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IC12 - Rotary's Strategic Partnerships Breakout: Oikocredit

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Presentation given by Ylse van der Schoot (Oikocredit) on Monday 7 May at the 2012 Rotary International Convention in Bangkok. Session: New Opportunities - An Introduction to Rotary's Strategic Partnerships.

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IC12 - Rotary's Strategic Partnerships Breakout: Oikocredit

  1. 1. Rotary-Oikocredit Strategic PartnershipYlse van der Schoot, Director Investor RelationsBangkok, 7 May 2012
  2. 2. Oikocredit presence worldwide Oikocredit is present in almost 80 countries. It offers funding to partners in close to 70 countries and has a network of volunteers and staff who attract investments in 16 countries worldwide.
  3. 3. Oikocredit: cooperative and social investor• Established in 1975• 595 member organizations from all continents•One of the world’s largest sources of private funding for microfinance• Investors are secure in the knowledge their money is used via loans and investments to • fight poverty • promote fair trade • respect our planet’s natural resources
  4. 4. Strategic partners: Rotary and Oikocredit• Respond to real economic development needs of local communities• 6 to 8 microfinance partners with community programs or plans identified by Oikocredit each year• Start with microfinance partners in India, the Philippines and Uruguay• Local Rotary clubs in Future Vision districts will apply for a packaged global grantTogether with local Rotary clubs, the microfinance partners ofOikocredit become even bigger stakeholders in meeting needs ofmembers of their communities
  5. 5. Packaged grants via Rotary Foundation • Proposal received for Ahon Sa Hirap, Inc. (Quezon City, Philippines) Supported by Rotary Club of Manila Circle • Application received for ASKI (Plaridel, Bulacan, Philippines) Supported by Rotary Club of Plaridel SouthASKI, Philippines • Opportunities available in India and Uruguay
  6. 6. Our MF partners also support community • Women training groups • Financial education • Schools or daycare • Youth education • Medical facilities www.oikocredit.org