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Changing Trends in Volunteering

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Volunteers are a powerful force for good in the world, giving their time, energy, and skills to those who need them most. Guiding these individuals can be as challenging as it is exciting, as the volunteer process is continually evolving. This breakout session explores the changing nature of volunteering and the ways that Rotary and other service organizations are responding to these developments.

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Changing Trends in Volunteering

  1. 1. CHANGING TRENDS IN VOLUNTEERING Facilitated by: Jessie Harman June 27, 2018
  2. 2. Jessie Harman – Membership Committee Chair Nicki Scott - Strategic Planning Committee Amanda Wendt - Communications Committee Olivannan Gopalakrishnan - Membership Cmmittee Joe Otin - Membership Committee Presenters
  3. 3. •Demographic trends •Technological trends •Impact on volunteering •Rotary club relevance Understanding our Ever Changing World!
  4. 4. Demographic Trends Over half of the worlds population is now under 30 and yet in developed countries, people are living longer and approximately 20 – 30% of their population is aged 60 or older. Global population by age group, 1950 – 2050 60 or over 25 – 59 10 – 24 0 – 9
  5. 5. 25% of Gen Z interact daily with peers in other countries 32% would prefer to work for themselves rather than an employer The Gen Z Impact – Born 1990 & beyond • Social media • Global mindset • Expectation to “Do Good in the World” • Self starters
  6. 6. Technological Trends • In 2015 the number of mobile phone subscriptions surpassed the world population! • Digital and physical worlds will start to merge • Technology will empower individuals and serve as an enabler • Globalization • Increasing speed of change!
  7. 7. Our Non-Traditional “Competition”
  8. 8. Impact on Volunteering •Micro Volunteering •Episodic Volunteering •Virtual Volunteering •Slacktivism!
  9. 9. So what does this all mean to us here right now? What can we be doing to adapt to these changes?
  10. 10. We Need to Embrace Change! Resisting change is like trying to hold your breath under water…............ Even if you succeed it doesn’t end well!!
  11. 11. Practical Ideas • Entrance interviews! • Project vs position • Adopt a flexible approach • Offer multiple options for service • Re-evaulate your service projects: • Cause based? • Impact driven • Quality over quantity
  13. 13. Ms. ARSHIYA Chennai, India DIGITAL VOLUNTEER
  14. 14. Cultural Alignment • Customary to give to family, friends, neighbours • Many hands make light work • Lacks ability to scale up • Short term, immediate needs • Conflicts with organized giving, fundraising • NGOs have a bad name (Abunuwasi phenomenon)
  15. 15. Volunteering Today • Kenya 4 Kenyans Campaign • Record breaking fundraising result • Impact of cause brought home • Heavy use of celebrity influencers • Giving made cool • No long term commitment • Haba na haba hujaza kibaba (a little at a time fills the pot)
  16. 16. Rotary’s Future • Structured giving gaining momentum • New technology offering opportunities for youth participation • Allow for varied levels of commitment • Flexibility in cause selection and mode of participation
  17. 17. Questions?
  18. 18. This presentation and others from throughout the convention are available through the convention mobile app and on SlideShare at www.SlideShare.net/Rotary_International.
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