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Dr. Poston's robotic training

Dr. Poston underwent training and started his robotic practice in Aug 2006. One year later, he submitted for publication the outcomes of his first 100 robotic cardiac cases (see: Ann Surg 2008; 248(4):638-46). He has maintained a steady practice of >100 robotic cases per year since that time.

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Dr. Poston's robotic training

  1. 1. Certificate of Off-Site Training as a Console Surgeon Robert Poston, M.D. has successfully completed an Off-Site Training program in the role of a Console Surgeon using the da Vinci ® or da Vinci® S™ Surgical System. This program consisted of didactic and practical skill application sessions covering the components and use of the da Vinci or da Vinci S Surgical System and EndoWrist ® Instruments. Additionally, a training laboratory was conducted providing utilization of the da Vinci or da Vinci S Surgical System for key technical System skills as a Console Surgeon. Surgical team roles, responsibilities, and emergent management of the da Vinci or da Vinci S Surgical System were emphasized. da Vinci ® /da Vinci® S™ Surgical System Off-Site Training Program for a Console Surgeon Conducted Aug 16, 2006 Newark Beth Israel Jerry McNamara Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing Training conducted by: _________Peter Carnegie_______Gene Nagel Vice President, Sales Training and Education This training program is not a replacement for hospital policy regarding surgical credentialing. Intuitive Surgical only trains on the use of the surgical tool, the da Vinci Surgical System. Any demonstration(s) during the training on how to use the System to perform a particular technique or procedure is not the recommendation or “certification” of Intuitive as to such technique or procedure, but rather is merely a sharing of information on how other surgeons may have used the System to perform a given technique or procedure.