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Intercountry Committees and the $10K Peace Project Challenge

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Intercountry Committees (ICCs) promote peace, friendship,
and long-term relationships between Rotarians in two or
more countries. Learn how to start or get involved in an
ICC through service projects, sister- or twin-club networks,
or exchanges. Hear about one Rotarian’s contribution of
$10,000 to The Rotary Foundation for a global grant project
in peace and conflict prevention/resolution proposed by ICC
representatives, and learn all about the winning project.

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Intercountry Committees and the $10K Peace Project Challenge

  2. 2. Jean-Marie POINSARD • History • Missions • ICC France – USA 2 ICC Presentation
  3. 3. Jean-Marie POINSARD May 1950 • District 70 Conference in Strasbourg Roger Coutant, Jean Caroni (RC Lille) et Robert Hausmann first German PDG after WW2 • Creation of the first ICC between Germany and France 3 History
  4. 4. Jean-Marie POINSARD RI Président Sakuji TANAKA « Peace without borders » Peace declaration Berlin, « … To help rebuild international relationship damaged after the two world wars, Rotary created Inter countries committees to facilitate peace and humanitarian activities between countries . Today more than 250 committees strive to make progress in the fields of poeple entente goodwill and peace…. » Dec. 2012 4 Berlin GETS 1st décember 2012
  5. 5. Jean-Marie POINSARD • To increase international understanding and goodwill • To strengthen friendship • To contribute to Rotary expansion « ICC is an embassy opened towards friendly contries » S. Gouteyron PRID 5 ICC Missions
  6. 6. Jean-Marie POINSARD • More than 326 ICC worldwide in 61 countries • International coordination chair Gwenael de Bergevin PDG D 1650 • 9 ICC in US • US national coordination is: Dana Moldovan RC Thousand Oaks Sunrise • 43 ICC in France • French national Coordination Gérard Charpentier PDG D 1700 6 2016 ICC Status
  7. 7. Jean-Marie POINSARD 7 CIP France Usa Official charter was signed by RI President D K Lee in 2009 Birmingham
  8. 8. Jean-Marie POINSARD • President Jean Marie Poinsard (RC Melun PDG 1770 2011-2012) since december 2012 (Robert Heline past président) • President Bart Cleary (RC Oxfords NC PDG 7710 1998-1999) since 2009 8 CIP France Usa
  9. 9. Jean-Marie POINSARD • Internship exchanges • Yearly common meetings • New Project of peace building workshop • 70th anniversary WW2 • Lafayette commemoration • Internet and facebook 9 ICC France Usa main activities
  10. 10. Jean-Marie POINSARD 10 CIP France Usa last common meeting Last common meeting France Usa
  11. 11. Jean-Marie POINSARD • Objective and framework • The objective of the project is to provide graduate students with high quality professional training opportunities (internships) in the partner country. • 6- to 12-month training opportunities (internships) in the student’s field of study • Host companies will provide a description of their internship proposals to be used also for visa application • Students are expected to act as Rotary ambassadors 11 Internship exchanges
  12. 12. Jean-Marie POINSARD 12 CIP France Usa Yann in Greensborough NC
  13. 13. Jean-Marie POINSARD • Peace workshop with – 5 US Post master participants – 5 French Post master participants • Location: Paris • Timing: sept 28, 29, 30 and oct 1st 2016 • Budget : $ 20 000 • Subject: Preservation of cultural heritage during war conflicts • Outcome : memorandum to be spreadly communicated 13 Peace Building workshop
  14. 14. Jean-Marie POINSARD • Todate • High level candidates both fromUSA and France have been selected • Seminar director has been appointed • This project has been endorsed by UNESCO and has received support from US embassy in Paris • Special event to be orgnanized on Oct 1st to give high visibility to this Rotary peace project 14 Peace Building workshop
  15. 15. Jean-Marie POINSARD 15 70th year commemoration Colleville US memorial Aug 2014
  16. 16. Jean-Marie POINSARD 16 Yorktown celebration of Lafayette with the HERMIONE visit June 2015
  17. 17. Jean-Marie POINSARD 17 ICC France Usa Web site Site internet du CIP Fra http://www.rotary-cip-france.org/amerique/france-usa.htmlnce Usa Page facebook du CIP France Usa https://www.facebook.com/CipFranceUsa?ref=hl