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2017 International Convention Atlanta FAQ

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This document is a helpful guide for those who plan to attend the 2017 International Convention in Atlanta. This document was developed based on questions asked during the 2017 International Convention Atlanta Orientation Webinar, recorded 11 May 2017.

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2017 International Convention Atlanta FAQ

  1. 1. IC17 Convention Orientation Webinar FAQs (May 2017) 1 INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION ATLANTA Frequently asked questions and answers from the 2017 International Convention Orientation webinar WHERE CAN I PICK UP MY BADGE? If you registered and paid in advance, you can pick up your badge at the airport in the north or international terminals, at several hotels downtown (Hyatt regency Atlanta downtown, Omni Atlanta hotel at CNN center, Hilton Atlanta, Atlanta Marriott Marquis), or at the Georgia World Congress Center. Satellite badge pickup at the airport and hotels opens Wednesday, June 7 from 3pm to 8pm and is available from 8am to 8pm on Thursday, June 8 - Sunday, June 11. Onsite registration and payment is available at the convention center beginning Wednesday, June 7 at 3pm. HOW DO I ACCESS THE MOBILE APP? To download the app to your mobile device, just search for "Rotary Events" in your app store, or visit guidebook.com/app/rotary. The app is free and there's no password required for general usage. You’ll need to set up a password for your profile. The app will provide you access to the most current program information and allow you to plan your schedule, download resources, rate sessions and connect with others. CAN I REGISTER FOR BREAKOUT SESSIONS? Registration is not required as breakout sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis. We advise attendees to arrive early. Learn more here: http://www.riconvention.org/en/atlanta/breakout-sessions. HOW CAN I SEE WHICH EVENTS I REGISTERED FOR? The Rotary-ticketed events for which you are registered are listed on your registration confirmation. To get a copy of your registration confirmation, go to riconvention.org, click the yellow REGISTER button, log in using your My Rotary account, and select the option to resend your confirmation. All Rotary-ticketed events will be printed on the back of each badge. HOW CAN I CANCEL TICKETED EVENTS REGISTERED FOR? The cancellation deadline for convention ticketed events was 30 April. If special circumstances apply, please contact us at ri.registration@rotary.org. CAN I STILL GET TICKETS FOR EVENTS? WHAT IF THEY ARE SOLD OUT? Before the convention, you can add special ticketed events to your registration. Check in at www.riconvention.org (click the yellow REGISTER button) to see current availability. In Atlanta, available tickets can be purchased at any new & unpaid registration counter located in the registration hall at the Georgia world congress center and are sold on a first-come, first-served basis beginning on Wednesday, 7 June. Additional tickets may be available at registration approximately 45 minutes prior to each RI event. ENGLISH (EN)
  2. 2. IC17 Convention Orientation Webinar FAQs (May 2017) 2 HOW CAN I SIGN UP TO HEAR BILL GATES? Your convention registration includes all general sessions, including the Monday morning general session where Bill Gates will speak. There is no need to sign up. DO I NEED TICKETS FOR THE OPENING SESSION? Your convention registration includes all general sessions. For the opening ceremony, you will receive your assigned session closer to the convention and it will also be printed on your badge. WHAT CAN MY GUEST OR SPOUSE ATTEND? All registered guests can attend general sessions, breakout sessions, and access the house of Friendship. You can register your guest or spouse online by going to riconvention.org and clicking on the yellow REGISTER button. Then click Add Guests. WHAT IS THE DRESS CODE AT THE CONVENTION AND AT HOC EVENTS? You are welcome to wear business casual for the convention, or attire you feel comfortable in. Bring a good pair of walking shoes and a light jacket or sweater. Temperatures can vary in different parts of a convention center, and you’ll want to be comfortable. Evening events may be more formal, so check your invitations to dinners, receptions and other events to see if you’re expected to dress up. June in Atlanta is typically hot summer weather, average high around 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Celsius. WHERE DO I GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HOC TICKETED EVENTS AND TOURS? HOC EVENTS: Host Events include: Blue Jeans & Bluegrass, Evening at The World of Coca-Cola, Evening at the College Football Hall of Fame, Centennial Celebration Block Party, Atlanta Braves Game – “Strike Out Polio,” Peace Tour, CDC “Polio” Tour, Candlelight Vigil to End Slavery and Human Trafficking, Gone With the Wind, 3K Walk/Run to End Polio Now, Habitat Home Build, Athens Night, Host Hospitality Night, and Delta Flight Museum Tour. Visit the Host Events booth in the A/B Connector, Level 100, Georgia World Congress Center to ask questions or buy tickets. Printed tickets are required at every event and can be printed at the Host Events booth. Bring your confirmation email to pick up tickets or a photo ID. TOURS: There are a very limited number of tours offered by the Host Organization Committee, including the Peace Tour, CDC “Polio” Tour, and the Delta Flight Museum Tour. For these events, go to the Host Events booth (the A/B Connector, Level 100, Georgia World Congress Center). The Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau (ACVB) will also have an information booth on the 4th floor of the Georgia World Congress Center to provide information about local areas of interest and tours. DOES THE SHUTTLE PICK UP AT MY HOTEL, AND HOW FAR IS IT TO GEORGIA WORLD CONGRESS CENTER (GWCC)? Shuttles pick up at hotels within Rotary’s room block (see the convention transportation guide). If you are not staying at one of the designated hotels, you are welcome to use the shuttle at one of the room block hotels and take it to GWCC. The convention transportation guide has additional information and will be available in the mobile app and riconvention.org website in the coming weeks. Additional options include Uber, taxis and MARTA public transit system (busses and trains). MARTA costs $2.50/per ride, parking costs $10/day if you pre-pay or $20/day onsite.