Chapter 10, Part A, Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business, 3rd Edition

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5 Sep 2016

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Chapter 10, Part A, Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business, 3rd Edition

  1. Web 2.0 and Social Media Business in a Connected World © McHaney and Sachs 2016 Social Media Raw
  2. May not be central to business strategies but still need to be considered. Numerous Applications to Help People Connect Quick Connections A number of social media applications have emerged in response to consumers wishing to have easy-to- use, rich media applications that permit them to quickly interact with peers, anonymous like-minded temporary friends, or people in close proximity. Relation to Business Plans Not central to most business social media plans, nor will many businesses roll out a presence on these platforms. Exert Influence in Other Ways May exert an influence on potential customers and on the reputation of a business.
  3. Fast social media via images Instagram Free cloud-based mobile photo and video sharing social networking service. An easy-to-use app that allows users to quickly share pictures and videos taken with mobile devices.
  4. Instagram Facts  Launched by creators Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October 2010.  More than 400 million monthly visitors.  Facebook purchased the service in 2012 but mostly has left it to continue without changes.  Unlike other social media services, according to its terms of service, Instagram does not claim ownership rights regarding any posted material (including photographs, music and videos).  This adds appeal for artists, musicians and photographers who want to obtain publicity for their material but do not wish to surrender their copyright.
  5. Instagram Premise  Instagram use is driven by visual sharing and acquiring followers.  A posted photo or video appears on the account holder’s profile.  Followers see the same post in their news feed.  Users have “Followers” and “Following” counts to display their level of popularity and potential interaction.  Each user’s profile has a button that can be tapped to follow their posts.  Private profile follower requests need approval from the account holder.
  6.  Business interest in Instagram is rapidly increasing.  Instagram’s audience is highly desirable. The platform reaches many females (68% of its user base), most of whom are under 35 years old. And, many users fall into middle and higher income brackets, making them attractive to retailers seeking customers.  Instagram rolled out “Stories”, a feature that allows users to post videos and photos that disappear after 24 hours. This competes with Snapchat. Business with Instagram
  7.  Instagram has rolled out a number of attractive advertising programs. Instagram provides photo, video and carousal ads (which allow a swipe function through a number of photos).  Ads are designed to move customers to a Website where items can be purchased or other actions taken. The ads are specifically formulated to mobile platforms and are created with wizards.  Case studies and engagement statistics from Instagram indicate its audience comprises a highly active group of users willing to make purchases. Instagram Ads
  8. Making it an effective business platform. Instagram
  9. Instagram Innovative Uses
  10. Instagram Innovative Uses (Con’t)
  11. Snapchat Snapchat is a popular, free, trendy mobile messaging application used to transmit photos, videos, text, images, and drawings. It has resonated with younger users for a variety of reasons---one of which is that messages disappear from the recipient’s phone a few seconds after receipt.
  12. Snapchat History and Background Started by Students Snapchat was developed by Stanford University students Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. Started as a product design class project, called Picaboo. Communicate Enables users to communicate using short-lived images. Snapchat now a mix of private messaging, public content, business brand networks, publications, and live sporting and music events. Messaging In spite of the public social media content, Snapchat remains most popular as a personal messaging service. Big Usage Numbers Users like the idea of being able to send a message that will not be available after a couple of seconds. By the end of 2015 users were sending 6 billion videos per day. In 2016, Snapchat videos were being viewed over 10 billion times daily
  13. Snapchat Capabilities Private Chat A recent addition to Snapchat is a one-to-one private chat feature. This feature enables users to chat via private messages that disappear when the session ends (unless users choose to save the chat which allows both parties to have access to it after the session is over). Video Chat Video chat capabilities have also been added to Snapchat. Other Features Users can apply fun filters and stickers to snaps. Another feature called Snapcash permits users to transfer money through the chat function. . Snap Chat Stories – Good for Business! A compilation of videos and photos available to a user’s friends. Stories persist for 24 hours and can be viewed multiple times.
  14. Making business-friendly overtures Snapchat and Business Discover One example is Snapchat’s Discover feature. Discover provides exclusive content from a variety of partner networks such as CNN, Comedy Central, ESPN, and People Magazine. Partner Channels Having partner channels provides a natural location for advertising and permits content to be viewed by a wide audience. Users can Snap Discover stories to their friends.
  15. Snapchat Use in Brand Awareness
  16. Anonymous mobile App Yik Yak Mobile app for anonymous communication among people within a five-mile geographic radius. Can be fun but has been criticized as a platform that enables cyberbullying. Yik Yak built controls to block use near all high schools and middle schools. Yik Yak is a good place to put out public messages, called Yaks, on items like party or event locations, gripes about university classes, or searches for nearby, like-minded companions. Many Yaks are jokes, quips, funny sayings, sarcasm and plain venting.
  17. Yik Yak Origins  Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington, graduates of Furman University developed Yik Yak after collaborating in a class that covered iPhone app development.  Following graduation, they developed Yik Yak more fully and released the app in November 2013.  By 2014, it was the 9th most downloaded social media app in the United States.
  18. Yik Yak Features
  19. Yik Yak Features (Continued)
  20. A question for many social media communities. Yik Yak and Ethics Cyberbullying is a broad and thorny challenge faced by all social media networks and Yik Yak has taken steps to minimize it. “Do investors and business advertising on platforms such as Yik Yak have a social responsibility to ensure it does not harm anyone?”
  21. Yik Yak Business Ideas
  22. Anonymous mobile social media community Whisper Premise Allow users to post anonymous messages that can receive replies. Whispers The messages, called “whispers”, are superimposed over images supplied automatically by Whisper or provided by the user sending the message. History Whisper was released March, 2012 by Michael Heyward and Brad Brooks. Big User Numbers By April of 2016, whisper had 30 million monthly active users
  23. Some relate to businesses Sample Whispers Target Advertising Whisper recently released keyword targeting to potential advertisers interested in providing embedded messages within its app.
  24. Dodge Ram examples Business Whispers Many businesses are working to develop non-intrusive approaches to get their messages out. Some businesses post whispers with their images and hope users spread the message. Users do not know which Whispers are campaign items and which are just messages posted by other users. This keeps people from immediately discounting an item because they believe it is an ad.
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