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Roger cmi slide_share_proofing_checklist

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Use this Proofing Checklist to proof SlideShare presentations created using PowerPoint. I created my SlideShare Proofing Checklist to accompany one of my Content Marketing Institute articles.
It will help you review the details that separate good from great presentations.

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Roger cmi slide_share_proofing_checklist

  1. 1. Roger C. Parker’s Published & Profitable SlideShare Proofing Checklist PROJECT DATE TOPIC QUESTION YES? NO? SEE SLIDE # SLIDES Layout Are slide titles and text consistently aligned and placed on each slide?Slide number Does the slide number appear on each slide, except the title slide? Typeface Are typeface choices consistent with the type- choices faces used elsewhere in your marketing? Fonts Unless you converted your visuals to PDFs, did you limit your typeface choices to those SlideShare supports? Type size Is the type size used in slide titles and lists consistent from slide to slide?Line spacing Is text line spacing consistent from slide to slide? List spacing Did you add extra space between items in bullet or text lists?Proper nouns Did you double-check the spelling of proper nouns, industry-specific terms, and jargon? Graphic Are graphics properly aligned with adjacent text and graphics? Borders Have you been consistent in your use of bor- ders around graphics? © 2012 Roger C. Parker | www.publishedandprofitable.com
  2. 2. TOPIC QUESTION YES? NO? SEE SLIDE # HANDOUTS Presentation Does the presentation title appear at the top title of each handout page?Contact infor- Does your firm’s name URL, and contact in- mation formation appear at the bottom each page?Page numbers Does the page number appear on each page of your presentation handouts? Typography Are header and footer type faces, type size, and type style appropriate & consistent? Alignment Does header and footer text align with the slide thumbnails on each handout page? Text frames Did you add slide frames, or borders, to handouts only when necessary? UPLOADING Conversion Did you convert presentation files to Adobe Acrobat PDF’s to preserve text formatting? Links Did you check each link after uploading your presentation to SlideShare? Notes Did you create Notes pages to rehearse your narration and improve SEO results? Tags Did you double-check the tags appearing with your SlideShare presentation? Video Have you explored ways to use video to rein- force key ideas in your presentation? Promotion Did you link your SlideShare presentation to Facebook, LinkedIn, other social media? © 2012 Roger C. Parker | www.publishedandprofitable.com | 2
  3. 3. Get a fresh perspective on writing and content marketing Roger C. Parker is a writer, content coach, speaker, and mind mapping re- source who has written over 40 bestselling design and marketing books. Roger’s clients have ranged from start-ups to Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Mi- crosoft, Mindjet, Shearman & Sterling, and Yamaha. Roger offers: • Developmental editing and project planning for trade publishing and premium books • Copy and design critiques for book titles and book covers • Mind mapping and ideaTracking training • Planning and copywriting “how to” nonfiction writing • Checklists, worksheets, and other resources for content marketing productivityRoger C. Parker has exhibited a remarkable consistency throughout the twenty-five years I have known him.He has always based his marketing recommendations on the pillars of target marketing, market educationand customer retention.William Pearsall, Mergers and Acquisitions, Seattle, WARoger Parker is a real pro when it comes to book proposals and the publishing business. Working with himonline, completing a detailed table of contents for my next book took less than an hour, when my previousbook took several weeks. Roger makes it that easy and its actually fun too!Dan Schawbel, author of Me 2.0, www.personalbrandingblog.comRogers presentation, “Positioning Your Store for First-Time Buyers,” was a highlight of our convention and aturning point in our channel reorganization efforts. He made his points in a very visual, entertaining waywhich our dealers appreciated. Dealers left wanting more.Stewart Greenberg, Sales Manager, Yamaha AudioRoger is a master simplifier.Katy Coletto, Marketing Manager, Mindjet Save time preparing your next book, ebook, or list-building premium Download Roger’s free workbook, 99 Questions to Ask Before You Start to Write. Follow him on Twitter @RogerCParker or email RCPcontent@gmail.com. © 2012 Roger C. Parker | www.publishedandprofitable.com | 3