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  1. 1. Email: srizwanmehdi@hotmail.com Cellular UAE: +971 55-7023435 Rizwan Mehdi Objective To become a part of an emerging organization with high goals in a capacity where my mettle and abilities will be utilized to the maximum and provide me an opportunity to enhance my competence in the field of Airline. Current Status: Working in Nirvana Travel Abu Dhabi as Ticketing Manager from May-2008 till now. Responsibilities: Dealing with all corporate companies Providing best rates to corporate companies and informing about all the conditions of fares and rules. Manage all the incoming and out going groups of passengers.  Provide options to the customer for all bookings and issue tickets on the cheapest fares  Manage sales.  Develop knowledge and experience when dealing with complicated customer itineraries  Dealing with customer complaints and an ability to provide satisfactory solutions  Daily reporting of tickets and refunds  Selling preferred carriers as well as travel related services, such as car hire, hotel, and travel insurance  Achieving sales targets as assigned  Post travel follow-up with customers to obtain feedback on services rendered  Good understand competitors and market trends Airline practical exposure: Joined Lufthansa Cargo as booking officer in December 2004 In Abu Dhabi LH as ticketing officer from 21st Apr06 to 5th May06 ISB-LH as Ticketing and Reservation Officer in April 2007 for a month LHE-LH as Ticketing and Reservation Officer in Jan / June 2007 for a month KHI-LH performed duties as Ticketing & Reservation Officer from 1st Jan2005 till May2008.
  2. 2. Lufthansa Karachi Airport Experience: Worked as ticketing officer and looking for Lufthansa Check In from Oct 2007 till Apr 2008. Nature of Work related Ticketing:  Ticketing And Reservation  Preparing Refunds  Dealing with customers  Telephonic Sales  Passenger Flight Check (PFC)  Daily Sales Report  Issuing STPC Vouchers  Daily Flight Manifest  Seats Confirmation  Maintaining Pre waiver Certificates and Achievements: 31st December 2005 from Lufthansa General Manager Passenger Sales UAE and Director Gulf and Pakistan Mr.Uwe Wriedt Mr.Ashraf Dawe(Country Manager) Passengers Lufthansa Abu-Dhabi Mr.Kamal Rashid(Country Manager Lufthansa Pakistan) DGR (Dangerous Goods) WBT certificate. Certificate by German police "Documents check " Contents of Ticketing II QSH-029-FRANKFURT  Fare Quote-transactions  Fare constructions normal fares  TST-manual creation, changes and updates  Specials fares  Class differentials incl. MCO issue  Rebooking, rerouting, reissue of LH and OAL documents  Fraud preventions  RTW-fares: issue and changes Contents of CKI FRA-001 in Munich  Introduction to CKI program PICTURES.  Passengers check in with and without baggage.  Updating/Canceling passenger data  Group check-in  Passengers with special handling (UM.WCH)  Passengers traveling with live animals.  Document control.  Through check-in of Passengers and baggage.  Accepting transfer passengers  Worked at the gate.
  3. 3. Academic Profile Degree Year Institution Achievements B.Com 2006Govt. Premier Commerce College Certificate Institution Fields Diploma NIDP(National Institute of Data processing) I T Air Ticketing P.I.A-2004 Tariff and Ticketing Online Training Lufthansa Abu Dhabi –2006 Ticketing & Reservation Ticketing II QSH-029 Frankfurt –2007 Basic Ticketing 2 Check In FRA 001-2007 Munich CUTOVER PICTURES Star Alliance Online Tutorial certification.-2007-2008 Personal Profile:  Father's name: Abbas Mehdi  D.O.B: 07th -August-1980  Place of Birth: Karachi  N.I.C: 42101-1377807-9  Driving License: Abu Dhabi-UAE  Status: Married  Domicile: Karachi (Pakistan)  Religion: Islam Languages speaking: i. English (fluent) ii. Urdu (fluent) iii. Arabic (Learning) Professional Reference: Name Company Position Phone Email Ashok Kumar Lufthansa Key Account Manager 050 8118047 ashok.kumar@dlh.de