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Budget AT Solutions - Other ways of Skinning the Cat

An examination of the different types of Assistive Technology that exists for people with Accessibility challenges. Brought to you by Canadian Assistive Technology.

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Budget AT Solutions - Other ways of Skinning the Cat

  1. 1. Budget AT Solutions – Other Ways of Skinning the Cat It’s OK Fluffy, It’s just an expression!
  2. 2. Notes Download the full presentation and find a list of links at: www.canasstech.com/skinningthecat
  3. 3. Computer Access - Large Print and Speech
  4. 4. PC Computers
  5. 5. Windows Narrator & Magnifier Narrator: Windows Key, Control Enter – Toggle On/Off Magnifier: Windows Key, + to turn on Windows Key, Esc to turn off. Links Windows Accessibility Centre Getting Started with Windows Narrator Getting Started with Windows Magnifier
  6. 6. Windows NVDA Links NV Access
  7. 7. MAC Voiceover & Zoom Voiceover: Command F5 – Toggle On/Off Zoom: Option Command F5 – Toggle On/Off Links MAC Vision Accessibility Centre Getting Started with Voiceover Zoom Settings Guide
  8. 8. iPad Voiceover & Zoom To set up Accessibility Shortcut: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut, then select the features you use the most. To use Accessibility Shortcut: Triple-click the Home button. Links iPad Vision Accessibility Centre
  9. 9. Android Talkback, Brailleback & Magnification Talkback: Hold both up and down volume keys for 3 seconds – Toggles on/off Magnification – Settings – Accessibility - Magnification Links Android Accessibility Centre Talkback Brailleback Magnification Features
  10. 10. Chromebook Chromevox, & Magnification Chromevox Control – Alt - Z – Toggles on/off Magnification – Settings – Accessibility Links Chromevox Help Zoom Help
  11. 11. CCTV Alternatives
  12. 12. Handheld CCTVs
  13. 13. Tablet / Phone Lenses and Apps iOS – Magnifying Glass with Light App Android – Magnifying Glass with Light App Recommendation – Search for low vision app in the appropriate store, read the writeups and reviews before picking one.
  14. 14. Webcam Through LP Program
  15. 15. Calculators • Links • NASA Mathtrax – Windows (Free) • Talking Scientific Calculator – iOS ($5) • Simple Talking Calculator – Android (Free)
  16. 16. Large Print Music Link Large Print Music - $35 – Create on Windows or Mac, Display on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.
  17. 17. Braille Displays Links Canute Orbit Reader 20
  18. 18. Braille Translation Links BrailleBlaster (Free) Liblouis (Free)
  19. 19. OCR
  20. 20. Windows OCR Links KNFB Reader $130) KNFB Reader Enterprise ($130 – 2 devices) Eclipsewriter Professional ($1045) Hovercam
  21. 21. Android OCR Links KNFB Reader Enterprise ($130)
  22. 22. iOS OCR Links Microsoft Seeing AI (Free) KNFB Reader Enterprise ($130)