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Glyde pitch deck 2 pdf

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Book private jets starting at $99

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Glyde pitch deck 2 pdf

  1. 1. GLYDE Pitch Deck Book private jet starting at $99 in 3 clicks
  2. 2. PROBLEM   • Price is an important concern for customers booking private flights online • Private Jet charter companies overcharge and keep you in the dark with hidden fees • Difficult online booking process • Long processing time, no convenient payment options, hard to speak with live personnel • High broker fees
  3. 3. SOLUTION   A mobile app where users can book a private jet in 3 clicks for their upcoming travels and Save money when traveling Share the cost with friends & family Live 24/7 agent support No broker fees
  4. 4. MARKET VALIDATION FlyBlade.com 200,000+ users 15,000+ listings JetSmarter.com 500,000+ users 22,000+ listings Avinode.com 23,000+ listings 7,000+ flight requests daily
  5. 5. MARKET SIZE Trips Booked (Worldwide) Source: Forbes Online Reservations Source: Forbes Trips with GLYDE 5% of Market available share $150 Billion + 400 Million + 20 Million +
  6. 6. PRODUCT ➜Search Flights by City Review Listings Book It➜
  7. 7. BUSINESS MODEL We take a 30% commission on each transaction 400,000 Trips with GLYDE $50 Average Fee $10M Revenue by 2021
  8. 8. ADOPTION STRATEGY Events Hampton’s Summer I Heart Radio Fest Coachella Superbowl NYE US Open Partnerships Groupon Living Social Uber Lyft Partnerships Forbes Business Insider Bloomberg Mashable Influencers Kylie Jenner Hannah Bronfman Chris Brown Odell Beckham
  9. 9. COMPETITION Affordable Expensive Offline Transaction Online Transaction ➔➔ ➔ ➔
  10. 10. Affordable Flights Flight listings starting at $99 Easy to Use Search flights by location & time Host Incentive Make money by hosting these flights on GLYDE Design & Brand Memorial name will launch to gain share of mind COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE
  11. 11. Angelo Senat Holds trademark for his product Royal Jets. Pilot & Has 8 years of Aviation management experience. Bianca Alexis Co-founder of Royal Jets, Inc. Has a B.S in Public Relations. 7+ years in media relations & Business development Kristina Rudoman 6+ years of Managerial, Leadership & Organizational Development experience in start-ups. TEAM Bryant McKinnie Super Bowl Champion (XLVII), Founder of B Major Marketing. Represent 200+ NFL&NBA athletes. 10+ years in business marketing
  12. 12. PRESS GLYDE will be featured in a variety of news publications and will gather media coverage for the positive impact it has made in the community
  13. 13. USER TESTIMONIALS Royal Jets makes juggling my multifaceted business responsibilities – in various locations easy. They arrive when I need to Bryan McKinnie I want to thank the whole Royal Jets staff for making the day of my proposal possible and for every part everyone played. Ramsey Chardon “ “
  14. 14. FINANCIAL We are looking for 18 months financing to reach 80,000 transactions on GLYDE $500K Angel Round Initial investment opportunity $80K Trips with GLYDE average $50 fee $4M Revenue over 18 months