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eXtreme Connect

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eXtreme Connect - presentation by Robert Dębowski and Tomasz Kłos on SUGPL meetup in 25th of May 2018

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eXtreme Connect

  1. 1. Tomasz Kłos Robert Dębowski
  2. 2. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  3. 3. SoftServe Confidential Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  4. 4. The Sitecore Developer (C#, .Net, SQL) responsible for creating of applications that take into consideration all aspects of application development architecture design including – performance, scalability, coding, caching, security, encryption, session state management, and error logging and testing. • Hobby: swimming, snowboarding, board games. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  5. 5. Certified Sitecore 9 Sitecore MVP 2018 and Winner of Sitecore Hackathon 2018 working as Sitecore Team Leader at SoftServe. Consultant, who always advice to find the best solution for client issues. Over 8 years in .net business. Loves to inspire devs, teams and go through the newest technologies stack. Between those activities likes dancing, gym and sport in general. Favorite color: yellow ! Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  6. 6. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  7. 7. SoftServe Confidential Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  8. 8. SoftServe Confidential Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  9. 9. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  10. 10. SoftServe Confidential Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  11. 11. SoftServe Confidential Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  12. 12. SoftServe Confidential xConnect is the service layer that sits in between the xDB and any trusted client, device, or interface that wants to read, write, or search xDB data. Communication must happen over HTTPS and clients must have the appropriate certificate thumbprint. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  13. 13. SoftServe Confidential Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  14. 14. SoftServe Confidential Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  15. 15. SoftServe Confidential Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  16. 16. SoftServe Confidential The term xConnect describes the services and APIs that support the collection and search of experience data. This includes: • xConnect Collection service • xConnect Search service • xConnect Client API • xConnect Search Indexer Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  17. 17. SoftServe Confidential The xConnect Search Indexer is responsible for adding contact and interaction data to the xDB search index. The indexer can be set up as Windows Service or an Azure Web Job, and regularly polls the collection database for changes to index. IMPORTANT: Indexing is NOT by the processing server. This is a significant change from version 8.2 and below. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  18. 18. SoftServe Confidential xConnect does not use Sitecore.ContentSearch xConnect search does not rely on Sitecore.ContentSearch. xConnect search and Content Search are separate frameworks with separate APIs and indexing mechanisms.
  19. 19. SoftServe Confidential
  20. 20. SoftServe Confidential Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  21. 21. SoftServe Confidential Contact and interaction facets are automatically indexed by xConnect. Facets or facet propreties decorated with the [DoNotIndex] attribute are never indexed. Facets or facet properties marked with [PIISensitive] are only indexed if indexing of PII sensitive data is enabled. If a facet is not indexed, it cannot be used in a search query. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  22. 22. SoftServe Confidential • The xConnect Client API is a portable web API that allows trusted clients to create, read, update, and search contacts and interactions over HTTPS. • The xConnect Client API is the only way to work with experience data. You cannot access the collection database or search index directly • The xConnect Client API does not replace the tracker. However, the tracker relies on the xConnect Client API to read and write data Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  23. 23. SoftServe Confidential • As a first step in vertical xConnect scaled architecture, xConnect has been extracted to a Collection and Search server. • The second steps say that xConnect can also be split into dedicated xConnect Collection and xConnect Search servers. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  24. 24. SoftServe Confidential
  25. 25. SoftServe Confidential But what we can keep? Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  26. 26. SoftServe Confidential • A contact represents an individual who interacts with or may potentially interact with your organization. • Contacts are represented by the Sitecore.Xconnect.Contact class, and are uniquely identified by ID (of type Guid) within the xDB. IDs are generated by the service layer when a contact is saved and should not be saved outside the xDB. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  27. 27. SoftServe Confidential An interaction describes any point at which a contact interfaces with a brand, either online or offline. Examples of interactions include: • Purchasing a something from a physical store • Using an app • Browsing a website • A phone conversation Interactions are represented by the Sitecore.XConnect.Interaction class and must have at least one event. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  28. 28. SoftServe Confidential • An event is anything significant that occurs within the context of an interaction, such viewing a web page or making a purchase in a physical store. • Events ultimately inherit the Sitecore.XConnect.Event class and are represented by the Events collection on the Interaction class. • Interactions must have at least one event. All events are triggered with an event model, an event definition ID, and a timestamp. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  29. 29. SoftServe Confidential A facet is piece of information that enriches a contact or an interaction. For contacts, this might include their name and address. For interactions, this might include the location of the interaction. Each facet is made up of: • A facet model, which is a class that inherits Sitecore.XConnect.Facet. • A facet definition, which associates a facet model with a key and assigns it to an entity (either contacts or interactions). Facets are defined in code, in a collection model. A facet model can be re-used with a different key, or defined with the same key for contacts and then interactions. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  30. 30. SoftServe Confidential And some baby steps inside of them  Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  31. 31. SoftServe Confidential Creat Event/Facets Creat xDB Model Builder Define newly created Event/Facet inside of xDB Model Builder Deploy xDB Model into xConnect Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  32. 32. SoftServe Confidential Create console app to serialize newly created xDB Model Serialize xDB Model Builder into JSON Copy JSON file to directory of xConnect Search and xConnect Collection services Copy this JSON into xConnect Serach Indexer Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  33. 33. SoftServe Confidential Copy the model DLL to the root of every instance of the Marketing Automation Engine Create a XML configuration file Register you custom xDB Model Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  34. 34. SoftServe Confidential Copy the model DLL into the bin directory of your core Sitecore instance Patch your own model class into Sitecore.XConnect.Cli ent.config In your code, reference the model DLL Use the xConnect Client API Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  35. 35. SoftServe Confidential
  36. 36. SoftServe Confidential
  37. 37. SoftServe Confidential
  38. 38. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  39. 39. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  40. 40. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  41. 41. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  42. 42. Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  43. 43. SoftServe Confidential • Separation between xDB implementation and custom modification of it • Various technology stack options to keep xDB • Clear and unified approach to combine Sitecore with external systems • Well done documentation Tomasz Kłos & Robert Dębowski
  44. 44.