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Rob Tilley Overiew

  2. Always vigilant about safety Good listener Develop team skills for the benefit of all Understand the big picture and how it all connects Help the team see the big picture Help the team to get it all connected Keep the team focused on what’s important now A SUCCESSFUL OPERATIONS MANAGER
  3. At the end of the week I know I have been successful when…
  4. Project results aren’t as expected? Working example REVIEW Examine and share the results Provide support Talk to the stakeholders to gain opinion Is this the best we can get? Are there new priorities? With the team, formulate a new plan Take action and don’t give up.
  5. LEADERSHIP STYLE Encourage discussion, debate and sharing of ideas Everyone should play a part in the groups decisions Still requires guidance from a leader, not a dictator.
  6. HOW I COMMUNICATE Would you mind….. Can you help John to……please How do you think we can do this? Thanks for doing that, it helped a lot. Well done. We need your help. We have a lot of pressure on this happening today to keep a customer happy. Is it possible to get this done by the end of the day? What problems do you think we will encounter or what will suffer if we do? I understand your misgivings however for today we need make this happen. What you say makes sense though and I think the team really needs to consider your idea and maybe we can make it procedure if we get consensus.
  7. Does my style change if results aren’t what I wanted?
  8. Does my style change if results aren’t what I wanted? REVIEW
  9. Does my style change if results aren’t what I wanted? REVIEW Share the results with the teams. Review the data myself to see if I can figure out why. Determine if other priorities have taken over now If not, reaffirm with the crews why it’s important. Remind them of WIFM If timelines are critical I will begin to manage more closely whilst being vigilant not to micro-manage. Always trying to be as diplomatic, consultative, and democratic as the situation determines.

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  1. 30 years in Manufacturing. FMCG environment with large scale continuous operation equipment. Paper Mill and a tissue converting line incorporating embossing and printing. Amcor as Printing Manager printing film for food manufacturers. batch processes such as high rise windows and window coverings. factory floor in operator and assistant roles training, quality, continuous improvement. ten years now in management roles Operations management is what makes me tick MBA specializing in Operations and Project Management. This role with this company ticks all the boxes for me This company cares about its people Utilizes machinery requiring setups, changeovers, raw materials inputs etc. These concepts are very familiar to me even though the machinery may be a little different to what I have been exposed too. Is forward thinking and professional Is growing and not afraid to invest Seen as a leader in its sector.
  2. Safety: Family life Listen: Skills: Needed for growth of business and people Big Picture: Keep it flowing Team big picture: We are all cogs in the wheel helping each other towards a common goal Get connected: Help solve their hassles Focus: Comms boards, toolboxes, projects, supervisors aligned.
  3. Passionate about safety. Must go home to your family Customer is king. Without them we don’t have a business or a place to work. Team is proud of what their work.
  4. Last one is important difference. Use business KPI’s to set the general direction and/or the end game. Guide the team through the journey so they are integral in how we got there.
  5. Day to day language and interaction.
  6. Two choices Give up – Too tenacious
  7. Keep calm – Not emotional. Don’t sweat the little stuff. Get to the bottom of it and keep moving forward.
  8. End of month results People make the same decisions if presented with the facts and rational options.