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How to Change BusinessJournalism.org's TT

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How to Change BusinessJournalism.org's Trending Topic featured spot.

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How to Change BusinessJournalism.org's TT

  1. 1. How to change the Trending Topic on BusinessJournalism.org HTML code editor in WordPress
  2. 2. Live Trending Topic on Home Page
  3. 3. LOG ON as ADMIN • From the Dashboard, go to Settings. • Find Trending Topic in the Settings drop down.
  4. 4. HTML editor in WP
  5. 5. NAME your new TT Put new label (name) here. This is used when you look in the TT archives
  6. 6. Switch to HTML version Click here
  7. 7. HTML version
  8. 8. Transfer HTML code to text editor I use TextWrangler, which is on our MACs. Just copy & paste
  9. 9. Work on new TT in Text Editor
  10. 10. Test new code Replace old code with new in TT editor and click UPDATE
  11. 11. There is NO PREVIEW UPDATE makes changes go LIVE immediately • Check your changes quickly • Make adjustments just like before • If you throw off the code completely or somehow impact other code on the Home Page, you can quickly go back to a previous Trending Topic in the archives. • The next slides show you how to access the archive.
  12. 12. Go back to the Trending Topic editor • From the Dashboard, go to Settings. • Find Trending Topic in the Settings drop down.
  13. 13. Accessing the TT archives This dropdown is full of past TTs.
  14. 14. The archives list opens like this 1. Pick one 2. Click on UPDATE OPTIONS 3. Shazam. Archived TT replaces your bad code. 4. Don’t worry. It happens.
  15. 15. TTs give you an opportunity to pull together related topics or highlight something we want to promote. You can update an older TT quickly with a couple of new links and a new piece of art.