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Your Rotary Story: Your Secret Weapon (Handout)

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Our Rotary story is our most powerful tool. Without an interesting narrative, the motivation that drives others to support our work is lost. Think about your own club, and how your projects and events fit within the bigger story of Rotary. This session will focus on applying storytelling and marketing principles to help you tell your story with more consistency and greater impact — leading to better outcomes for your projects and events.

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Your Rotary Story: Your Secret Weapon (Handout)

  1. 1. Handout - club project stocktake example 1. Icebreaker - do something to get your club members thinking and engaging with eachother (here’s a link to one of my favourite www.makebigtalk.com/make-big-talk/) 2. Ask club members why they joined, what motivates them to be part of Rotary and what projects/activities are they passionate about. Compile this list and see what trends and similarities you have. This can help you find the collective ‘personality’ of your club. 3. Matrix (using the below) a. plot each of your club activities, events and projects onto a surface (eg whiteboard) b. Use coloured post-it notes (or numbers or similar), with each relating to one of the Rotary areas of focus (eg blue for water, green for disease prevention, and so on), and a neutral colour for other projects c. Once you have done this, discuss any obvious gaps, and determine which projects are your priority 4. Once completed, fill out the Project overview document (below), one for each project. You might like to do this as a group, or pass the sheets around, giving each person a few minutes to write down their thoughts (collective brainstorming) 5. Now you have a good overview of your projects, and can continue to develop from there Hands on Financial Local International
  2. 2. Project overview Project name: Matrix position: Area of focus: Club lead: Other club members: Why we want to do it (motivation): How are we going to do it: What we want to do (goal): Who are we working with (key stakeholders): Where is it happening (location): When do we want to do it (timeframe):