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How to prepare for TOEFL essay writing

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The four sections of TOEFL that gauge your proficiency in English language include Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Through previous years, it has been concluded that students face most difficulties attempting the writing section.

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How to prepare for TOEFL essay writing

  1. 1. The four sectionsof TOEFL that gauge yourproficiencyinEnglishlanguageinclude Listening,Reading, Writingand Speaking. Throughpreviousyears,it has beenconcludedthat studentsface most difficultiesattemptingthe writingsection. Composingasubstantial piece ishardenoughasitis,writing one ina secondlanguage isa real test. The TOEFL writingpart testsyourgrammar, sentence structure, relevancytothe topicand youranalytical skills.Examinerslookforaweightyessay,the clearerpicture youdraw throughyour essay,the higheryou score.Butall thisis noteasy todo, it needscontinuous hard workand practice. Getting Started Firstthingsfirst,gettingfamiliarwiththe formatof the Essaypaper isas importantas knowinghowto come up witha good one.The TOEFL writingsection isdividedintotwotasks; IndependentWritingand IntegratedWriting.The independentwritingrequiresstudentsto expresstheiropinionsonanygiven general statementinabout30 minutes.Examplestosupporttheirideasare alsoexpected.The integratedpartfocusesmore oncomparingandcontrastinginformationfromdifferentsourcesthatmay needlisteningorreading,toforma 200 wordessaybydrawingconclusions.Knowingthis,youmust practice writingongeneral statementsbeforehandsoasto adjustyourtime and memorize the format.
  2. 2. What to do for proficiency in Essay Writing The bestway to go aboutan essayis to planitbefore startingwriting,brainstormideasandbe sure of whatyou are goingto write. Make outlinestohelpyoustructure it,theymayjustbe wordsor short pointers,don’tworryaboutlosingtime,asthistrickjustdoesthe opposite inthe end. A strong introductionmakesalotof impactas itgrabs the reader’sattention.Accordingtoa majorityof writing teachers, if the startingandendingparagraphsare structuredwell,there isagreaterchance of scoring better.Take anyessaytopiclike,“Doyou thinkteenagersshouldhave jobswhile theyare still students?” Startby decidingfororagainstit, andthenproceedto a relevantintroduction. Asyougo aboutit, mentionwhyyouare withor againstthe topicand keepyourself focusedtothe topic.A major reasonwhystudentsloose marksisbecause theydriftawayfromthe topic.Endingthe essaywitha conclusionbased onyourargumentisthe bestway.(Pluspoint:It’seasiertoo!) Formattinganessaycan be tricky;gettinga hand overthismay cause thingstobecome mucheasierforyou.Thinkof different statementsandkeepscribblingtill yougetitwrite. Vocabularymightbe a greathindrance inscoringwell.Tobuilditup,findnew wordsandmake a list, youmay use a dictionaryorhighlightthemindifferentbooks.Keeplearningandusingthem.Make ita habitand yourvocabularywill improve significantlyindays. Everytime youwrite anessay,keepatrack of the time,thiswill helpincrease yourspeed.Findyourfavorite magazineandsummarize articlesfrom it.Write about thingsyouenjoy,randomobservations,political situationsetc.Keepingajournal might be the bestwayfor youto geta gripon writing,forma dailyaccountand bythe endof the weekgoover themto analyze yourownwork. Once you are done withyour essay,readthroughitto make sure you answered the question,formeda considerable argumentandwrappeditupwitha strongconclusion.Youmay findthatthe official TOEFL website hasalot of helpful materialtomake thingseasierforyou. Relax yourmindbefore the testand choose the topicyou are definite about. Planitinyourmind andcarefullygoaboutit. Thisarticle wasoriginallypublishedat http://www.myroyalacademy.com/blog/