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K2C : Omni-Channel Solutions for an Omni-Channel World

Klick2Contact EU Ltd (K2C) provides website owners and e-tailers across the Globe with a range of business enhancing services that allows companies to interact in real time with their customers while they are on their website. The K2C suite of Live Help and Customer Engagement Services consists of Web Chat, Instant Call-Back, Knowledge Base, Smart SMS, Social Media Monitoring and Engagement, Full Workflow and Email Management too – all offered in real time and accessible through one Omni-Channel Console.

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K2C : Omni-Channel Solutions for an Omni-Channel World

  1. 1. Fully Integrated Customer Engagement Solutions
  2. 2. • Cloud-based Omni-Channel Customer Engagement solutions with no intrusion into IT environment • Focused on Online Sales & Customer Care market • Scalable multi-lingual platform operating in 14 countries & 12 industries and 19 languages • State-of-the-art fully integrated software which offers single customer view • Unique IPR developed/ owned by Klick2Contact EU • Mobile chat screen available to be embedded in any Android, Windows or APPLE app • Fully ISO 27001: 2013 ( Information Security) and ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management) compliant K2C Overview
  3. 3. K2C’s Suite of Live Help Services Instant Call Back to mobile or landline in any country Instant Chat online from computer, tablet or smartphone Full Social Media Monitoring and Engagement- and offers ability to respond in real time instantly All emails come into the console and can be responded to instantly in real time and are indexed for follow up
  4. 4. Live Social Web monitoring analysis and engagement tool – all social media, news sites, websites blogs monitored in real time Internal and external fully integrated with company Knowledge Data Base Full Intelligent Workflow Management /Customer complaints handling system K2C’s Suite of Live Help Services Full smart sms service available globally in 250 countries with any network
  5. 5. Powerful, scalable, secure, Omni-channel support in one intuitive, simple to use, un-intrusive browser based console Omni-Channel Support
  6. 6. Omni- Channel Console • K2C allows a company to answer emails, chats, Facebook wall messages, Twitter, feedback, community and forum posts and voice calls from one integrated environment- No matter how many strands • Ability to SMS direct from console or from stand alone portal • It works in company emails as a call to action too • It works via company’s Facebook or Social Media Landing page • On banners • On Google ads • Creates Social Media responses as tickets – and allows live chat option in real time • Works with all Social Media • Totally secure
  7. 7. Why Clients use K2C • It increases their online conversions • It combines chat, call back, social media, SMS and emails in one offering • It integrates fully with their Social Media/Communities/forums and pulls • all these strands together • It enhances their customer care • It converts customers who would leave the site without doing anything • It utilizes and makes the most out of their existing website traffic • It enables full real time monitoring of the Social Web from one console
  8. 8. Products and users
  9. 9. Products: Call-back • Increases online sales and improves customer care • Instant call-back offered wherever you want it • Library, Co-browse, video, push url, geolocate all within the call • Schedule call option for out of hours • Route calls to any call centre or individual anywhere in the world • Skill base route the call by department or product • PCI compliant for payments in call • Library, Co-browse, video, push url, geolocation all within the chat • Full Back Office and reports Fully integrates with company CRM
  10. 10. K2C Call-back users In 12 countries across 7 brands. Xx k per month Use call-back within their car configurator to answer customer product queries.
  11. 11. Products: Webchat • Increases online sales and improves customer care • Respond with real time help to website visitors • Route calls to any call centre or individual anywhere in the world • Intuitive icons offer help where you want to offer it • Handle multiple customers at one time • PCI compliant for payments in chat • Library, Co-browse, video, push url, geolocate all within the chat • Full Back Office and reports Fully integrates with your CRM
  12. 12. K2C Webchat Users K2C are embedded into the online purchasing process for chat direct with dealers to great effect. VWG are using chat on their website to answer customer queries and video chat with technicians in dealers to solve technical issues. Chat is used to assist customers during the membership process. Used within the customer help area to increase customer satisfaction with queries.
  13. 13. Products: Email • Allows your web agent to handle inbound emails and web forms in real time • Assigns priorities based on pre-set rules • Allows skill based routing of emails to departments or individuals • Supports all major secure email server connections • Full indexing of emails in back office • Can be linked to your company CRM • Can be integrated with knowledge base to allow searches based on received messages
  14. 14. K2C Email users K2C handles email for all of the Govia sub-brands including hosting the web-facing forms for clients. K2C are handling the email for the EU and Worldwide markets.
  15. 15. Products: SMS • Ability to respond to SMS contacts via the omni-channel console • SMS chat with clients to resolve their issues • Combines ticket data with other channels to get more complete customer view • Can arrange ‘bulk’ SMS campaigns for sales promotions or events • Intelligent filtering
  16. 16. Products: K2C Workflow • A Complete Automated End-to-End Workflow Unified Customer Experience • Searchable Frequently Asked Questions • Reduces the time and cost of business processes • Full white mail and email management included • Multi-Channel Communication – Quality controlled and Secure Intuitive System • Easy to set-up and operate • State of the art but can be integrated into legacy systems too • Automated form completion to remove requirements to cut and paste data
  17. 17. Products: K2C Knowledge Base • A fully integrated KB solution • It delivers a multi-channel knowledge capability with advanced contextual capabilities to reduce user effort when trying to find answers and content. • It is proven to deliver improved customer experience and impressive savings • Available as internal or external knowledge or both
  18. 18. Products: K2C Knowledgebase • Improved customer experience and impressive savings • Providing agents faster access to a wide variety of content, including FAQs, processes, PDFs, Images and Video • Search allows customers to ask questions in their own words and receive an accurate answer straight away • It can understand how words relate to concepts and how concepts relate to each other, which allows it to interpret meaning with accuracy - It knows that a customer searching about ‘financing a property in France’ is looking for a ‘European mortgage’ • Much higher value solution than competitor who will lock- in all knowledge within the Licenced console – K2C Knowledge is accessible by all, inside or outside of the console
  19. 19. Products: K2C CoBrowsing • Increase Customer Satisfaction: The better you understand what your online visitor is talking about, the less frustration and miscommunication you will have. • Increase First-Call Resolution: Exactly see what the online visitor is talking about, what he has done on your website and how to help solve the issue. • Reduce Handling Time: Co-browsing will have the most benefit if you sell complex products, services or websites with many options. • Increase Sales: Help customers finish a sales journey, if they are in the last step of the journey and only have to fill in one field to complete, don't spend time taking their complete order again over the phone or chat. • Browse, Click and form-fill together: The visitor sees the mouse pointer of the agent and vice versa, so both have real understanding what the other is doing. • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile support:100% web based and follows web standards. Therefore it works on any device with a browser. •
  20. 20. Active Users: K2C CoBrowsing Using Cobrowsing to assist customers with their online purchasing journeys, completing web-forms etc.
  21. 21. K2C Listening • Monitor conversations on the entire social web • K2C Listening tracks down all relevant conversations about a brand, product, competitor and industry. • All Major Social Networks • Millions of News sites, blogs and forums • Over 160 languages • In all countries • Real- Time • All in the Omni-channel console
  22. 22. K2C Listening • K2C Listening provides a 360°view on the performance of your social campaigns, online reputation and social profiles. • Use our standard analytics, or slice & dice the data to create customized dashboards based on what’s important to you. • Deep Filtering • Real-time Analytics • Custom Dashboards • Discover Trends • Sentiment Analysis • Fans & Influencers • Top Photos & Videos • Demographics • Specialized performance reports on your social profiles
  23. 23. K2C Listening Users
  24. 24. A Growing List of European Clients
  25. 25. Integrated Multi-Channel Live Help  Innovative proven Cloud-based Customer Engagement Technology  Powerful, scalable, secure, multi-lingual multi-channel support in one intuitive, simple to use, un-intrusive Omni-Channel Agent console available in any language  Powerful suite of services: Web chat, Callback, Social Media Monitoring and Engagement, Workflow, Knowledge Base, SMS and Email Management  Able to take payments in chat and call back – fully secure and EU PCI compliant  Full integration with existing Company CRM  Comprehensive, integrated all-in-one solutions or stand alone products  Complete Back Office reports, Analytics and Charts – available in real time and in any language and exportable  Easy and fast to set up and implement on any website via one line of JavaScript  No intrusion into a customers IT environment  Works with tablets and mobiles too  Already working with in the UK and Europe with customers like NEXT, Sainsbury’s, BMW, Ticketmaster, Mini, Marks & Spencer EU, The National Trust, BBC iPlayer and The Body Shop  Creates a single customer view when deployed together
  26. 26. Klick2Contact EU Ltd www.klick2contact.com Suite 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8PG, United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0) 845 434 8162 Email: info@klick2contact.com Thank you