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Melissa Cole reference Letter

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Melissa Cole reference Letter

  1. 1. 8621 Central Ave. Capitol Heights, MD 20743 June 10, 2015 Dear Sir or Madam, This letter is to recommend Robert Edwards for employment in your company. I have had the privilege of working alongside him since September 2014. I have been consistently impressed by both Robert’s attitude towards his work and his performance on the job. His positive attitude and management skills have allowed him to excel in turning a challenging start up facility into a well-run facility. As a Senior Manager his department is well coached and trained enabling him to be a resource to the other departments alongside his immediate role. His transferable skills along with the very specific skill set he demonstrates makes him a valuable asset on any team, enabling Senior Leadership to have confidence in the employees he helps to hire on and develop. I recommend him for employment without reservation. Please let me know if you need further information. Sincerely, Melissa Cole Human Resources Manager First Transit MetroAccess 202-909-3338 melissa.cole@firstgroup.com A FirstGroup America Company www.firstgroupamerica.com