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Works of Jose Rizal

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Works of Jose Rizal

  1. 1. Works of Jose Rizal
  2. 2. As a Painter and Sculptor• Started painting at five years old• At one instance in their fiesta, he was asked by the Mayor to paint a religious banner which was spoiled• Using oil colors, he painted a new banner that amazed the whole folks
  3. 3. As a Writer• His pioneer work is entitled “Sa Aking mga Kababata”• Done when he was eight years old• In this poem, he expressed his nationalism through saying that Filipinos should be proud of their national language, Tagalog
  4. 4. :Ang hindi marunongmagmahal sa kanyang salitaMahigit sa hayop atmalansang isda.
  5. 5. Noli Me Tangere• A novel written by Jose Rizal when he was in Madrid, Paris, and Germany• Was published in Berlin on March 21, 1887• Ignited the spirits of the Filipinos to fight for freedom against the Spaniards
  6. 6. El Filibusterismo• Continuation of Noli Me Tangere• Second part of the constant struggle for freedom
  7. 7. • All of Jose Rizal’s works eventually attracted the attention of the Spanish leaders and the friars• They arrested Rizal and sent him to Dapitan
  8. 8. Mi Ultimo Adios• Last work written by Rizal when he was in Dapitan and was about to be executed