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I am a model

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I am a model

  1. 1. I am a model, but for me it is nothing more than a hobby. I have never belonged to the modelingbusiness seriously, and even as a child, not dreamed of becoming a model. Today I work in theIndonesian capital, Jakarta, in one of the most famous Indonesian agencies. I had a chance to actfor world famous magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Narpers BAZAAR (Indonesia). I haveworked on almost all fashion shows in Jakarta, including Fashion show CHANNEL, DKNY,Calvin Klein. Prior to working in Indonesia, I had had a contract with a Milan modelingagencies. Job in Milan for me was not working, it was just a pleasure! Of course, I certainly waslucky that my first contract to work abroad was just in Milan. But all this did not came fromnowhere like in fairy tale…I had no childhood dreams of becoming a model, but it seems natural thinness and high height.At 17 years old when I came back from school, one girl, my senior year, came up to me andoffered to come to a model agency who invited me to follow her way, consequently I did. Andthis girl also was a model in the same agency, we are now with her good friends. She quittedmodeling business long time ago, but I have plans in New York and Paris! So I got a modelingagency. Then she began to participate in shooting for magazines in the fashion week in mycountry, and then quit. Why? Because it was just a hobby. Be a model in my country is not asprofitable business. And abroad, I at that time could not, and especially did not want to gobecause I had a university and lots of gossips about models and how they work abroad.But here is quite unexpectedly, I was invited to Milan. Of course, I agree, because this is Europe,because it is Milan. At that time I already had extensive experience in various fashion show, a lotof shots for magazines in my country. In other words, go with a decent amount of knowledge.You may ask, whether hard or scary to go to a country where Ive never been where I do notknow anyone. I still do not understand why, but I quietly flew to Italy. In Italy, too, shooting,shows for Cavalli, Ferre, etc. There are lots of people in Milan from Brazil, i lived with 3 girls from Brazil, we are still goodfriends. I still remember the day when we were funs for Brazil during world cup, ironically stillcan sing brazilian song that we did during championship. I have vividly nice impressions aboutbrazilian models i met on the way. here in Indonesia there is one more guy from Brazil in ourmodel agency, we are good pals with him.... Then I returned home and realized that I would like to continue to work as a model.I worked primarily on themselves, its gait, posture for shooting. Constantly need to inventsomething new. I will not deny that sometimes I just go to the mirror and posing, this is the bestway to work on yourself. And then, all of which I learned in the mirror, just spread onphotography and photographers are always delighted. And theres a little secret, it is alwaysnecessary to love your job and then it will love you.As for diet - no, never. I did not follow any diet, the only thing I try to stick to this healthylifestyle, I love to swim, its a good way to relieve stress and just be always in shape.Unfortunately people have already formed a stereotype about models. They are the eternal partygirl, drunk, even worse even some may call you being a drug addicted. Well there is nothing tobe done, of course, such special presence. I do not use drugs, not a fan of alcohol and partying.Lets talk about the complexities. Difficulties exist in every profession. Another stereotype -working model of a job for stupid and beautiful. Absolutely not. Most models are not beautiful,they just know how to properly apply themselves, they know in what perspective they lookbetter. Neither is there a work? Yes, yes, it is. You think fashion models are born with such agreat stride? During this step on the podium, hiding, months and years of training, worn in theblood up. And yet irregular schedule. Sometimes a good and restful sleep - is out of the realm offantasy. This way is very common in Asia. While in Europe, is also present. So a friend of minetold me how she went to be filmed in freezing temperatures on the beach in a swimsuit,moreover process could start at 6-7 AM, there are moments when it may kick off at 3 AM…
  2. 2. Life of model - the eternal auditions. When youre just starting out, no one knows you yet. Wemust show ourselves in all aspect. In Europe, girls are just models, and live through the castings.Work will get much harder. A casting session in the afternoon can be from one to ten. Often tencastings gives an agency that specifically did not think of a suitable model to the requirements ofthe casting or not, and just send everybody off. Of course, its not professional. And you just todrag from one audition to another, you get tired. Wasting your time. By the time spent can stilladd a heavy bag with beech (portfolio model) and heels.Of course there are pluses. For me personally, this is a big plus that I can see the world, live alittle in one country, then go to another one. Work because everywhere is different, becausepeople are different and the life they too different from yours.It is for all models and get paid so well. But before you make a lot, you have to put as mucheffort. After all, nothing so simple is not given.Eugenia Vasina.