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Robert Swarmer's Resume 2016

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Robert Swarmer's Resume 2016

  1. 1. Robert H. Swarmer, III 173 Hillview Manor Road, Leechburg, PA 15656 (412) 913-0732 robert_swarmer@yahoo.com __________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY • Served for over 20 years in leadership roles as a Water/Waste Water Treatment Supervisor/Operator and Plant Technician. • Was in charge of environmental compliance and responsible for DMR (Discharge Monitoring Report) and SDWA (Safe Drinking Water Report) reporting, along with voluntary state turbidity report. • Involved in the continuous improvement (Lean Six Sigma) of water quality production. • Monitored disinfection and plate counts for cooling towers to ensure a reduction of bacteria. • Earned 25 certifications directly relating to the focus of water and chemical treatment ensuring proper and up-to-date knowledge of all hands-on materials and project requirements. • Spearheaded the department safety program at the City of Enid Water Reclamation Facility. • Attained an AAS in Occupational Health & Safety to further my understanding of safety guidelines. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Franklin Township Municipal Sanitary Authority, Murrysville, PA Assistant Manager September 2015-Present • Bring facilities laboratory QA/QC program up to date • Incorporate continuous improvement management within the treatment system. • Update municipality’s MSDS system to comply with the current GHS (Global Harmonized System). • Update and train employees on safety protocols (confined space, first aid, LOTO). • View and approve resident’s sewer lateral inspections to ensure proper piping connections. • Update the company employee handbook to reflect current laws and verbiage. • Involved with Inflow & Infiltration program start up. Operator July 2014 – September 2015 • Operate and maintain 5MGD trickling filter sewage treatment facility • Clean, inspect and repair sewer main lines and lateral lines • Operate sludge belt press • Conduct laboratory analysis on sludge, influent and effluent to assure DEP compliance. • Operate several pieces of heavy equipment including Caterpillar loader and Tri-axel dump truck. • Preventative maintenance on all authority owned equipment. City of Enid, Enid, OK Assistant Water Reclamation Superintendent April 2013-February 2014 • Oversee 29 employees who clean, repair and maintain the water distribution lines, sewage lines and operate the 32 mgd sewage treatment plant (which is a Siemens design Vertical Cell Reactor). • Monitor and maintain the water quality that leaves the treatment plant and mandated by the DEQ. • Monitored excessive flows during rain events to locate Inflow & Infiltration issues. • Assure the safety of all employees in the department and maintain records for training. • Monitors attendance for employees, schedules additional shifts and organizes time on Kronos Time Mgt System. • Involved with hiring of employees and all disciplinary actions including but not limited to terminations. • Enacted safety programs that bring the department up to current OSHA standards. • Oversee all calibrations and documentation for confined space monitoring equipment. • Familiar with Hach Job Cal maintenance tracking system EME Homer City Generation, Homer City, PA February 2006-November 2012 Water Department Supervisor February 2009-November 2012
  2. 2. • Monitored daily activities of personal, equipment, and schedule support for repairs and modifications of processes using SAP maintenance/financial tracking system. • Utilized Microsoft Office to create data collection sheets and spreadsheets for equipment, chemical, and personal tracking. • Used SAP maintenance tracking system. • Completed and submitted station DMR (Discharge Monitoring Report) for three plant owned locations. • Delivered SWDA (Drinking Water) and turbidity report completed and submitted through online portal for the PA DEP using DWELLER and WEBOAS systems. • Oversaw drinking water systems for proper disinfection and maintenance. • Monitored HPC (Heterotrophic Plate Counts) for cooling tower water to ensure no bacteria growth. • Lead as the Station Fire Chief and member of the on site emergency response team. GUP Water Operator November 2007 –February 2009 • Monitored and adjusted water chemistry to maintain water quality for boiler water, potable water, firewater and filtered water. • Operated equipment including but not limited to 5 million gallon clarifier, sand filters, actiflow clarifier system, reverse osmosis system, mixed beds, and polishers. • Maintained NPDES discharge limits at 26 permitted outfalls. • Performed PM checks on all water department equipment (oil levels, chain/belt tension, etc) Coal Equipment Operator February 2006 – November 2007 • Operated heavy equipment to maintain coal supply to a 1900 MW power plant. For example Caterpillar and Komatzu dozers, Volvo L90 and L180, Caterpillar 390 loader, Bobcat, 10 ton dump truck and various brands of forklifts. • Monitored and maintained several conveyer belts, distribution chutes and transfer gates for coal feed in excess of 400 ton per hour. • Utilized vacuum trucks to clean up coal spills and day to day cleaning. SONY Electronics, Inc., Mount Pleasant, PA Wastewater Treatment Plant Technician July 1994-February 2006 • Operated and maintained a 1.5 MGD wastewater plant leading as the Wastewater Treatment Plant Technician. • Performed daily laboratory tests to monitor influent and effluent for process changes. Including metals digestion ,Atomic Absorption tests on a Perkin Elmer AA, titration for standards utilizing a Eppendorf titrator, COD analysis, various tests on a Hach 2100 • Provided maintenance on all motors (480v) and pumps (centrifugal, diaphragm, LMI) and ensured calibration of 15 Ph and ORP probes. Central Utilities Plant Technician July 1994 - February 2006 • Operated and maintained city water, HVAC, electrical (up to 4160 v), plumbing and various other duties at a 5.8 million sq. ft. production plant. • Gained in-depth experience with Kawanee and Wellman boilers, Carrier chillers, and Atlas Copco compressors. • Performed boiler water analysis to monitor bacteria growth in heating/cooling loops. • Entrusted with the operation of Yale forklifts, Genie boom lifts, and the Bobcat. • Maintained, plowed and salted facility with a 2-ton dump truck as well as provided grounds maintenance through mowing and weed eating during the summer months. • Responded to all Plant emergencies as a member of the SONY HAZMAT Team.
  3. 3. __________________________________________________________________________________________________ CERTIFICATES & LICENSES (Available Upon Request) • Laboratory Supervisor Training June 2016 • Industrial Pre-treatment Training June 2016 • Industrial Hygiene February 2015 • Collection Systems Operator April 2014 • Class C Water License for the state of Oklahoma January 2014 • Class A Waste Water license for the State of Oklahoma November 2013 • Class C Waste Water Lab license for the State of Oklahoma December 2013 • Storm Water Management Planning March 2012 • Alkalinity and Temperature in Waste Streams March 2012 • Wastewater Chemistry Basics March 2012 • Collection System Inflow and Infiltration Studies March 2012 • Nutrient Process control #1 and #2, Penn State May 2011 • Simplified Methods for Nutrient Testing, Hach Training Center May 2009 • Drinking Water & Chlorinators, PA Rural Water Association (Sun Coast Education) June 2008 • Microbiology for Wastewater, Penn State April 2008 • Nation Incident Management System (100 and 700) December 2007 • Water Treatment Plant Operation, Volume I, California State University, Sacramento January 2005 • Pesticide Certification, PA Department of Agriculture Spring 2003 • Treatment of Metal Waste Streams, California State University, Sacramento December 2002 • Sewage Treatment Plant, PA Department of Environmental Protection June 2002 o Class: B, E, Subclass: 2, 3, 4 • Advanced Waste Treatment, California State University, Sacramento November 2001 • Certification Training for Welders, Part II, Westmoreland County Community College February 2001 • Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Volume II, November 2000 California State University, Sacramento • Certification Training for Welders, Part I, Westmoreland County Community College October 2000 • Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Volume I, California State University, Sacramento July 2000 • Industrial Waste Treatment, Volume II, California State University, Sacramento October 1999 • Industrial Waste Treatment, Volume I, California State University, Sacramento May 1999
  4. 4. • DOT Bulk Receiver & Handler of Chemicals, SONY Electronics Safety Department December 1997 • Confined Space Entry per OSHA 1910.146, Sony Electronics Safety Department October 1996 • Environmental Wastewater Monitoring Training April 1993 Center for Hazardous Materials Research, University of Pittsburgh • Hazardous Materials Emergency Response, EPA Hazardous Materials Technician Training March 1993 Center for Hazardous Materials Research, University of Pittsburgh • Occupational Health & Safety, Confined Space Entry June 1992 Center for Hazardous Materials Research, University of Pittsburgh __________________________________________________________________________________________________ EDUCATION Columbia Southern University (AAS in Occupational Health and Safety) February 17, 2015 Westmoreland County Community College, Youngwood, PA Fall 1995- summer 1996 Brookville Area High School, Brookville, PA May 1987 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ REFERENCES James Sobota Homer City Generation 1750 Power Plant Road Homer City, PA 15748 (724) 479-9011 Cynthia D. Weiman 128 Huron Circle New Alexandria, PA 15670 (724) 668-2310 Craig A. Clark Homer City Generation 1750 Power Plant Road Homer City, PA 15748 (724) 479-9011