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4 Key Steps to Successful B2B Webinars

RingLead and Heinz Marketing teamed up to create an infographic all about creating killer B2B webinars. Grow your registration, attendance, and more with this helpful infographic.

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4 Key Steps to Successful B2B Webinars

  1. 1. I Webinars are a heavyweight channel that can dramatically impact the success of your demand generation efforts. Here's the four—step process to successful webinars. Incorporate webinars into a broader strategy. Determine your goals and audience. Then, test different speakers, times, and webinar platforms. Compelling content will create interest. Don't preach and don't demo. Interact, ask questions and create polls to engage your audience. Segment your audience by roles, industry and previous engagement with your company. Use email, blog no posts, social sharing and personal connections to get the word out. 3' : l‘. l t l"h_l _. _«_«. .1l'J Send the webinar recording to attendees and registrants. Put the slides on Slideshare, write a blog post recap, and transcribe it for a future ebook. , f% ' ‘ T _ L I Apply lead scoring to webinar engagement Use the webinar ‘E73? for inside sales ‘ L ' enablement I 2 Get webinar endorsements N o matter what happens, keep going! J" /7" . «'/ Z/l / I ’4_‘. :s. / Iv bl M A R K E T I N G Passion. Focus. Results.