Y out mg 8l; g§gnl, r_al, _. V l-lmuyygsznvln FREEM 30 wwwrmltenlral (0 pt