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  1. 1. Jakarta , 2015 Attention To: HR-DEPARTMENT JAKARTA - INDONESIA Dear Sir/Madam, On this good opportunity ,I would like to apply at your company. My name is ROBBY HARIYANTO , 29 years old, MALE, single. I graduated from STMT TRISAKTI with bachelors degree in Economics, majoring in Air Transport Management , with GPA 3,31. With my ability and educational background, I good health, a hard worker, capable to work in team, easy to adapt and fast learner, and also operating computer would bring benefit to your company . To give you more detailed information here, I enclosed my curriculum vitae and copies of my academic history. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and be glad to have an interview and test at your convenience. I would like to thank you for your kind attention on my application. Sincerely yours, ROBBY HARIYANTYO, SE
  2. 2. CURICULUM VITAE ORGANIZATIONand WORK Name of Organization / Institusion Year Function / Activity HMU (Himpunan Mahasiswa Udara) GPS STMT PT. Jasa Angkasa Semesta 2009 - 2011 2009-2012 2013 Member of Div.Human Resourches Member Job training Hobies : BASKETBALL,SWIMMING,FUTSAL,Sport CAR,Bike cycle. So that My Curriculum Vitae,to be used continuously. Thank You. Sincerely yours ( ROBBY HARIYANTO ) PERSONAL Name : Robby Hariyanto Height / Weight 57 / 168 Address : komplek kodam jalan pomad blok D52 jakarta timur Email Robbie.winner@gmail.com Phone 082112009699 / 085715361666 Date of Birth 02-january-1986 Place of Birth Jakarta Gender Male Status Single Religion Moslem EDUCATION Elementary, Junior & High School Major Year Note In Out TK KUNTUM MEKAR JAKARTA SDN 04 PAGI JAKARTA SMP 109 PAGI JAKARTA SMA 91JAKARTA - - IPA 1991 1992 2008 2001 1992 2008 2001 2004 Pass Pass Pass Pass University Major Year Degree GPA In Out STMT TRISAKTI Air Transportation Management 2006 2013 S-1 3,31 Skills Operating System: Windows 98/2007/XP. Office Program : Microsoft Word,Excel,Power Point,outlook Internet,email ACCOUNTING - MANAGEMENT - AUDIT INTERNAL - MEETING PLANNING - BUISINIS STRATEGY - DEVELOPER CONSTRUCTION HOUSING - FREIGHT&FORWADER - EXPORT- IMPORT, LANGUAGE READING WRITING SPEAKING LISTENING ENGLISH EXCELLENT EXCELLENT GOOD GOOD Informal 2009 Leadership Training HMU, STMT TRISAKTI – 2011 Training import export 2010 TFC FUTSAL,STMT TRISAKTI
  3. 3. WORK EXPERIENCE PT.DUNIA SAFETYINDO Internal Audit Staff Job Description: MAY 2010 – MARCH2012 - Analyzing the calculationof income from the sale of the company - The company is in the fieldof mine safetyequipment and contractors fromChina - The financial statements of the company's revenues in the general ledger monthly sales withms word. - preparing documents for meetings on corporate earnings - sales for the company's product road repairs ( jasamarga) Job Duties: - By using a calculationstrategyswot sap or by knowing the value of income - Making the offer letter to be givento mining company - Sales are given to companies bidding for road repairs and offer products of our company - provide the best price for a company that needs to be done. PT.Hartanto Surya Nusantara Project Adminstrator Job Description: JANUARY 2012 – MARET 2014 - This company is in the field of new and old housing development - cooperationcontracts inthe contruction of the office in the Jakarta 9 office and prepare the building materials to be used - Experiencedin business planning and implementation - Experiencedin business planning and residential buildings ,building office. - cooperation contract for the constructionof a warehouse at tanjung priuk - audit buy a piece of land witha size above 5000 meters to make some minimalist home Job Duties: - meeting to custumer and in the form of the proposed plan costs to performthe work constructionof warehouse, - analyze and prepare materials to be used in the constructionof office. - prepare document to be givento the custumer company cover costs to be incurred and ms word journal - I worked as a construction supervisor andreceive materialgoods needed for development - make a report in the calculationof the costs of constructionof office space ( porcelint cemen ,sand , gravel.,wood ,besi, iron,dll) - Jatiwaringin3 projects that have beendone withvarious types of housing sizes that will form the 25 units completed - some type of house size withthe type 90 and 120 withprices ranging between600 millionand 900 million.