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From widgets to competencies

  1. From Widgets to Competencies Daniel Dahrendorf (IMC) Professional Training Facts, 20th - 21st October 2010, Fraunhofer IZS, Stuttgart, Germany
  2. What is a Widget? © 2010 IMC AG
  3. What is a Widget?  Widgets can be plugged into widget supporting systems (web pages called container)  Web widgets are based on XML, HTML and JavaScript  In ROLE we are focusing on the OpenSocial widget specification  Available container space (soon) … © 2010 IMC AG 3
  4. Creating a pure widget based PLE © 2010 IMC AG 4
  5. Widgets in the CLIX LMS © 2010 IMC AG 5
  6. Where to get Widgets? PLE © 2010 IMC AG 6
  7. Missing Features in theses Stores:  Recommendations for learning processes  Sufficient amount of education widgets  Quality management  Possibility for paid widgets © 2010 IMC AG 7
  8. The Core Pillars of the ROLE Widget Store Widget Store Learning Community of Widget Bundle LMS / PLE system Activities and Recommendation Practice Templates integration Competences Education related widgets © 2010 IMC AG 8
  9. Education related widgets collect existing widgets Widget Store develop new widgets PLE © 2010 IMC AG 9
  10. Widget Bundle Templates & Community of Practice  Users can create templates which contain preconfigured widgets: Widget Bundle Templates  The templates can be shared to the community  The community can rate, comment and discuss these templates and add them to a learning environment Widget Bundle Template create rate, comment, rate, comment, share, discuss share, discuss © 2010 IMC AG 10
  11. What are Tool Competences? Definition: Tool competences are the competences a learner possesses if she or he is able to perform a (learning) activity with a (learning) tool. © 2010 IMC AG 11
  12. Where are the Competences?  Each widget in the store is associated with several learning activities  User are able to do a self assessment of tool competencies Tool Learner uses Self assessment associated Competency level Finding resources for a specific topic Learning Activity © 2010 IMC AG 12
  13. Recommendation  Planned:  Recommendation based on user Preferences  Theory driven by an User data Domain data Context data psycho-pedagogical model (developed by TU Graz) Recommender Learning Activities  User behavior driven History © 2010 IMC AG 13
  14. Summary: Widget Store  Repository for education related widgets  Support for personalizing learning environments  Integration in existing systems Widget Store Learning LMS / PLE Community of Widget Bundle Recommen- Activities and system Practice Templates dation Competences integration Education related widgets © 2010 IMC AG 14
  15. ROLE ALLIANCE PROGRAM What is the Alliance Program? A partner network of strategic users, vendors and other stakeholder Why should I become a member? As a member you have a lot of benefits e.g., access to our showcase platform, free visit of specific workshops, test of prototypes or attendance at Alliance Partner meetings How can I become part of the Alliance Program? Please register under ©